All Past Prayer Requests

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Please pray for Mackenzie L age 12 who is battling cancer the 2nd time. She needs our help and prayers very much.

Thanks S S.

Please pray for my son Aaron. He is looking for a job. In addition, please pray that he comes back to the church. Thank you P. M.


Please say prayers for Hailey, age 14, who is battling a rare cancer form. She is such a sweet young lady but cannot fight this alone. She needs our help and prayers very much. Thank you all. K B


Please pray for Lorraine Tucker. She had a heart attack just after coming home from the hospital on 9/16/13.

Traveling prayers for Stephanie, Desiree, Peter, John, Jackson and baby Emma on 9/23/13 & 9/27/13.

For Amanda & Nicholas on their Wedding Day, 9/27/13.Thank you LL


Please pray for Our Lady’s help with my grandsons addictions. Give him the strength and courage to beat it this time. He is in jail waiting to go to boot camp. God bless you. T.


Please pray for Alphonso Rodriguez, who suffered a heart attack this past weekend.

For the soul of 18 year old Jacob Hudak. Thank you L L


Lady of Guadalupe Home for Mothers which is being built now in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She has spent years marching for life. When someone came up to her and asked what she is actually doing to help the pregnant women she started a baby bottle campaign to raise money to build a home for the women. With many prayers a wealthy person donated the property and is paying all expenses to build the home for mothers which will be able to house 8 women. She wants to help them through their pregnancy and after the baby is born so they can get on their feet. She and the committee involved have been working very hard and need lots of prayer. Thank you K


Please pray for my brother Napoleon, who was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his liver. He will have a surgery on Monday. .Please pray also for baby Kiana. She has a hole on her heart and will have surgery this month. Thank you. RN


Please pray for my mom Irene who has cancer and my cousin Ray who is recovering from a stroke. God Bless Barbara B


Please remember my dear daughter-in-law Michelle in your prayers who will be starting radiation treatments for 7 week. Thank you in advance for all your prayers. Candy


Please pray for Donna who is receiving radiation for a brain tumor. Thank you, Pat


Please pray for my brother Michael who has not been able to find a job. He suffers from PTSD/TBI and recently had to take a leave of absence from his job and unable to return due to anxiety and depression. Thank you, Robb


Please pray for my little sister, Becky, who has been battling neck and head cancer. She is a wonderful person and needs our help. Thank you all. Karen


Please pray for Joan & Karen that all will be healed. Thank you Pat


Please pray for my son Richard, he is at a crisis in his life and can use all the prayers he can get. His relationship is ending with a woman he loves, he is out of work, being evicted from his home and even his car has broken down. I’m his mother and praying all I can. Thank you C


Please pray for Bruce Neighbor. He had surgery 2 weeks ago on a blood clot on his knee. Bruce is a member of my church. He was taken to hospital this morning, haven’t heard anything yet. Thank you L. L.


My brother & sister in-laws granddaughter, Jessica Heeringa (25yrs old) is missing. She works in Muskegon in a convenience store/gas station. She was working last night and disappeared. Her purse, cell phone, keys, coat, etc were all still in the store when a customer reported the store vacant with no employee on site. There were no security cameras so there is no explanation as to what might have happened. Jessica has a 3 yr old son that she loves dearly. The family does not believe that she would just “take off” and suspects something else might have happened. The police are following some leads but no one is sure what happened at this point. Please keep Jessica and her entire family in your prayers. Nancy


Please pray for 28 yr old, Maureen Hinton. Her lung cancer has returned after many years in remission. If the cancer has spread then she does not have much time left. God bless all of you for your prayers.

For Sandra, who is in a lot of pain and will be going to the doctor to find the cause of the pain. She also has many issues in her neighborhood that are causing problems and they need to be resolved. Thanks LL

As M. Prioress is always reminding us, God is outside of time and so He is not hindered if we pray for something after it happens, he knows we will be praying for the intention and takes it into account. ;} Be assured of our prayers for all you intentions, we offer them thru the intercession of St. Joseph on this eve of his solemnity. St. Joseph pray for us! In Christ, Sr. Joseph Marie

Gail asks that we please pray for Stephen, her adult son. He has a serious loss of blood, his count is down to 4 and the docs haven’t determined the cause. He’s been ill for a few weeks and would greatly appreciate your prayers.

My sweet mom, Lee, has been diagnosed with Merkel Cell Carcinoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. We will find out what stage and how it will be treated this week. It’s good that it’s less than 2cm and may have been detected early. Please hold her close in your heart and pray for her and all of us who love her so dearly. She said today that she feels so blessed to have her loving family, treasured friends who have offered all manner of help, and her loving husband, Joe. Thank you all so much for your caring hearts. JoAnn

PS Lee is one of our own dear ” Prayors” & so is her husband, Joe, who has declining health too.

Healing of Paula’s family tree Kristy’s/ private intentions Mental health test to go well for an elder tomorrow Young woman with small children / Healing & protection and for all who touch

their lives All who have ask prayer spoken and unspoken requests Thanksgiving

Conversion of Natalie’s heart . Thank you

“Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”, or: Baruch haba b’Shem Adonai.

It is with God’s great kindness that Boy had a successful operation for his varicose veins last Wednesday, 10 April. We were last on the list, but your prayers made us patient and able to spend time in prayer while waiting. Tes and Rey were with me and that made a tremendous difference! Thank God for brothers and sisters!

Boy is mending slowly- still bruised, in pain and at home recovering. Jayco, the company where he works for sent a surprise hamper of fruits and Boy felt truly special!

We thank the Carmelite nuns, Australia Needs Fatima, and Little Flower Orphanage in China, Bon Jo intercessors for their strong prayers and the doctors, nurses and the hospital for the ministry of healing. The power of prayer can never be underestimated as when we could not pray any longer, we were carried by the wings of your loving prayers and kind thoughts. We know it was only a simple procedure to some, but any time one goes to hospital, knocked out by anesthesia, and goes under the knife, this can send some anxiety one way or the other. We would be lying if we did not admit there was fear and trepidation as the clock ticked by slowly!

Andrew Murray said in his book: Devotions on Prayer, when we pray we will receive an entrance into God’s will of which we would otherwise know nothing and Charles Caleb Colton shared: Friendship, of itself a holy tie, is made more sacred by adversity.

Again thank you for every prayer and kind thought. Loving regards and endless blessings, Dina, Boy, Jessica, Justin and Eva

update with you. We found out that Daniel has indeed been declared incompetent! However, they also added that he may be restorable. I’ve asked what this means (we’re communicating by e-mail), but have not received any answers. In my mind, it could mean either of two things: (1) Daniel is incompetent to stand trial, so he will not stand trial. Then, months (or years) after the legal stuff is over, he may be restored as a competent person. Or, (2) Daniel is currently considered incompetent to stand trial; but if his trial is a couple of months away, by that time he may be restored as competent to stand trial. So I don’t really understand this declaration of incompetence or know its legal implications. Diane and I continue to pray that Daniel’s forensic interview will happen SOON. We pray that, when Daniel talks to them about his allegations against me, they will be aware of this incompetence and consider the source! (Poor Daniel cannot distinguish a real memory from a false one. And when his subconscious and imagination generate a false memory, it tends to get more and more embellished as time passes.) We have a tentative hearing date of April 24 (for the criminal case against Daniel) where these questions should be cleared up. We still have no idea of when Daniel’s forensic interview will take place. If we didn’t trust in God’s sovereignty and believe in His perfect timing, we’d really be losing it these days! But we are all in the hands of a loving Father. He will not delay long over us but will bring about justice [vindication] for us quickly and Elizabeth with then come right home! Please keep praying as we’ve requested earlier (copied below). And thank you for persevering in prayer and not losing heart. We really do need you to stand with us continually! In love and thanks, Russell & Diane

We also found out that Daniel’s forensic interview has not happened yet. (This is where Daniel will be questioned about his allegations against me Russell). Again, we really need you to Pray that God will reveal to those who interview Daniel exactly what is true and what is not true! Finally, I just can’t stress enough the importance of the following. Please pray this for us: That in ALL areas of our situation and this investigation: truth will be recognized as truth;that, when the truth is told, it will clearly LOOK like the truth!! Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God”

Please pray for all the people who have been affected by the Boston bombing. May they experience the healing power of God. Thank you


Please add to our pray list: Sr. Rosemary Petrimoux who just had cancer surgery on her entire lower lip and will have a very long healing process.

For Elaine Farquahar who passed away last week & all her family. Thank you L.L.


Please pray for Felecia S. in WA. She is a young mother of 2 young children. also, for her husband who is devastated by the news that Felecia has cervical cancer, & it may have already spread to her other organs & bone. Also, her own mother doesn’t care about what is wrong with her daughter. Thank you, M


Please pray for the two policeman who were shot yesterday after stopping a murder suspect. One officer was shot in the head and so far is stable. The second was shot in the leg and was released from the hospital today. The second one is my cousin. Thank you in advance for all your prayers. Please pray for Ginny Denomme to have a favorable medical report after her medical test at 1pm tomorrow. Thank you. LL


Please pray for my Phillip, my only child for whom I prayed 16 years to have him. Now I am back to praying for him as he has become a total atheist. He believes in nothing! He told me about 7 years ago on Christmas morning when he told me he wasn’t getting ready for mass because he wasn’t going with us. It was then I had the biggest heart break I could ever imagine. Since then he’s had nothing but bad luck & not a positive thing happen to him. He hasn’t been able to find a job in almost 4 years, he has 2 illegitimate children, been married & divorced & moved back home. His credit is in the dumps as there is no income. The law keeps trying to put him in jail for non support of his children. The only thing that keeps him going are the few dollars his dad & I can come up with from our social security checks. So we obviously don’t live a rally rewarding retirement. His one child is the apple of my eye & she tickles me inside & out. The problem is she is still not baptized. I worry about all of their salvation. Please help me pray as I really believe it will take either his death or mine for him to come back. Thank you, Love ya, Jodie

Please pray for my son Philippe who has been sick with mental illness for the past 10 years. Thank you, Paule


Please place Annie Piaza on prayer list. She is receiving a new kidney today. Pray that surgery goes well and that her body does not reject it. Thank you, Pat


For a single mother with breast cancer and her young son. We pray for her healing, strength and courage as she faces this most difficult time in her life. Thank you, D F


Just to bring you up to speed on Justin. He is still in the hospital and has had two more procedures since I talked with you last. But, I am grateful to God that on this day, he is feeling better. They removed the tube from his nose a few days ago, and he is now eating solid foods. He still receives nourishment through his IV, but that will be removed once he gains more weight and can keep his food down. So far, so good. Thanks for your prayers and concern. I will keep you up to date. L. L.


Prayers please for my Uncle Sumner who is battling pneumonia and cancer. Thanks – ES


Please pray for my nephew John who is unemployed, and he has a wife and four children depending on him. Thank you. R. H.


Please pray for a dear friend, Jeff Wright and his family. Jeff was diagnosed with stage three melanoma more than a year ago and is currently undergoing intense bio chemotherapy as a final treatment in the hope of survival. He has two young children. Thank you T L


Please pray for Karen S for the healing of her lower back and relief from the pain she has been suffering for the last several years. Also pray that she will see that her living with Kenny is not the way of our Lord and is harmful to her children. In the Name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. God bless you! S L R


Please pray for Bernie Jenkins, an told gent who lost his wife recently.

For a dying man with aids.

For employment for a young mother.

For Mitchel Sabal, who passed on January 24th.

Thank you L L


First I want to thank the Lord for my Blessing from the Military, Please pray for my Home taxes to b paid off and also Home is in need of remodeling very bad. I want to Thank my father Jesus for this roof over my head. My poor mother worked very hard to get it n she went to Heaven in 1987..Love Dearly. This home was built in 1953/ same year of my birth. My mother gave birth to me at age 33,and she passed when I was 33….That’s not a usual thing …Blessings from God. amen. Sincerely “Elizabeth” #27 back 2 the early 16th century…


Please pray for keith marron, who is having surgery tomorrow.

Mardi’s procedure was a success.

Laura Parran had her surgery today and the dr. said the procedure took a while, but was a success. Hopefully tomorrow the pain will be reduced.


Please pray for Sheila Germaine. She had heart surgery last week and doctors now say she is brain dead and want to take her off life support. She has had a difficult marriage and divorce and finally found an apt. and job and then the open heart surgery. Please pray for her as she only has a few cousins, her parents are deceased. God does make miracles. Thank all of you for your prayers. L. L.

Please pray for Kimmy. She has stage IV cancer and has two very young children. Please pray for faith, courage, strength, and if God so wills, a miracle. Thank you, M.


Knee surgery for Darlene on Jan. 14th.

I should include a prayer request for my Godchild. He is a train wreck. Kirk C. I feel sorry for his wife. She is not Catholic, but very religious and sweet and she has been so loyal through so much.

Sounds like some of the same thing Becki’s 2 kids are going through her son has given up on God he doesn’t understand what he needs to do and he doesn’t want to hear any more about God. but the devil is having a hard time because he’s hollering out Christ name please keep them in your prayers. Thank you L. L.


I need some prayers too for a cousin (Richard Pincoski) in Dunkirk who is having an experimental brain surgery done at the Cleveland Clinic Jan 14th. They have done everything they know in NY with no success. I told my Aunt the best (and it is the best) we can do is pray.

Also pray for John P., a devout young Catholic and (former) altar boy who has been led astray by a young girl who was thrown out of her house by her parents for bad behavior. John P. has always been devout and now he left home to live with this girl, who has caused quite a ruckus in her own home and his. Pray the shades fall from his eyes and he returns at once to our Father’s house and the practice of his faith. His mother is heartsick for his soul. Thank you L. L.


Please pray for my mother who is hospitalized and will possibly be transferred to a nursing facility. She is suffering from multiple health issues and I have a brother who refuses to call, see her or forgive her for how we were raised! Forgiveness frees us from so much pain and bitterness. I know, my heart is full of love for my mother. I want him to know this love. Thank you for your prayers. Teri


For my brother and his family. Thank you T J

I pray daily for my husband to find a job to help support us. I’m the one who is supporting us & it’s becoming hard. For my best friend Lisa is has cancer & pain from her treatments & prays & believes God will heal her. For my 2 boys to be safe & healthy. Thank you Linda M


The Children and families of Newton CT Thank you T J

Please pray for Brenda who has breast cancer. A special intention.

For financial relief of a problem bill.

Thank you LL

Please pray for my daughter, Ann Marie. She has a problem with drinking. It is very serious. and I have had to take her car….. Thank You!! Barbara


Please pray for Ivo Monte. He expects to be released from the hospital tomorrow and “drive himself home.” His car is still at the church. Please pray for his continued improvement.

Pray for the soul of Br. Leo, Cap. He was a friend of Fr. Solanus in Detroit. Mi.

Sandra who is depressed and feels under diabolical attack.

Virginia is in rehab.

Young man in jail released. Hearing on 11/19.

Rosella’s son who died this past week.

Employment for Miss Caldwell.

Thank you L. L.


Please pray for my mom, Linda L., she fell and broke her femur, had surgery and while she was in the hospital we found out she was in kidney failure and has multiple myeloma, a blood cancer.

Thank You. L

Please pray for my sister Doree who is going to start her chemotherapy next week. May God give her the strength and faith she needs during her treatment regimen. God Bless us all !! Thanks to all! N. M.


Please pray for my son Charlie, he has been drinking ever since he separated from his wife and only got worse after they divorced. I think he is depressed and lonely and hasn’t found his place in this world. Pray that he finds what makes him happy. Pray that he stops his drinking. Thank You, M G

Please pray for my daughters drinking.. make her strong and able to quit drinking and anything else she is doing. …drugs?? Thank you lord Jesus, Barbara


Please pray that my friend and I become close again. She is like a daughter to me and I miss her very much. My prayer is also that I may one day share my love of the Blessed Mother and the Rosary with her. Thank you E G


For Brian and his family L B M. He is have major heart surgery.

For Pam for emotional healing light on her journey

thank you TK

Please pray for the soul of Jean Chuderewicz, who died 2 weeks ago.

For Maryjane, who’s cancer has returned on her face and the doctor gives her 3 months to 1 year.

For a girl having seizures.

For all drug addicts.

Montene is having a series of medical tests, due to other tests, and she is asking prayers for a favorable outcome.

Thank you LL

Please pray for Bob, he has ALS. Thank you J. B.

For my daughter, Ann Marie so she could stop drinking..She has a bad heart and needs to be able to control her drinking…thank you Lord. Barbara


Please pray for Mary Jane. Her cancer has returned.

For a young man in jail.

For Fr. Ed that the source of his back pain be found, so a treatment can be used to relieve his pain.

For our country and the election God bless all of you.

Thank you LL


I pray for healing of rare chordoma tumors on my spine. They are so resistant to treatment. And because they are on my spine, the treatment can paralyze me, but not treating can do the same. I have three children, a daughter still at home who worries so about me and two sons who are engaged and planning marriage. I hope to be around for them and to see my future grandchildren. My husband is so good to me and I hope I am here to share in this life with him. I don’t want to be a burden to them. My parents are elderly and worry a lot too. And my sister who has done so much for all of us over these past few years. I don’t know where we would be without our faith! I am praying for a miracle from our dear Mother. Thank you for answered prayers. Lisa

Thank u all for praying for me, Please pray to Our Lord and Our Lady for the health, guidance, and support for my mother Susan, me, Jessica as a mother, and all mothers around the world. Please encourage us with our daily tasks, that we may always show our children love and patience, and that we may always know how much we are cherished and valued. Amen


Please pray for my best friend. He is going through a very difficult time and I believe he is going through a period of clinical depression. Pray that he seeks all the help he needs including seeking God, Our Savior, to help lead him in the right direction and to bless and comfort him through

this trying time so he can get back to feeling good about life again and living to do God’s Will. Thank you CA

Please pray for my son who disabled that he will not be rejected by SSA. I am elderly and these forms are really stressing me out. Thank you, fellow rosary makers. J

Blessed Mother, please keep me in your prayers. I have recently learned that I need surgery to repair the valves in my heart. I pray that you protect me from all dangers & make my heart well again, and I also pray that you are there with my husband, to give him comfort & peace that all will be ok. I love you Mother Mary Lavina

Please pray for my son Kevin who is incarcerated and awaiting trial for first degree murder. My son was acting in self defense. Please may he be found “not guilty” of all of the charges against him. May come home to us when his trial is over. Thank-you dear Blessed Mother for hearing my prayers for my son. Linda


Please pray that the twins my daughter-in-law is carrying will be born normal and healthy. Please pray that the genetic testing she will have next week will be good. She is a high-risk pregnancy and this is their first. She has miscarried previously. Thank you for doing this. Rochelle

Please say a prayer for my 14 year old grandson, David. He has been ill with a severe allergy causing almost non-ceasing coughing. If the cough does not subside by next week, he will have to undergo a very serious lung test. He just started high school – and has already missed 3 weeks of school. He is such a good boy who a year ago came down with a severe case of mononucleosis that caused him to miss 3 months of school. He still made all A’s that semester. I am at a loss to know what to do – and pray so very much that he returns quickly to good health. Your prayers as very much appreciated. Thank you so much. David’s Grandma RG

Please pray for my family as well as a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s Graces! My husband has a genetic non-alcoholic liver disease and his liver has grown too big for his body. He is looking at a liver transplant at the age of 40. I am also disabled due to chronic pain and fatigue. We have 2 small children, ages 7 and 2, who are Miracles from God as we were both told many times we would never be able to have children. We are both unable to work and are currently only making it day to day due to the financial support of our State, Family and Church communities. We both have open disability cases and are praying for swift approval of our Social Security Disability and SSI benefits. My husband was born without religion and thanks to the Graces of Our Blessed Mother, he is beginning RCIA classes to become Catholic. Our Lady also made it possible for my children to attend Catholic school despite our financial troubles. I almost feel guilty asking for more Blessings after all God has provided though Our Blessed Mother! Thank you, –Malea C.


Please pray for my husband who is having heart problems and a friend who is in the final stages of pancreatic cancer. Thank you. CM


Please pray that my brother will return to the church. He is terminally ill but is being influenced by associates that have turned him away from his family and religion. He states that he hates all of us and would rather go to hell than be with us. His friends are using him for his money only. He lost the family home because of them and has caused great financial problems for his siblings. God has given him so many chances to come back (7 heart attacks), but he still listens to the wrong ones. and won’t respond to us when they use their influence on him. Please add your prayers to ours. Thank you. MS

Please pray for my sister M. A. who has advanced lung cancer; she will be helped by prayers of and for support, discernment and healing; also desire prayers for all of her family for healing, strength, patience and the wisdom to know how to best support her. Thank you, KT

Please pray for Georgette’s Aunty Esther, she is filled with cancer and beginning her final journey. Please, also, pray for Tom Getz and Gerry Cussin as they battle cancer. Thank you and God bless, Wilma


Please pray for Tracy Kohler, who is in a coma.

Theresa who wants to commit suicide.

Aunt Lillian, Charlotte – cancer, Adreanne, Paul Thank you LL


Please pray for the following people: Special intention for PW. Joe, who is very ill for poison oak. Cathy, who will be having heart surgery in Sept. Fr. Ed and his intention. John to get a good job. Thank you LL


My dear brother died this morning at 1:34 a.m. central time in Rochester, Michigan. Please pray for him. His name is Raymond Cullen age 82. Thank you, Don and Mary Lou.

Please pray for my 29 yr. old son. He is newly married & they have just found out she is bi-polar. He has been jobless for 3 years& I soon will not be able to offer him even the small amount of money I now give him as my medicare is going up. Where he needs prayer the most is he considers himself an atheist. He believes in nothing—not heaven, hell, angels & saints or even that Jesus ever existed. He calls it all fairy tales. You can see why he is in need of so much prayer. Also pray for my 91 yr. old mother in law. She wants nothing except to die. She is the last living person in her family, she has a serious case of macular degeneration, totally blind in one eye & only 25% of her sight in the other eye. She is totally deaf, has lost all of her teeth & is too stubborn to get teeth or a hearing aid. She has many physical problems & all she wants is to die. Please ask God to grant her wish after she has suffered enough so as to bring her straight to heaven. Love ya, Jodie

God bless all these souls who request prayers here. Please pray that I will obtain a job that will pay all my bills. I am 53 years old and have such bad knees now that walking up the stairs is extremely difficult. I can no longer be a care giver and so must find a sit down job. I am in danger of losing my home. I thank God for all the time that I have had here. Please also pray that my knees will be repaired. I don’t have any health insurance. Thank you and God bless you all. Julie M


God is mercy, love, peace, and Never Ending. Trust Him. He will forgive anything you have done. Just ask Him. He will Hear you. When I was bringing up my 4 sons, I was not as close to Our Blessed Lord.. Unfortunately, I was weak and when my former husband said my sons didn’t have to go to church if they didn’t want to. They never went to a Catholic Church until my mother died and we had her funeral. And my, youngest son went again when he met me for Mass, one Sunday. The Lord is now my One and Only and I dedicate my life to and for Him, because I am a wretched sinner. I gave my boys crucifixes and not one of them has any religious item in their home at all. Everything is in storage boxes. That is just the religious part. I did say a novena to our Blessed Mother, so I know they will eventually go to heaven as they are the type of boys who help others, like me. They just need to remember to honor, first Him and then their parents. I wish I was bringing them up now as my heart is so filled with the Holy Spirit. I will just continue to love them always as, they are my first true loves, after Jesus. Thank you and I will pass your requests onto 2 other Prayer Groups. It will be all over the world by next week. God’s peace, love and hope be with you and yours……not to mention His never ending mercy. Jo.


Please pray for Geneva Clevelands who suffered a severe heart attack and is in ICU. May God give her the strength and courage to endure through this and recovery. for Her children to be at peace and know that od has her in His warm embrace no matter the outcome. Blessings to all. PTR


Please pray for Marie Majka. Her daughter Anita has breast cancer and her son Greg has had a heart attack. Her children are her only family. She does not drive and depends on them for everything. She is a very holy woman and will be grateful to know that you are praying for her and her children. God bless all of you. LL


Please include my 82yr old mother in law may her pain stop. She has osteoporosis and scoliosis. Thank you, Julie


Please pray for Thach & Marie Le, who have 7 children and may loose their house. Thach is so stressed out about this and could use some prayers. Thanking you in advance.

The young man with the court date today, may have the charges dropped tomorrow. The wife does not want him to go to jail. Next week Monday, July 30th all will be decided. Please pray that all goes well and also that this fellow can find an apt. to live in. He has been living in his car the whole time. He cannot leave his county at this time until the charges are all dropped. He needs an apt. so he can have joint custody of his son. Without money all of this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. God bless all of you.

Hello, I wish to have Blessed Mother and everyone pray for Andre Moore. And his family. He is a Cross Roads Walker. He died this morning after being hit by a car while walking for Pro Life, He was praying the Rosary at the time. Thank You

Blessed Mother, please pray for the victims and family of the Aurora Colorado tragedy. Thank you LM


Joan Merkel, Chicago who is in hospice. Thank you JM


Blessed Mother, I pray that my blood work and Cat Scan comes back with good news. Through your intercession and the grace of God, I ask for healing. In faith, I say, “Thank You.” Maria

Please Blessed Mother, my daughter Alexa is eighteen. On July 11, 2012 she will be having major surgery to have her Colon removed. This will be a nine hour operation two hundred miles from our home. Please Mother put your hands upon her and give her strength and the courage she will need for this. I know she is very scared right now, but we are all trying to be strong. I know she is in good hands. Hopefully with everyone’s prayers, she will lead a normal life again. Thank You Mother. Peter A.


Please pray for a young man going to court on July 2, 12, that all charges will be dropped.

For a couple who will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary at the end of June.

For a young woman to win her workman’s compensation case in August. She was injured at work over a year and a half ago.

For a young man to hear from the company about a job.

For a mother of 2 girls find daycare so she can find a job.

Thank you LL

Please pray for my son, Kris, who is in a very dark place in his life. He needs to reconnect with Our Lord and the Blessed Mother again and to invite them into his heart so that he can begin a healing process. thank you DOB


Please pray for my son, Ernie, that is awaiting for acceptance in a seminary. He has been trying for over 10 years. Thank You for your prayers. LDG


Please pray for my Daughter Kelly Ireland who is undergoing Chemo treatments for Breast Cancer. Also for my Son Andrew LaSalle who is out of work and homeless in Houston. I usually say my Rosary around 6 PM Central . Thanks for praying with and for me also. G Jerry LaSalle

Please pray for my son in law Kevin Gerard Gardner II He has a brain tumor and will have surgery on Monday June 18, 2012. I am praying that it is not malignant and that he will be returned in good health to my daughter and her two little boys. He is 39 years old and they have only been married not quite 9 years. Blessed Mother, please obtain from your Divine Son this special request. Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us. Thank you M


Please pray for 2 year old Emily and her mother, Gayle. Emily has a heart condition and will need to have surgery to correct it. she will be in the hospital for tests on Monday (June 11), with the surgery to follow.

Also please pray for my son Robert and his girlfriend Stacey who are having a difficult time and have currently left the church. Thank you. Mary

I need to find discipline and mental health. My home is full of stuff and I had back surgery and can not get organized. I have to get organized. I also need to feel the Creators love. I am so lonely and in so much pain. Please pray with/for me. Thanks in advance Londa


Please pray for my grandfather in law, Ray Linton, he is in the hospital. He has suffered a major stroke and has a major hemorrhage on the brain. Recovery is unlikely. I don’t know what his relationship with God is like. I know his son is not religious at all. Please keep him in your prayers, that he should have the grace of a happy death. But please don’t be afraid to ask also for a full recovery if that should be in God’s will. In Christ and Mary, Suza

Please pray for Francis, a 25 yr old, who has been on a drinking binge since going to the dr. a month ago. He has been to the emergency room 4 times for alcohol overdose. Lost a job in Washington, DC, lost his car somewhere in the city. The kids think that maybe he is dying and cannot deal with the verdict. God bless all of you for your prayers.


Dear Blessed Mother, I ask for your miracles for my family, (my husband Doug, and all of our adult sons. Miguel, Octaviano and his wife Akiko, Javier, and our daughter Samantha). I also ask for your miracles in the sale of our property in South America so that we may return to be close to our family. Thank you, and Peace ATH

Please remember my friend, Beth Adolphsen, today in your prayers. She lost her son, Ben Elliott Clark, age 18, on May 18, 2011. She needs our prayers for strength in her faith and in going on in life with courage, faith, and understanding. Please, please remember her when you say your rosaries. Thank you all and may God bless you. Christina


I am praying that my new landlords do not make me leave this house I rent from them due to their mother passing away. I am jobless presently, and > need this house for refuge. I also suffer from anxiety attacks and high blood pressure. Thanks for praying for me…….Jeff

Please pray for Fred Silver, who will be having triple bypass surgery on Thursday, 5/24. Prayers also for his wife and daughter.

Colin Sanborn, 34, had a heart attack yesterday. Please pray for him and his family.

Irene Lazar, 86. who is suffering with pain in her legs.


Please keep little Noah Earl in your prayers, Danielle called Jane at 3 this morning that they had to admit him to the hospital with his breathing. He and Nevin will be 3 months tomorrow and just got the monitors off about 10 days ago. they are checking him over good and Jason’s mother is helping with the older kids and Nevin. Figure if we can get him on prayer chains across the country that our prayers will be answered and he’ll be able to come home. Thanks for all the prayers, Love, Nancy


Dear Friends in Christ: Steve is now in the hospital with fluids literally weeping out of his legs. He is very, very ill, I see fear in his eyes. We need miracles.. PLEASE PRAY! And please get this out on the prayer lines. Thank you and God bless you all…… Deb (Debbie & Steve)

Lord, please answer our Families prayers for our Sister who has been unemployed for 2 1/2 years and she has not been offered any jobs and her age has played a factor in nobody hiring her. She is 58 and a very very hard worker. She has tried so hard, submitting Resumes every day non-stop. She has been in the Medical Field all her life. She has always helped others and now It is her turn for others to help her. Lord, I am praying you help her. I pray someone hire her and Lord, she will not disappoint you. Thank You Lord. John


Please pray we find a new home. The re-modification has fallen through and I honestly don’t know what we are going to do. We have a beautiful home and we were so blessed to live here. Please let us find beauty again. I feel so sad and frightened but I yield to God and surrender to his will. Pray for us, please. M


I am fortunate to not have a health issue like so many on your prayer list. It actually makes my problems seem insignificant. I don’t need a prayer. Thank goodness. Thank you, Lisa


Pray for Jen Pierno. My 36 year old niece . A non smoker was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. She is a Wife, a mother (3 children 8,5, and3) daughter, friend and teacher. Please pray for her and her family since there is no cure. Pat


Please keep my sister Iris Ruiz covered with pray for continued health and life. She has made it through lung cancer and has had challenges with her breath. I pray she gets medical coverage that will support all she needs. Thank you, Lydia


Please pray for Fr. John Hedges, who had a stroke.

Fr. Dan Zaleski is very ill.

Bishop Francis Reiss, of the AO Detroit, for continued healing.

Eileen Antio, who is very ill.

The soul of a friend, God knows his name. ( I can’t remember).

I just received horrible news from my niece, her brother committed suicide. They found him yesterday. Please keep him, Ronnie Szwarc, in your prayers. May God have mercy on his soul, and on us.

Thank you LL


Thank you God, Jesus, Mary and Joseph all angels and saints for all the many blessings showered upon us in this life. Please help our family do your will and after this life has ended for us help us live forever with God in heaven. Thank you. If it is God’s will, help Chris with tests this month. thank you for all the help you have given him in this life. Please help Colleen and Chris with marriage vocation, help them honor their wedding vows for a life time. please help our family with Physically and Spiritually. please help our country return to God and the ten commandments. Thank you Karen


Please pray for my husband (Don) of 36 years.. The marriage has ended in a legal divorce. Ask St. Padre Pio to intercede for him and bring him back to a loving and forgiving God. A W


Please pray for Bill Nagy, who had a stroke today, and is in critical condition. He has a blood clot on the brain. Thank you and god bless all of you for your prayers. LL

Sharon has been through chemotherapy and had surgery. Two doctors – she described it this way, one took them off and removed all of the cells and the other one put them back on. They have given her a clean bill of health. They say no lingering cells could be found so there is no more chemotherapy or radiation. So still has tubes in but is doing well. It has just been three weeks.

I am doing fine – my medical problems are never ending but at least they are not life threatening but hard to cope with some days. My husband has started having some issues and has been getting treatments at the Mayo Hospital in Phoenix. The treatments don’t hurt him but the

50 mg of benedryl sure slow him up for a day or so. The problem is if no treatments or they don’t work , it is not fatal but can be life altering as the muscles get were weak and don’t work any longer. The main problem is the treatments cost $15,000 a day. He had 4 treatment two weeks ago and another two this week. Needless to say, if the insurance wasn’t paying for them he wouldn’t be having them. So we need to pray that they will continue as it will cost them a minimum of $760,000 for one year alone. Treatments will probably average out to be

2-3 a month for the rest of his life.

So we are good just on over load right now with getting him to Phx. and trying to arrange work schedules. I am not going this week as I don’t have anyone to cover my teaching schedule at the college. Some classes are easy to cover and others are impossible. But basically we are OK, far better than some others that is for sure. Keep us in your prayers and thanks. Bettie

For the soul of Chester who passed away last week.

Mary Jane is having trouble with her eyes and the dr. say her cancer may have come back.

Charlotte’s cancer has returned.

Thank you LL


Please Pray for my Daughter Grace. She has severe Crohn’s Disease and was in an abusive relationship for over 2 years. Thank you AZ

My daughter is a single working mother of five children, and many terrible things have happened to her family during the last three years. Her partner left them, she became homeless, her thirteen year o ld daughter was raped by a relative, then became an unwed mother at fifteen, Her younger daughter was also raped by an immigrant at age thirteen and she is emotionally, physically, and mentally handicapped. The man who assaulted her received a three year sentence and ordered back to his country. She has struggled endlessly with emotional issues, public ridicule and financial hardships. Yet she remains strong and optimistic. Please pray for her family’s conversion to my catholic faith. I have been struggling with this issue for her children have never had any knowledge of God. Thank you for all prayers on they’re behalf. God Bless you all. Her name is Kristy, age thirty five and lives in Wisconsin. BW


Celena, a young 25 yr. old mother , needs prayers. She has two young children born with major spinal problems and then she lost a child at delivery. Thank you Hannah


Please pray for Mrs. Campos, 90, who fell and broke her shoulder and hip.

Terry Craighead-Henderson, liver disease.

Tim’s son who was in an auto accident & is in serious condition. Thank you LL


Hello Everyone – I wanted to let you know that my dad Mitch had a stroke yesterday. Mitch will be 92 in April. He is in stable condition at St. Joe’s hospital in Ypsilanti, but that is all we know right now. They will be doing tests on him over the next day or two so will find out more then. He is resting comfortably, but very out of it. I did not want to post this on Facebook, but please share with anyone you think would want to know. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers! Pam Leshinsky

Carmen Ruthenburger is having kidney problems. Tests are being done. Please pray for a good outcome. Thank you LL


Please pray for Joanne Caillouet. Her breast cancer is back for the second time. She is undergoing surgery on feb. 28 th. Please pray for a quick recovery from surgery and healing of the cancer. Vicki


Please pray for Maurice who suffered a stroke 2-3-2012, Thank you Jesus Thank you Blessed Mother for Your Will be done for him. Amen. E. O.


Please pray for Julie, a 44 year old mother of three, a 2 year old, an 8 year old and a 12 year old who has liver cancer with very dismal future predictions. Please ask God to bless her and her family at this time of crises. Thanks very much, Janet

For Matt Lewis , second round battle of cancer, pray for remission. Thank you 3 brothers.


Please pray for Virginia Rachwal, who is in the hospital.
For sandy’s son who will be going overseas next month and for her family and their personal problems. LL

Please pray for the soul of Benjamin Basa, Jr. who passed away February 2010. May he rest in peace with the Lord. We pary also for his wife, Josie and daughters Jenny and Chrissy to find strength and healing in his absence. Also healing prayer for Virgie Jaleco and family. Thank you.

Please pray for my neice who has been diagnosis with Hodgkin’s lymphoma during the holidays she has 2 special needs girls ages 9 and 10 and they need their mother and father both are very good with the girls my niece started chemo today and will continue for an unknown time and then possibly radiation that god her work is willing to work with her as she is a special needs aide where her girls go to school thank you Mother Mary for your help TA of Illinois

Prayer for all my sons and grandchildren….especially for my grandson Orlando Javier Duran who is in the army and was sent to Afghanistan , and for all of the soldiers who are serving this country. Thank you and God Bless you all. Rafaela


Please pray for Rodolfo Lagoc who is in the hospital for heart and kidney problems. He is currently being dialyzed and we are praying that this will help him get better. Thank you so much, Rose

Please pray for Hanna Smith who has been missing as of New Years Day, Thank you Mary


Please pray for Laura Parran who will be having surgery on her back on 1/13/12. Very tricky surgery.

Richard Campos will have knee surgery on 1/13/12.

The soul of Louis S. Grzegorzewski and for his wife, who is dying of cancer, and his daughters.

Thank you LL


Please pray for the soul of Andrew, who died in a motorcycle accident. Also for his parents as they lost his younger brother last year.

Fr.William Brennan, of St. Sebastian Church, who had a stroke and then a heart attack.

The soul of Chris Majka.

Bev Jager who will be having back surgery on 1/10/12.

Terry Craighead-Henderson. Liver problems. She is very ill.

God Bless all of you for your prayers.


Dear family and friends Please pray for my son-in-law Vince Choraszewskihe had a mild heartache this morning. he’s at St. Mary’s hospital they are going to check to see if he has any blockages tomorrow. Thank you, Gloria


For Sophia and Ray, that they marry very soon. For Ray, that he learn to be a faithful Catholic and begins RCIA classes. For Baby Ray, that he be baptized very soon and begin his Catholic journey into his life. That he be protected from all evil until his baptism. For Sophia, that she do everything she needs to be the best mother to her newborn child. That she bring him up in the Catholic faith and that she become a very faithful Catholic. That Sophia and Ray turn away from any and all sin. That they go to confession and feel the living presence of the Lord. Thank you! Arlene


Please pray for my daughters, Kerri and Lisa. Thank you, Deborah


Please pray for Jordan Hammond. She was diagnosed with cancer this summer and has had extensive treatment. She is 4 years old and is waiting for cell count recovery to go home for Christmas. God Bless All. Thank you, Lorraine


Could you please pray for my brother, Patrick Whelan, he has cancer. Thank you. David


Dear Lord, in the name of Jesus, please protect my husband Vinod from all legal problems, arrest or anyone who wants to harm him and do evil. please cover him with your precious blood and fill him with your holy spirit so that he is always safe in your protection. thank you. Praise the Lord. S

Please pray for little Maverick. He has been having seizures since he’s been 2 weeks old the last 8 days he has had 2 really bad seizures. He has been to numerous Drs. And they are unable figure out what is causing these seizures. Maverick just celebrated his 1st birthday in November. He goes to the Dr. on the 19th of this month. Please pray someone will find a answer for these seizures as they are getting worse. Thank you J G


I have an urgent prayer request for a young woman named Madeline. She was attacked while jogging and was able to break away from her attacker. Mentally, Madeline is struggling. She will not come out of her room and she is very depressed. Please, her parents are begging for whatever
prayers anyone can offer for her. Anyone who wants to let me know that they are praying for her, I would then let her parents know. This would bring them great comfort. I know God in His mercy will help Madeline. In the meantime, she needs our prayers. Thank you all my prayer warriors!

My daughter’s mother’s-in-law aunt is being buried today. She was 101. Her maiden name was Sobczak. She was a nice gentle lady. In the adjoining visitation room at the funeral parlor there was a a 32 year old teacher who died during childbirth along with the baby. The baby was placed with her in the coffin for viewing. They will be buried from St. Ann’s in Warren.

Please pray for me…I’m a disabled firefighter that was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which is cancer of the bone marrow. I was diagnosed in 1998 when I broke my back while performing a Heimlich maneuver on a patient. I have been through treatments and a transplant over the last 12 years which I am grateful for. Recently my arm broke getting out of bed about a year ago and have been experiencing pain in my Pelvis, Hips, Back and other various parts of my body which I am on a regiment of Narcotic pain meds. My oncologist just didn’t know why I was experiencing such pain. I decided to go to a specialist that I went to 10 years ago at the University of Penn Medical Center. After having an MRI of my Pelvis and Back they found the cause of my pain. Even though my cancer count are going down with a new regimen the cancer is producing a protein that is eating holes in my bones making them brittle and painful. My prayer request is for my cancer to be put back into remission and my bones to be re-strengthened. I’m newly married to a women who is a true gift from God. I really want to spend quality time with her. I’m very happy but have been in considerable pain and fear the holes being created in my bones. Please pray for me. Michael

I need prayers for sister-in-law. Gladys lung collapsed and filling with blood

My neighbor LeVern in hospital with congested heart failure and pneumonia and also one of her wires came lose from her defibulator. Gloria

Mr. Charles is in the hospital with a blood clot on his lungs.

Thank you LL


Please pray for Henry who has testicular cancer, and to our family in hope that God we give us patience and a miracle. Thank you, Nury

Please pray for Ron Tinsley. He had a massive stroke after a hip replacement.

Jamiel Terry died in a head on collision 11/30/2011, LL

Please pray for my sons, Gregory and Matthew, for their restored full permanent vision and health. Also please pray (along with the intercession of The Blessed Mother and St. Joseph) that we will soon receive miraculous news that Gregory’s glioma tumor will be gone for good and that no more treatments will ever be needed and that he can enjoy a normal childhood and life. We ask these gifts and blessings so that we may glorify the most holy name of JESUS CHRIST. Amen. Thank you for your prayers. Barb


Please pray for my daughter and her three children . Her husband has left her and she is going through a divorce. Please pray for things to go as well as can be expected so that it will not be any harder on her or the children. Blessed Mother as a mother I know you must know what I am feeling and my daughter as well…..please ask you Son to help and guide us through all of this. Thank you J R


Please pray for my mother as she is suffering from dementia. Also for myself and my husband, my two sisters, my brother and my daughter, we are all out of work and unable to help each others families. Thanks to the Blessed Mother for prayers and graces already answered. Amen Mary Jo


Please pray for fr. Ed, who will be meeting with the bishop about an incident that happened on Monday. Please send St. Raphael to the bishops angel for a good outcome from this meeting. God bless all of you for your prayers. Elaine


My daughter needs prayers. Having a very hard time financially. Everything seems to go wrong in her life. Also thanking Blessed Virgin Mary for the favors we have received. Things could be worse, I guess. Thank you Mary…


Please pray for Stanley Nietubicz, who had a heart attack on 11/3/11. He is failing and needs prayers. He has not been to church in at least 50 yrs. baptized Catholic, but hardly ever practiced his faith. Thank you for your prayers. God bless. LL


Please pray that my niece is able to make it through her freshman year at the university. She is very depressed because she thinks she will not be able to bring up her grades, she is trying very hard. Please pray for my cousin who developed a blood clot that traveled to her brain she is stable right now.


Please pray for 2 week old Bentley, who was found to have 3 holes in his heart.

For the soul of Henry judge, who passed away on Oct.17th and his wife Edna who has dementia. And the family.

For Terri’s mother who passed away 2 weeks ago.


Please pray for my daughters. Crystal has been fighting cancer for the past 6 years. It is very aggressive, started in breast and now spread to liver and thigh. She has two young children at home who need their mother. She has been through so much and is so young. Trying to work and take care of her children while battling this horrible disease. Jessica has miscarried twice due to a genetic disease. She would love to try in vitro but cannot afford the expense. We are praying that the insurance company would have a change of heart and pay for the procedure. We are praying that the blessed mother will intervene in our human miseries. Thank you Roxann D

Please pray for me and my family. We are in a very difficult financial situation. I have turned to Our Blessed Mother and placed my work in her hands, but I fear my faith is so weak I go back and try to make everything work under my own strength which is so small. May our Holy Mother be with you all and with your prayers. Deanna H

Please pray for ALL families. The devil is attacking families and many couples are considering getting divorced. Among those are: Steve & Laura, Thach & Marie, Paul & Lou. Their children are devastated. Please storm HEAVEN for all families. God bless. Elaine

Please pray for Mike and Rachel. They have 4 children and Rachel is pregnant with twins. They are considering aborting the twins. Please pray that their hearts are opened to realize what a gift these twins are. Thanks, Will


Please pray for my oldest Granddaughter, Victoria, who has had a very difficult life and is having a hard time right now. Also, for a change of heart within my oldest Grandson – that he might realize how much his Mother’s family does love him. Becky W.

Sweet Mary, our TRUE mother. I ask prayers for my wife, Delpha who is having a ‘hard’ time each day and night. Her main problem is “restless Leg Syndrome.” I pray for a “little’ relief for her and that she will be blest with increasing strength and faith and love for Our Lord and The Virgin Mary. Thank you DH

Blessed Mary please help my daughter find a job that will allow her to support her children. She has tried for so long and is getting down on herself. She is a mother and you are Our Mother. Please look after this child of mine and yours. Please take our needs and purify them and present them to Our Lord. Thank you for your love. J B

Blessed Mother, please find a holy job for John Brady and healing for his brother Danny. Thank you Blessed Mother. I also ask your help for mothers of deceased children. Please lay your mantle over them and hold them very close to your Most Immaculate Heart. Thank you, your Julianne

Please pray for Sylvia and her husband Mohammed. He has a blockage in his heart which is impossible to treat through regular surgical procedures due to the fact that he has crones disease. He is depending on drugs alone to help his heart and other disease. Please pray to our Blessed Mother that he will be healed or receive the correct treatment. The doctors are uncertain as to what they should do. Thank you sincerely, Julie.

Dear Mary please watch out for your loving child Madison. Her life is being ripped apart by her parents divorce and custody fight. Please watch over and protect her so that neither of her parents destroy her pure spirit. Help her parents to grow and see that their hatred for each other will only destroy this precious baby girl. Dear Mary watch over her and protect her. I love her so much. I could not imagine life without her. Sincerely, Madison’s Grandma

I want to ask Mother Mary to intercede for me – I am in desperate need of employment. I have been out of work since December 2010. I am praying for a job that I am physically able to do, and where I can use my knowledge and talents. Thanks, Melanie P.

Oh Blessed Mother Mary most Holy, please seek peace thru your son for my sister in her time of turmoil also ask for forgiveness to you in any wrong I may have done this week, I pray to you my Mother & to you Son Our Lord to bless my house with peace & love daily, & to help my struggling children in their school work. I don’t mean to sound greedy as I know others need you too, but peace & much love again in my marriage I pray. Thank you dear Mother, in Jesus’ name… jl

Please keep my family in your prayers. We need a new home. Our current landlord doesn’t see the need for repairing our home but quite content to collect our rent. Ask Our Lady to open his eyes to see our needs. Joe G

Please pray for my brother Raul Cervantes and his family. On July 17th 2011 their 22 year old son was killed in a horrible car accident. He was burned beyond recognition and had to be Identified through DNA. He left behind a wife and 19 month baby. Its been difficult for them. So Mother Mary I ask that you give them the peace they need to go on with their lives. Thank You Bee

Please pray for my brother who was diagnosed with bone cancer. Thank you. Linda

Hello my name is Bruce and I would like prayers said for myself to find a good paying part time job. Am being retrained as a Graphic Designer and going to school. Cannot make ends meet on the pay I am being given 136 dollars a week. Need part time work in order to survive. I am a convert and the Holy Virgin has helped me before. I am extremely devoted to her. I pray she may help with my situation.

I named my first daughter after you blessed mother and I have always placed her in your care. She survived stage 4 lymphoma with many prayers dedicated to our father through your intercession. Now she is ready to move on with her life. She was recently married and if it is gods will she would love to be a mother. Please pray that she remain healthy and strong and have a baby. She is devoted to you as am I. So will her children be. My family has been devoted to you our mother for many generations. We will continue our devotion for many generations to come. Thank you blessed mother, in the name of Jesus your son. Luci P

Dear Blessed Mother, to whom I was named after, please help me have the miracle of getting my student visa approved next month despite all obstacles and help me fulfill my dream of studying abroad. Also, please let me find my way back to the place where I belong really soon. I ask this through the sacred heart of Jesus, please hear and answer me 🙂 Thank you C G


Dear Blessed Mother: Please intercede and pray for Barbara, my wife, diagnosed with sarcoma, stage 4. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins and the resurrection of the body, amen. All for Jesus, thru Mary. Thank You DW

We received several urgent prayer requests from Adorto for women seeking abortion. Please keep those women in prayer. We also received this from Sandi Marburg. May God reward you for your prayers for this child, too.

Please add my daughter in law Maxine and the child she carries to your prayers. Her placenta is coming loose. She is only 17 weeks along. Dr. Is talking of taking the baby. So far the baby looks to be a healthy baby girl. This couple lost their home to foreclosure. They struggle to make rent. Please pray for them. Sandi


Please continue to pray for the woman who went to Greece to obtain an abortion but changed her mind. She is still pregnant but not firm in her commitment to continue the pregnancy. Please also continue to pray for the couple whose unborn baby was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome). Doctors now think that another condition may be present instead. Please pray that they continue the pregnancy rather than abort, which is what the mother was seeking. LL

Please pray for my 6 year old grand-daughter Angelina Marie. She has Cerebral Palsy, has had 2 open heart operations , has a feeding tube in the nose and other health issues. She is going into surgery Monday 4-4-11 to have a feeding tube placed into her stomach. Please pray that God be with her and that someday she will learn how to eat regular food by mouth. Blessed Mother, I beg your love and be with her and the family. Thank you, Parents Help


Please pray for my parents Andrew Joseph Rodgers and my mother Bonnie Lee Rodgers. They need a buyer for the house on the market in Centerville, Pennsylvania. The tenant was evicted from the house. Please pray for the tenant as well. I need prayer for healing, financial, and emotional. I need direction for spiritual calling too. Thanks. God bless you. Love, Julie Marie

Richard is having surgery today. The Pet scan showed the cancer has not spread so they are hopeful they will be able to take the tumor and kill cells with radiation. thanks to you for spreading the word. I can hear our Lord saying, ok-ok-ok!

One family needing prayers today is in TN. Elaine, google The Tennessean and read about this woman who killed her newborn twins. I have never read anything this tragic. This world is just falling apart. Kathy

Please pray for Charlotte who just found out she has lung and kidney cancer.

Pray for a family with many problems. the father is addicted to internet porn, the 10 yr. old daughter was molested at a young age by an uncle and just recently by her Grandfather. Her therapist doesn’t really seem to be helping. A son has mental problems and the mother needs prayers to cope with all these problems. please keep them in your prayers.

UPDATE; Mary Jane is doing well after her facial surgery for cancer. She is greatfull for all your prayers.

I have a best friend (a sister really) in Farmington NM her name is Carmen Lynn Wagner. She is a generous, caring person who would give the shirt off her own back to help someone. She was always been there for me when I needed her. She Is fighting for her Life now and the only way I can think of helping her is through prayer. She is in the hospital in ICU suffering from kidney and liver failure and is in desperate need for a miracle. Please Pray for her recovery. Thank you and God bless. MZ

I am writing to request prayers for my niece, Karen C., who is a classroom teacher in Altoona, Pa. Karen has pneumonia and is in need of prayers . Thank you! HP


My friend Martha’s grandson Deacon, 2yrs old, was killed last Thursday. Shaken child syndrome He was brain-dead by the time he arrived at the hospital. The mother is covering for her boyfriend. The other 2 children are in Child Protective Services. The family is in a mess and needs your prayers. we pray that there will be a fast resolution. You read these awful stories in the news and never quite grasp the horror until it happens to somebody you know and love!!! As if that isn’t enough, her home is on the path of the fires!!! It makes me hold on to my grandsons a little tighter!!! Please keep them lifted to God because He’s the only one who can truly help her!

Thank you LL


Pat’s daughter Laurie became engaged to Richard last New Years Eve. Their wedding date is supposed to be Oct 22, 2011. In August he told her about a strange lump he had. She has been in ultra-sound for 16 yrs and took him to the hospital to run one immediately. She knew he was in trouble so he has been having all the tests run in Ann Arbor. They had a time trying to figure out what type of cancer he has and came back with Epithelioid Sarcoma. This is a rare cancer and fairly aggressive. Tomorrow they are doing a Pet-scan to see if it has spread. I know you have a list of prayer email so please get this out there for him. Laurie cannot even talk on the phone as she just cries & cries. He is 50yrs old and has never had a health problem until this. We need a miracle for both of them. Thanks, Kathy

My sister Cheryl’s son Calvin leaves tomorrow for Afghanistan please keep him in your prayers. For all those in the world who need prayers, but don’t have anyone to pray for them.

Please pray for my brother Steven Nieto whom has had many surgeries and under lots of medication since he was 19 for a brain tumor that was removed. He was violently assaulted last summer shortly after having back surgery which is painful and unrelenting. He also will be needing knee surgery for both of his knees which are in really bad shape. He is now 48 and never seems to get a break. I am hoping with everyone praying for him, he will be blessed with better health and happier future. God Bless all of Us, and thank you Josie N.


Urgent prayer request. Please hold this mom and > baby in prayer and may God reward you. Would you all please lift up a young woman who’s in recovery from drug addiction and who now is pregnant? She is receiving lots of pressure to abort- especially from her boyfriend…. Please storm heaven for her and her baby!!!!! God bless, Anne B


I have an urgent prayer request. My co-worker, Sharon, just called the house. Her husband, who is a truck driver, was in an accident and has been rushed to the hospital (we live in Virginia but the accident took place in Indiana). She doesn’t have too many details, but it appears he fell from the cab when parked at his destination and hit his head on the ground. A CAT scan at the hospital revealed bleeding in the brain. At first he was talking, but now is non-responsive. The doctor said he is in critical condition and that he cannot guarantee he’ll make it. She has asked me to get as many people praying as possible. His name is Richard Hines. I thank you for your kind prayers. God bless, Stephen

Prayers needed for Nanette, my cousin, currently in chemo therapy yet again. She has two young daughters and is taking care of two farms mostly by herself. Wally, a friends son, is also battling cancer. He has been told to prepare for surgery soon to remove affected organs. Debbie, a nephew’s wife beginning a long road to recovery after a terrible vehicle accident. Employment needed for many unemployed or underemployed relatives. I thank God daily for my healthy grown children, and implore his intercession to help them find their way back to Him. Thank you to everyone who will pray for these intentions. RD


Please pray for my daughter Tiffany who suffers from alcoholism. She has been to treatment twice and is currently there for the 3rd time. She says she wants sobriety but every time she leaves treatment she relapses quickly. Please pray that she can open her heart and mind to receive the power of the Holy Spirit and to listen to God’s word and follow his ways. She has two beautiful little boys who love her dearly and need their mother. Thank You P B

Thank you soo much Lord for everything, Please pray for my three daughters, they are in need of job employment, pray for my husband Michael s and my daughter Lilliana s. Health, may they also draw closer to the lord! S D D

Please pray for my niece Amber she just left for the University a week ago and is extremely home sick. She has been crying every day. It is her first time away from home and the university she was accepted to is in the middle of nowhere (Merced, California). It is also extremely hot. We tried to convince her not to go but she insisted because she wanted to experience being away from home. We are trying to convince her that it is normal to be home sick and that she should give it a try. Your prayers to help her make a wise choice would be greatly appreciated. MS


Please pray for our daughter, Paula. Her divorce was finalized Monday, 8-22-2011. Her husband was very controlling and made sure everything was in his name. They have 3 girls. She works from home, but does not make enough to support herself and the girls. She is on Food Stamps and other assistance while he is earning a good salary, but is extravagant. He is making sure she won’t get much money. He blames her for the divorce even though he refused to give up his gay pornography. Right now she is getting worried and depressed. Please ask our Blessed Mother to intercede for her and the girls and for Jack’s conversion. Thank you. C & M


I don’t think I have kept you informed about Dave since he had a hemorrhagic stroke on January 8. It has been a rough seven months, with much time in various hospitals. He was in Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak in January, then at Heartland Health Care Center of Canton for four days in early February. This was followed by a hospital stay at St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Livonia and then 6 weeks at Select Specialty Hospital, which is on the 7th floor of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti. Then he was at Heartland Health Care Center of Ann Arbor for 87 days, interspersed with 5 hospital stays at St. Joe’s. It has been quite a roller coaster ride for both of us! He has had multiple problems, but he is a real fighter, and he always recovers and moves forward again. I have had wonderful support from our family and many friends in the area. He has been at St. Joe’s for the past two weeks and will probably be there another 4 or 5 days. My hope is that he will be able to move to the Lutheran Home in Livonia for his last 10 Medicare approved days and then stay there for long term care. We do have long term care insurance, but it doesn’t cover all the costs. Having him closer to home will be a real benefit, as I can then go several times a day and not have to stay for so many hours at a time. I can’t bring him home yet, as I can’t handle him by myself, but that is still a possibility down the road. His main problems recently have been fluid retention, a serious heart problem (now under control), and breathing problems. Thank you, Judy


Deanne F – found out she had a ruptured intestine, had emergency surgery and survived. Then infection set in and she went septic. As of right now she has been put on life support and is in Hospital. The family is seeking prayers, as many as possible, as much as possible and as fast as
possible. Anyone who can send on prayers line far and near, please do so for this individual. She is one powerful prayer warrior herself.

Pray for Fr. Emmanuel Isi, a missionary priest serving in AL. He was savagely beaten & is in ICU fighting for his life.

Please pray for Sam. The doctor believes he has cancer on his face. Tuesday he goes to see a specialist and have it removed if it is cancer. God bless all. Thank you LL


My friends, I am not sure how many of you will remember John and Lela Weikal. They have been close to the Mission for years. He is from Washington State and she is from near Medjugorje. Anyhow, they lived in Baton Rouge for a time after they married and then moved to San Antonio where they reside now. John had a biopsy done about a week ago. The doctor called a short time ago with the results. He has liver cancer. They will attempt the surgery this afternoon. Please remember them in prayer. They have six young kids and NO family anywhere close. So let us pray! God bless, db

For Lora & Steven, who are having marriage problems. They don’t attend church anymore and are looking to divorce. Please pray for a miracle. db


We received this urgent prayer request from Sean Haran. Please pray for this baby and his or her mom and for all women considering abortion–that they may change their minds. May God reward you for your prayers. I have been told today that a pregnant 15 year old child in Sydney, Australia, is having an abortion tomorrow (the father of the baby sent me a message via FB asking for help). Please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that this child will not allow the fruit of her womb to perish; that she
and her baby might have LIFE and have it to the full. Thank you and God Bless, Sean


I just want to say how grateful I am to the Virgin Mary and her precious Son Jesus. My grandson Gabriel has passed his math exams. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lisa

I have 2 friends who are in need of special prayers and I know you have a lot of people that can pray for them. My friend Kim is having uterine cancer surgery on the 24th of August. My friend Mary Lynn’s son is addicted to drugs and there’s finally an opening at a re-hab center for him. My prayer is that Kim’s surgery is successful and they get all the cancer and Mary Lynn’s son Michael is successfully cured of his drug habit and his demons!! Lisa is being tested for ovarian cancer. Thank yoiu


Dearest Blessed Mother Mary,
I with my profound love for you and your dearest son Our Lord Jesus Christ pray, and ask that my daughter Natasha passes through her IPCC Exam, Wherein she has appeared for seven papers. I earnestly pray and ask for your favourable blessing to help her pass through all the seven papers. In the first attempt itself. I earenestly pray that she does not fail in a single papers, and passes in all the papers in the first attempt itself. Her results are being declared on 8th August’2011 at 2pm, and with my utmost love and thanksgiving pray to you to help her pass through this Exam. Also I pray to you my dearest mother for the good health of Natasha, who is not feeling well since this morning, with a lot of headache and feeling of vomiting. My dearest mother cure her of this suffering and pain. I believe and trust in you completely. Please dearest Mother help us to love you more and more, and be close to you and your beloved son Jesus Christ. Daisy (Mumbai )


Please pray for my grandson. He has been tempted by the devil and is in serious trouble. May Our Lady hold him close and help this child return to us. T

Blessed Mother and Our Mother of Perpetual Help, I entrust to your loving care my friend Mary, ho has very limited income and whose retirement annuity is running out. Please lead her to safe and sanitary living quarters within walking distance of a Catholic church, where she can afford to live and where she can spend the rest of her days in peace. Smile upon her and grant her comfort in the love of your son, Jesus. Amen LG

Please pray for my classmate Dale Custer as he battles terminal cancer. Thank you Doug

Blessed be the Immaculate Heart of Mary, All Praise and Thanksgiving to you Holy Trinity and our Blessed Mother and all the Saints for your prayers. Praise be to The Sacred Heart of Jesus , Lord Savior and King, Jesus Christ ! He delivered our family from the traps and the attacks of this perverted world. We were being persecuted for our True Christian faith and our beliefs. But God brought us through it and claimed all Victory!! Praise be to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit !! Amen L


The 1-year-old daughter of Michigan’s Lt. Gov. Brian Calley went into cardiac arrest while being prepared for a heart procedure at a hospital. Around 6 p.m. Tuesday. “Urgent Prayer Request: My heart is breaking as I write this. Kara has crashed twice. What was thought to be routine is at a very life threatening stage. Kara is fighting for her life right now. They may put her on the heart and lungs machine soon.” An hour later: Kara had two cardiac arrests, one of which came with significant fluid drowning the lungs. They set up for connection to the heart and lungs machine but then she became stable. They are just standing by watching right now.” Thank you LL


My granddaughter is 15 months old and has a brain tumor. She was diagnosed with it when she was 10 months. She had a biopsy and it is not cancer, but they could not remove it because it is attached to her optic nerve. Her name is Alexandria and she is the love of my life. She has an MRI coming up on 7.29.11 and if the tumor has grown she will need surgery and than there is a 60% chance she will go blind. She has been on chemo since after her surgery. The last MRI 7 weeks ago, her tumor grew. Please pray that this tumor either stops growing or shrinks. The thought of her not being able to see is killing us. Thank you Paulette


I want to ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede for my wife, Mary, whom has Alzheimer’s disease. I have accepted the fact that there is no cure but I ask the Virgin Mary to give her comfort and peace and relieve her of any physical pain that may come to her. Blessed Virgin Mary my wife bears you name. Please answer my prayer. I love you and your son Jesus with all my heart. Thank you. Sincerely, Vince


Please pray for my grandson Gabriel (15 years old) who failed is math exam. He took summer courses and next Tuesday, he will have a big exam. Depending on the results of this exam, he will double his school year of move forward to the next. I am sorry my English is not perfect because I am French. Thank you for your prayers. Lise


I want to thank our Blessed Mother for her intercession that our daughter, Paula and her 3 girls had a safe trip here from Ohio for the week of the 4th of July and had very good weather. She and her oldest Margaret were able to visit some of the colleges that they wanted to see. I also ask for Mary’s intercession again for Paula. She is going to court today for the pre-trial for the divorce that she has been trying to get for over a year. J knows the marriage is over, but doesn’t want to give her any money and won’t give up his computer issues. Please pray for courage and peace for Paula and the girls. Thank you. C & MPlease Pray for Noreen Sherwin. She is battling ovarian cancer. She is a beautiful person and a wonderful friend to so many. Her faith is so strong.

Please add another to prayer chain. Husdson, a young man injured in ATV accident in Texas. Thanks, Helen

Blessed Mother Mary, please comfort, guide and protect Ray as he begins his treatment for lung cancer. We know what a frightening time this can be. Please place your mantle around him and his family. Amen. mw

Dear Blessed Mother, I ask that you please assist us with our financial needs and that you please pray for my husbands faith. I also need healing with a friend that was a family member and stopped talking to us over a misunderstanding. Please keep us in our prayers. T

Please pray for my Grandson Billy. He’s only 15 and has had emotional problems for some time and now is in a facility to keep him safe and hopefully treat him. He’s a wonderful boy and we want him well again. M

Please pray for Mary Jane she will be having 10 hour surgery on Tuesday, 7/19/11 for cancer of the nose. A tumor was also found in her cheek so that will be taken care of too.

Laura is in great need of prayers.

Kiontae lost her job and may not be able to get unemployment. She is 3 months pregnant and also has another daughter.

Irene has arthritis in her hips. She needs surgery, but can’t go for it now.

Polish Dance group will be traveling to Poland on 7/19/11. They will be competing in Rzeszow against 1500 other dancers. Please pray for safe travel of the group.

Special intention for ED.

Thank you LL


Mary, Thank you for all your grace in the past. Please help me be heal from all the health challenges and find my way. I am so scared and discouraged. Please help me find faith and hope and healing so that I may live the wonderful life you want for me and be able to help others. Amen. Mike S


Please pray for my ex-husband and the father of my three children. He is currently serving a prison term for his 4th DUI. Please pray that he finds his way back to the lord and the he does not self-destruct. Also, pray for his safety and that somehow he can change his life and be a positive influence on our children. Pray for him to find peace and forgiveness. I ask this in the name Jesus Christ. Amen S.W.

Please pray for three families from Holy Family Parish who are battling cancer. We are storming heaven for them and will keep others in my prayers also. H


I’m asking that you include a friend of mine, Gina, to your prayer list. Gina just found out today that she has a 5 centimeter lump on her lung and it’s cancer!! She has a 17 year old son who just graduated from High School this year and she’s worried sick about him. I know you have a lot of people who will add Gina to their prayers list. Thank You. Love, Debby

for the girl who was going to have an abortion, well she is keeping the baby. Praise GOD. Thank you LL


My son and his wife who are foster parents to 2 boys age 7 and 4 need prayers to help them cope with their situation of caring for one of the boys who does not want to listen to them or anyone else. Please Dear Lord we ask that this little boy gets to go live with his father and very soon in Jesus name we ask. Amen! ijs.


Dearest Mother Mary, Please listen to all who call out your name for help, comfort and in hope. For all in war-torn places and those sent to defend democracy. JG

Please pray for Matty Parran. He fell off bleachers at a basketball game in a school gym. After the fall he had a seizure. Please pray he will be OK.

We received this urgent prayer request from Sandy LeFebvre at our local pro-life pregnancy center. Please hold this young lady and her unborn baby in your prayers. And may God reward you. Please pray for a 17 yr old girl who wants to keep her baby but is having significant parental pressure.

In a prayer update, Rosemary Walsh, for whom we had been praying (liver failure), has passed away. God bless you for your prayers. LL


We are asking everyone to say a prayer for “Darkhorse” 3rd Battalion 5th Marines and their families. They are fighting it out in Afghanistan & they have lost 12 marines in 4 days. IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE the message spread if more could pass it on.. God Bless America and God Bless the United States Marine Corps… Semper Fi, Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever
Justin Allen, 23,
Brett Linley, 29,
Matthew Weikert, 29,
Justus Bartett, 27,
Dave Santos, 21,
Chase Stanley, 21,
Jesse Reed, 26,
Matthew Johnson, 21,
Zachary Fisher, 24,
Brandon King, 23,
Christopher Goeke, 23,
Sheldon Tate, 27,
All are Marines that gave their lives for YOU this week! Thank you LL


Sweet Blessed Mother & Friends, I ask for your prayers & blessings upon me. I am afflicted with several physical ailments and each day is a challenge for me not only physically but spiritually and emotionally as well. Each day I battle with daily depression and constant pain. My spirit is low and I want so bad to reconnect with God our Father on a more intimate level. Please pray for me to have the courage to deal with the pain, and the faith and discipline to reconnect with our Holy Father. I have given up on everything lately and have fallen into a pattern of a life which is non-structured, non-disciplined and non-living. I sleep all the time, never hardly get out of my house, don’t feel like doing any of the things I used to, and avoid being around people as much as I can. I am on anti-depressants but medicine can only do so much. I need your prayers and the touch of God’s hands to help me get through this dark time. Please pray for my spiritual as well as my physical. Thank you and God Bless! Susan R.


Please pray for Iris Songy. She is getting treatments for skin cancer at this time and is also recovering from breast cancer. Thank you Pat


Please pray for Bill, who has gone into hospice today. He has prostate cancer. Lisa who had surgery for a tumor on her stomach. Kiontae who is three months pregnant and is considering abortion. Laura who is having health and mental issues. Safe traveling this holiday weekend. Paul who is doing drugs again. Fr. Bonnici who is treating for cancer. Nelson Durnell, a neighbor, who is diabetic and developed a serious and severe foot infection all the way to the bone. Doctors want to amputate. Please pray for the foot to begin to heal. Thank you LL


Please pray for Bill, adult son of my friends Jack & Shirley — who is gravely ill with metastatic cancer and who appears, according to our earthly knowledge, to be near death. Bill and his parents are deeply devoted to the Lord — and their confidence in the Lord is literally breathtakingly beautiful. Please pray for Bill – for a miracle of healing – either for Bill’s continued life on this earth for the greater honor and glory of God – or for the healing of those surrounding him in the hospital, that their hearts will be moved by the faith of this extraordinary family. Thank you and God bless you!!! Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, Amen. MMC
1. Jeremiah 29:11-14 “Fear is useless; what is needed is trust.” (Luke 8:50 & Mark 5:36) “Don’t worry – everything is going to be amazing!” — Anonymous


Kindly say a prayer for my family especially my daughter who is presently going through a very difficult separation and divorce. I am a rosary maker I asked that my prayers be directed to the Blessed Mother. Thank you very much Georges W

Please keep Grandma Stana in your prayers, Blessed Mother, as she faces her battle with stomach cancer. May she and all those caring for her find strength in each new day to conquer this disease with faith in You and our Heavenly Father. K H

I have requested prayers for my only daughter Angela for her problems. I have just had a call on Saturday 7 May 2011 after more than two years from my oldest son Mark 55 years old. He was in tears very sad I could not at first find out what was wrong with him. Finally he said it was a disease that was incurable. He had lost some 100 lbs since November 2010. He suffers from a cancer I am not sure what it is he would not exactly tell me. I believe he may have pancreatic cancer. I have not seen him since 1999 his mother passed away in 2002 but he never came. It saddened deeply it seems that one problem after another. I am asking for your prayers. I have decided that for every rosary that I make I will dedicate them to my children. I would appreciate any prayer that you could say on behalf of these two wonderful children of mine. May God bless you all for your generosity. Georges W.

Everyone please pray for my cousin, Susan, who is a faith-filled, beautiful and truly loved, young mom to 2 daughters. She has leukemia and preparing for a stem cell transplant in a couple weeks. Please protect and heal her completely so that she may return home to be the wonderful mom she is. Her children are missing their parents terribly while the treatments takes them out of town for her treatments. She makes beautiful rosaries and every night family and friends from everywhere have dedicated the 9pm hour to praying the rosary for her. Please join us if you can. Many thanks and blessings to her anonymous stem cell donor. Peggy


Dear Blessed Mother, I come to you in a crossroads in my life and bearing my soul, for which I need guidance. I have sustained injuries requiring 4 surgeries over the past 5 years for one foot. The latest (fifth) one being a fusion of 2 vertebrae’s. The full time job I have in the military I dislike very much; yet it gives me great pride to be able to help fellow soldiers whether in my unit or not. This stress over the past 4 years has taken a toll on me, my health and worst of all negativity. I feel I am still searching for what God wants me to do. When I was younger my grandmother told me I was God’s gift to my mother; referencing the situation in our dysfunctional family. I am the first female after 3 males and pursued things ‘my’ way and was my own leader in that respect. My younger brother and sister faired better than I did due my influence. The 3 older and the 3 younger; a division. I am trying to better myself in communication to my renewed friendship from 30 years ago due to a misunderstanding. I find that I really like this person and to be honest, I am absolutely scared and frightened; why? Because he is exactly what I had written down and envisioned 20 years ago and sent it out to the universe. This person from 30 years ago gave me the impression he hated me; it was far from it; he liked me. I didn’t know until he by chance sent me an email. I almost didn’t answer him; why? Because all I remember was his dislike for me. Except one night when I was in trouble and he watched out for me. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the entire event, but he did watch out for me. I have not and will not forget his kindness. In the past 6 months we have communicated a lot and seen each other as much as schedules permitted. I thank the good Lord that this has fallen into place like it has. However, do to my communications and behavior, I fear that my own fear and self doubt has caused the relationship to be tarnished. When I took a trip by chance to Poland and Italy to follow the footsteps of Pope John Paul II; I was fortunate enough to be at the Vatican when 6 newly saints were canonized. What a wonderful experience it was. I was with a Catholic tour group and I felt my faith being restored there. It was an overwhelming experience. May 1st is the Beautification of Pope John Paul II. I won’t be there but will be there in thoughts and prayers. My plan is to be there for his canonization when the time comes. When I was there at the Mass on Oct 19th, I prayed for things such as; please fix my back, later I found out it was broken for years and didn’t know it. I want a new job out of my state, but now with all my injuries, I am hoping for 100% disability. I also asked for a boyfriend with a future to something more permanent. Blessed Mother, for some reason I was raised in to believing that to ask you or Our Lord for anything it was considered selfish. There are a lot of things I am thankful for. The trip helped restore my faith to better than what it had been, I pray not just more but also more often. In fact I say the rosary (as much as 4 of them) on my daily walks and at night before I go to sleep; it brings me peace. I have signed up to learn how to make rosaries and to do some for the missions. I want to learn how to make them, to give them as gifts as well. After that, maybe sell them, but not certain of regarding that part of the idea yet. I feel uncomfortable bearing my soul, problems, wishes, wants and desires, it feels selfish. But I do need guidance, I have meet the most wonderful person that has existed 30 years ago, and I am so happy he is in my life now; he has helped me become a better person; he doesn’t really know about how and I really don’t know how to explain it. A spring in my step isn’t the way to describe it. I want the negative attitude to go away. Blessed Mother, I usually take my lemons given to me and make lemonade, or I try to laugh at my situation vs the woe be me part. I really want this relationship to work out with K2; that is what I refer to him as. I feel he is God’s gift to me. He recently told me he didn’t know what love really was. I am not afraid to Love him, I think I already do, but I don’t think or feel I could tell him in fear of scaring him off. So Blessed Mother I am asking for guidance on a job I no longer want; disability appears to be part of the answer. Then I can make rosaries or volunteer in other ways. Settle my lawsuit on my foreclosure. Be better at my relationship and have patience with K2. Blessed Mother, when I saw him for the first time in 30 years 6 months ago. I thought to myself. Where have you been all my life and I think I just saw my future! I have never been treated like this before; it doesn’t scare me; but I feel uncomfortable with the attention, if that made sense and at the same time most wonderful. Blessed Mother please pray for me; I will pray for those listed in the pray request as well as for myself. Thank you for your time and listening to my woes. Jeannie C


Oh Most Blessed Mother, I am sorry, but I have several requests this morning. Please bless my husband to make him understand how important our marriage & family really are. Please instill in him the same love he used to have for me as a person, wife, mother, partner. Please also watch over our young daughter as she prepares to receive your son in the sacraments of her First Communion this week. Also please guide & protect my daughter as she is incarcerated do to drugs. Help her to back in touch with you, your son, and all it takes to make herself well & whole again. My whole family can use any extra prayers of peace you can extend to them. And last but not least, please dear Mother, help me find the strength & courage to go on each day during this very troubling time in my life. I pray this in you & your son’s name. Amen. Thank you … JL

Please pray for my family as we navigate the waters of loss. Me and my 7 brothers and sisters lost our mom on April 11, 2011. she has 8 brothers and sisters herself who are also dealing with the loss. There are a slew of nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles. My mother was a devout catholic who loved to make rosaries. She made them for family, friends and the missions. Please send prayers my way as well, as I will be attempting to take over the rosary making reigns. It has been many a year since I made my last rosary. Thank you! Neadow


Please pray for my daughter, Amy. She is losing her faith and stated she; hates God. Please pray for her forgiveness and that she will find her way back to our Heavenly Father. HC

4 18 2011

Dear Blessed Mother: I am asking for a miracle in my son Rodolfo’s life. You know what he needs. Tu voluntad no lanuestra. Por favor pido un milagro. Que tengasu vida paz, armonia, estabilidad y que este protegido por el santomanto de Nuestra Madre. Dame paz en mi hogar con mi esposo y quepodamos pagar todos los gastos que tenemos. Perdoname mis pecados yayuda a mi hijo a tener una vida de cristiandad. Que los hermanos selleven bien. Esther

Please pray for a 13 yr old boy, Jacob Broacheau. He has had 2 kidney transplants and his body has rejected both. His may not live to be Confirmed sometime in May. Needs us to storm heaven. God Bless all of you for your prayers.

Laura has health and marriage problems and needs lots of prayers.

Baby Jack needs to wear a helmet, because his head is not forming properly.

Thank you LL

My son Rodolfo lost his partner. Please pray that he finds peace, harmony and continues with a Christian life. He needs to improve in his work somehow to get a little more money to cover his bare minimum. He needs to be economically independent.

May Jose find the true way.

For the health of Howard Schuttes

Thank you Tessy V

Please pray for my grandchildren and my children as they are straying from God through various worldly tensions. My grandson, in particular, who is living on the streets and on drugs.

Thank you Ruth G

Please pray for Steven Nary. He is in prison in California for attacking a homosexual man who raped him when he was 18 years old. The man died and Seven was sentenced to life by a gay judge. Evidence was suppressed and the trial was badly rigged. He has an appeal coming up. He has become a Catholic with little or no help and prays in spite of the horrible things that he witnesses. Judith M


Please pray for the conversion and baptism of my daughter Helene Evalea Beck. Also, for my daughter Leah Rose Beck to continue to grow in the faith, and also to do better in school. And finally, for the eternal repose of the soul of my son, Malcolm Robert Beck, who would have been 29 yesterday. Thank you and God Bless you. L. B


Please pray for this urgent situation and ask others to pray as well (see message below). This very intense surgery will take place Monday, and both Mommy and Baby are at serious risk of dying. The woman’s name is Lenny. She had a baby less than a year ago by C-section and became pregnant again right away. The pregnancy was not healthy. The placenta grew abnormally outside of the womb through the C-section incision. It is growing into her other vital organs, her bladder, bowel and other places so that all the organ’s blood vessels are tangled up with the placenta. Doctors told her she had to have an abortion or she would die. She refused. They did an MRI at 22 weeks and cared for her as best they could. Now she is bleeding. They will do another MRI on Friday and operate to do some surgery Monday to try and save her life and deliver the baby which
is mature enough to live if they can get the baby out without harm.

The best medical team will be there Monday. There will be a specialist for every organ involved in the operating room to try to help untangle the blood vessels. Please keep this courageous faithful woman and her family in your prayers. She said she would like to be on prayer lists.

Dee’s mother is an alcoholic and needs prayers. She kicks Dee out of the house when she wants to get drunk. Dee needs to go to college so she can take care of herself.

Bernie had a breakdown in school. He hates God, his mother and other family members. He needs LOTS OF PRAYERS.

Laura is hating her extended family and blaming them for her problems, including those with her husband. She has medical problems that the doctors cannot diagnose.

Thanks. Sr Margaret Mary


Please pray for my son Rudy who needs to be able to get a little bit more pay to pay his bill and not loose his home and be able to have his daughter with him. Pray for a Christian life and protection from problems. Let him have a clear record to improve his job opportunity. Thank you.

Please pray for my husband Ronnie and his health , his kidney and his overall health. His feet problems, and joint problems, BP problems. Also please pray for our family and our animals and property as we have a very evil person who has threatened us with great harm. Everyone, even the police know what she is truly capable of but they cannot do anything until she actually does something. We are truly afraid . thank you. Peggy H


Please pray for my dear friend Pat. He is in the hospital waiting for a heart transplant. Please pray that a healthy heart arrives soon. Also please pray for the donor of the heart that we so desperately want for Pat. Thank you G D


Remember my daughter, son-in-law and grandson in prayer. My grandson, Richard, had his one year old checkup and he had to go for x-rays. They think he may have hip dysplasia. My daughter and son-in-law are not Christians. No matter what the outcome with Richard, I pray they will come to know God. Thank you Lori


Please help pray for my boyfriend Kumar. He really needs a miracle. please dear God have mercy on him. Please restore his health and body and help him to be cancer free. Please help cure and heal him and make him healthy and strong as he was. Please dear God, help heal him and help to make him laugh, talk and move again. Please dear God, help him with your miracle touch to recover him. He needs you, he needs your miracle. Please help us. Thank you. M

Please pray for Fr. Francis Puddester of the Archdiocese of St John Newfoundland, he has been diagnosed with cancer and needs the healing of prayer. Also please pray for myself. Fr. Michael Anthony Gifford OSF. I have been ill for the past year and am in need of prayers. Also I had back surgery on Monday last. Please pray for healing and the lessening of pain. Thank you. Pax et Bonum. Fr. Mike


Please pray for me in my upcoming total knee replacement on April 1.And the tests that I am taking next week for my renal failture. And the passing of my 13 1/2 year old little girl chow dog on Ash Wed. morning. Thank you very much. Eileen

Please pray for the families of those who have missing family in Japan. Keep in your prayers the people of Japan as they look for loved ones, lay to rest those lost in the tragedy and bring aid to the many still trapped and missing. May each of us realize how quickly things can change and be thankful for all the Good Lord has blessed us with. Our hearts and prayers to the people and rescue workers in Japan and may those responding from other countries be kept safely in Your Hands. MK B


Please pray for my son, Joe, who is suffering from alcohol addiction and marijuana. He is also now diagnosed with diabetes and may be a Type 1. He is very sick and is working at a job in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, his friend got for him. . May our Blessed Mother pray for him and protect him as she did Jesus. May our Heavenly Father grant him healing, strength and courage to open himself to the Holy Spirit. Blessed Mother you started the miracle in Cana in motion and I believe that you can start the same miracle here for Joe. Pray for his brother and sisters who are having such a hard time with this that they may come to forgive him and be healed in the process. Our Blessed Mother I thank you and love you. Jovita H, California


Prayers are desperately needed for Johnny’s niece Kelley. She was trying to hang a bird feeder for her little boys to enjoy and fell off a tall ladder and suffered severe brain injury. She is in a coma in a Houston Hospital where she lives with her husband and 18 month old twin boys. The doctors are saying that they have never seen a brain injury this bad. It does not look good at all. She is on a respirator and tonight they will do a test to see if there is any activity in the brain. Kelley is 43 years old. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and if you know of any prayer group, please put her on it. We have added her name to the prayer requests at church and Johnny will add her to the Knights prayer list. She needs all the help she can get. Thanks.

Please keep Steve Gottler in your prayers. He will be going to hospice today.

Patty (Stover) Oliver will be having surgery on a tumor behind her ear on 3/4/11. It will be a 12 hr surgery & no guarantee that her hearing will return.

Lottie Zylla passed away.

We received an urgent prayer request from Paulina who is seeking an abortion. Please pray that she choose life for her baby and that she go to visit a pro-life pregnancy center (to which she was referred). May God reward you for your prayers.

I am in need of prayer. I have been dealing with very high cholesterol and triglycerides for a few years now. I cannot take any of the statins because of serious side effects. I watch what I eat and I am working at losing weight, but the numbers have not dropped. There are heart problems and heart disease on both sides of my family. I TRUST IN THE POWER OF PRAYER! God hear my pleas and lower my cholesterol & triglycerides naturally. My B P is also up right now and that never happens. In God’s love, Sharon


Blessed Mary, Please heal my husband Craig who has been diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. Please give him the courage and strength to make it through this difficult journey. Please give me the courage and strength to love and help him through the toughest of times. As always I am grateful and I pray for your guidance and light. Your devoted servant, Norma

Mother Mary pray with me and for me, asking our Lord to touch my sons heart. To help him realize I love him and want to have him, ever present part of my life. At this time he has estranged him self from me and each day apart is destroying me, because I love this child so much. Thank you G

Begging prayers to help me discern taking a trip that is expensive and significantly longer than previous years (10 days vs 4). Trip is required to attend a conference to maintain professional certification, which also was very expensive- in more ways than just payment. If I don’t go on this trip, I lose certification and a several year investment. Considering current economic circumstances and the state of the world, not sure if I should go. Thank you- am praying for all your intentions as well. Emm


Dear Blessed Mother Mary, please pray for my financial breakthrough. Thanks. J W Malaysia


Blessed Mother, please ask Jesus to help us, as he once took pity on the bride and groom at Cana. Specifically, we need help paying off our debt and, if possible, more time together. In Jesus’ name we pray — Jim and Mary


Can you please send out another prayer request for Lottie Zylla! She’s in the hospital and is not doing well. She had a stent put into her heart a few years ago and it failed so they are putting another one in once the fluid around her heart is gone! She’s very weak and definitely in need of prayers!! Lottie is the best and would do anything for anyone but she needs prayers now! Thank you Debby

Please pray that my grand-daughter finds her wedding rings, her daughter may have taken them and put them somewhere. ( A 2 year old ) Also prayers needed for a friend who has cancer, no job and no insurance. Prayers for my family to get back to church. My prayers to all who are asking for prayers. P. G.


Please pray for my brother Peter and sister Sharon both are fighting cancer. Thank you BSF


Please pray for my husband who is in situations with the government and that he may come closer to our Lord. Please pray for my family, our business, our employees and our customers. Thank you. J H


Please pray for my dad who has been diagnosed with cancer. Thank you Tina


Please pray for my daughter Erin who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis less than 18 months ago. Very athletic as a girl, her condition has deteriorated to the point she must rely on others for assistance with all daily needs. We are both converts to Catholicism – she led me to the Church. She has since turned away for the most part. Pray that she hears God calling for her return to the Church and her faith. LS

Please pray for my father J.T. who has metastatic colon cancer, and has rejected treatments offered (chemotherapy). Bless them with healing and guide the hands of all who care for them LS

Hello Friends of Clare Oakes SFO, (St Bonaventure Fraternity, Tau Cross Region). Clare is in Winthrop Hospital and is “ready” to return “HOME” to The Lord. Please pray for her safe journey home. Also please hold in prayer Mareena Silva’s unborn baby (Fort Lupton CO). Mareena was mistakenly given an abortion pill instead of an antibiotic by her pharmacy. She is 6 weeks pregnant. Doctors were able to avert an immediate miscarriage but warned that she may still miscarry this child. Please pray that the baby survive and not be harmed by this error. May God reward you for your prayers. LL


Please pray for Fr. Alphonse, an elderly and frail Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate, who is on his death bed. He has been a holy and good priest for many, many years and the Lord is calling him home. Please pray for him as he enters the eternal life for which he has prayed for decades.

In updates on other prayer requests–Martine, the woman in Africa, Rick, the father, and Cash, the little boy, all have died with our prayers. May God reward you for praying for these people as they drew close to their final passage. Thank you LL

For my Mom’s recovery from breast cancer my Dad’s upcoming surgery my son’s health complicated by Type 1 diabetes my coworker’s little 11 yr old sister for whom doctors do not have any hope of recovery .good health, good life for all of my family and friends. Thank you Gina B

Please pray for Susan, a dear relative of mine. She has Acute Mylogenous Leukemia. She just got over breast cancer a year ago and the chemo treatments received for that may have contributed to the cause of this leukemia. She is a 45 year old daughter, sister, wife and mother of 2 young daughters, and many more of us relatives. Susan may have to have a bone marrow transplant. Please pray her sister is a perfect donor match and for Susan to be protected from any infection, receive the best medical/healthcare providers and medicines, and return to good health to live a long happy and healthy life with her family. Also pray for the strength of her family during these trying times. Thank you and God Bless You. Peggy

Please pray for Father Charles who is in hospital with various cardiac and other problems. Thank you Ian


Prayer request from Ron: Hello friends. I have been diabetic for about 15 years; on insulin about 5years. Since August I have had 3 insulin reactions wherein the Rescue Squad was called to revive & stabilize me. I am not ‘frightened’ by my condition and I believe I do all that is possible to control my condition; always ‘tweaking’ my insulin under doctor’s advise, etc. Fort hose of you who know what an A1C test is, mine are always very good. Anyway, I had an ‘attack’ last night. After praying on this I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to use the St. Raphael Prayer & healing
oil daily until the Lord prompts me to stop. Along with this devotion I felt I should ‘storm heaven’ through my acquaintances to intercede for me. So, if you feel called to pray for me or to do some other spiritual work, please do so. Please thank the Lord for the Rescue Squad people too – they are just great! As in all things, let God’s Will be done -not mine! From: Ron Smith, Chardon, Ohio

My 45 year old beautiful cousin, Susan, was diagnosed this week with Acute Mylogenous Leukemia. She begins strong chemo Monday at MD Anderson in Houston. Please pray that God will protect her during the chemo treatments, heal her and save her from this dreaded beast of a cancer. She has a loving husband, 2 young daughters, mother and sister, along with many of us relatives that love her. She is a special child of God. Thank you and God Bless. Peggy A

For my Aunt, Uncle and cousin who have stepped in to rescue two children from parents who are drug addicts. They have heavy hearts especially since my Uncles prostate cancer has returned. Thank you. Jane


My sweet Mother Mary, please hear my pleas for my daughter who is an addict. She needs all the intercessions you can do for her. She needs to be clean for herself & her children. Thank you. Also can you please pray for my health, nerves, my 2 young children & my marriage. I would love for my husband to be as loving as he used to be. To be as loving as Joseph was to you…. Thank you jl

Please pray for my daughter Tessa, She has a tough road ahead of her. Thank you GT

Please keep praying for my sister Teresa Cardenas from Patterson, CA. She is undergoing chemo again. The cancer has shown up again in her body. Bless you for all your prayers. Lee H


Oh Blessed Mother, I ask your love and help for my father, Paul, who at 89, is really struggling with pneumonia and bronchitis. As he said “I am having a rough time”. Your loving help please. Thank you. CMG

Blessed Mother Mary, Please help heal my body and my life. You know I am so discouraged. Thank you for all the miracles you have guided to me in the past. Amen. Nms


Please pray for Kathy Carol she has a tumor behind her eye. Bless her with a healing and guide the hands of all who care for her. Thank you Jesus. M

Dearest blessed mother please help me to get this message to Veronica h. If your father served in the war even if he is deceased you could get benefits from the VA for your mothers care it applies to assisted living and nursing home care. It is a sizable amount of money. I pray that this information is a help for you. Blessed mother I know that you care for all of us. Love laura


Please pray for my friend Lucy who has stage 4 cancer, she has had 35 chemo and one month of radiation so far thank you so much Helen

Please pray for Robert Littlewood recently deceased and practically friendless. In God’s love, Sr. Barbara. M. N/OMHS

My father-in-law passed away earlier this month. Please pray for my sister-in-law Claudia. She devoted at least a full year of her life to caring for her father and she’s very sad right now that he is gone. Please pray to give her strength and joy. She is single and it would be so wonderful if she would find a companion now that she is not caring for her father around the clock. She deserves something very good to happen to or for her this year. Thank you, Lisa G.


Can you please ask your prayer group to pray for a friend’s of mine husband? He has stage 3 Lung Cancer and he’s not doing well. I really appreciate it! Love, Debby


I would like to make another prayer request. Pray that my sister make the right decision about where my mother is going to live. I need help financially that is why they will not let my mother live with me and my husband, instead of borrowing us the money they want to put my mother in a assisted living facility. I know this is not the best place for my mother and I have tried everything I could think of to get the money we need. Thank you for saying a prayer that this works out for the best for my mother. Maybe God will find a way for us to get the funds that we need and then I can take my mother in to live with us. Thank you, Veronica H


Blessed Mother Most Holy, please hear my needs and prayers today. Please ask your Holy Son to Bless my marriage as he did at Cana & to make my husband the loving caring person to me as he was when we first met. Please I pray for your care & watchful eye over my 2 young children & for peace & harmony as well God’s graces w/in our whole family. I pray they all become closer to each other & to your dear son our Lord.. In Jesus’ name I pray.. Thank you JL

Blessed Mary, We ask that you help the family continue being united in this trial.. Where we have been told that my father was murdered and yet they never showed us a body to identify…we have not received a completed death certificate up till this day. We have been having dreams and visions that he is alive, and we want you to help us uncover the truth behind all this mystery. My father is a wonderful and loving grandpa and great husband and dad. I wish that he would be out there alive somewhere. Blessed Mary please help us uncover the truth. The dreams tells us he is alive, but that he is being held captive.. we want closure because we never had that since the beginning. Thank you Alma


Please pray for Scott and Judy S. He is dealing with complications from diabetes and his wife just started a new job. They are dealing with all the chaos in their lives but need prayers. Thank you Terry

I have just lost my job of 32years. I am in need of another job. I would also beg of the Blessed Mother to let me know why and how this man could do this to me. Please Blessed Mother help me to understand and to find another job soon to pay my bills. I thank you Blessed Mother for all you have done for me in the past. Please be with me and intercede to Jesus, your Son, for me. Thank you Vivian

Please pray for the spiritual and physical health of my granddaughter Sarah Thank you Joanna

Thank you for allowing me to request prayers for the family. Last year 2010 my sister Eva died and the sisters that were left attended. Coming from Texas, Florida and myself from Hawaii. But just recently in Jan. my nephew fell asleep and never awoke-leaving 3 children and his wife. I myself could not attend including the other sisters. My oldest sister Helen (that was her grandson) is there today in New York with her children attending the funeral. My prayers are that they make it back to Florida safely (there is a big cold front heading towards NY). While all this was happening my sister in Texas (their daughter called) asking for prayers because they feel she (Emily) has Alzheimer). My request is if the latter is so that the medication ease her and family. They already know that they cannot leave Emily alone in the house. Lord I know you do not just do things without a reason. We ask that you watch over all the families bringing them Peace- we ask this in you Holy Name. God Bless, Anna

Please pray for Carole Varga. Here is what Mary had to say today about Carole. I just want to alert you all to the fact that Carole is again in the hospital. She went to her doctor appt. at Beaumont, and they didn’t let her leave. In addition to an infection they are treating her for, she is experiencing cognitive deterioration, which prevents her from doing simple things like dialing the telephone. We must be realistic and come up with a contingency plan for Sunday. Be sure to check your email right up to the last minute, to be sure what happens next. We don’t know when she will be discharged, or if she will be allowed to go home or to another facility. Today she had a doppler test, and tomorrow she will have a brain MRI, and after that, we may be able to better decide how to proceed. I’ll keep you posted. Pray hard, Mary


Please pray for Lou who is ready to deliver in the next few weeks. Her iron level is 8 and is suppose to be 60. She is getting iv’s of iron and the doctor hopes she does not go into labor until Jan.20th, so her iron count will be up .to par. If she goes into labor early they cannot do a C section if she needs one because she could bleed to death with the low iron count. Lou is really scared. God bless all of you. Elaine


Please….lift up Lisa Grisaffi in prayer. She collapsed last Monday, December 27, in the waiting room at the hospital while visiting her mother there. She apparently was alone when this happened, and the nurse who found her does not know how long she went without oxygen. She slipped into a coma, and the doctors are talking of taking her off life support today since she is only breathing on her own 2%. She has a seventh grade boy and another daughter, and is married. I know her personally. Please pray for her and her family. Terri God Bless U!

Dear Sweet Mother Mary, I don’t mean to be greedy, but please can you pray for my marriage again, and for my husband to make him more loving like he used to be, for my 11 yr old son & my 8 yr old daughter too. Also one of my older daughters who is incarcerated for drugs. Please help her to get out very soon so she can join her family. Thank you sweet mother for your help & for your son… Jackie


We need prays for our daughter, Lorrie who is 48 years old. She has MS and is doing her best to care for three children. Every day is a challenge for her. She never complains. Her husband left her three years ago, and even gave up his rights to the children. We pray that someone will be there to help her when we can’t any more. We live 45 miles from her. My wife and I are 70 and 71 years old. Thank you Nancy & Bill


I want to thank you dear mother Mary, for a Blessed Christmas & for coming thru my procedure ok. Now I ask your help in making the outcome good.. Please also help my dear daughter who is incarcerated to be able to get house arrest or work release & get out soon & to stay clean. Please I ask these things in your sweet baby’s prayers. JACKIE


For my 93 yr. old father to realize he needs to get his will done & soon, so we know what his true wishes are to be. And esp. for the pain he is feeling & has felt in his body since WW II. THANK YOU MOTHER MARY for going to your> most beloved son, JESUS with my requests. I PRAISE & THANK YOU JESUS. Melodie

Please pray for my nephew, Aaron, as he begins chemo tomorrow. He was born in September – 8 weeks early and with cancer diagnosed the day he was born. We pray that he will have the favorable gene in responding to chemo. We pray for strength for my sister and her husband and their other children. Jim

Please pray for Betty (organist for our church) I have been in the music ministry with her for 25+ years and this was the first Christmas without her. She had surgery for ovarian CA and will be under going chemo soon. Thank-you Chris


Our Lady of Miracles, Please keep my husband Craig safe and help him through this difficult time. Please return to us positive test results from his biopsy and pet scan. Bring us courage and strength in times of adversity. For this and for you Dear Mother I pray to the Lord, Our God. Norma

High drama over the last few days. Because of our concern for Julian’s continued vomiting and severe headaches, we brought him back to the ER Thursday … which won us a night’s stay back at the hospital… which, because of his low heart rate, turned into a transfer to ICU Friday morning … which, after stabilizing the little man with pain medication and steroids – turned into a Medevac flight down to Memphis where we are now.I have to thank the amazing PICU team at Beaumont who worked the phones all day Friday making arrangements for a medical team to transfer us to Memphis. I also have to thank the drivers and pilots and especially Crystal and
Leslie, the two medics who extended their day shifts well into the wee hours of the morning to come, get us and see us safely to Memphis around 3 a.m. Saturday morning. Brad and his brother made the 12-hour drive together – in what they like to refer to as the “Mid-Knight Express” – and met us here Saturday afternoon. Everyone arrived safe and sound – and Julian’s now in PICU under neurosurgeons care at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital – St. Jude’s partner for their patients needing surgery. A new round of MRIs was ordered Saturday morning to figure out exactly what
is putting so much pressure on Julian’s brain – thus causing the migraine-like headaches and vomiting. It could be the tumor pressing on the brain stem or some fluid found on top of the brain. This morning’s discussion with the pediatric neurosurgeons from Le Bonheur and the neuro-oncologist from St. Jude laid out a plan to relieve pressure with at least one surgery this week, recovery here in ICU, and then transfer to St. Jude’s ICU where we can begin treatment to shrink the tumor asap. We’re on board with the plan. Doctors have given us a sense of confidence that they will need to act fast but will do so with careful, measured decisions each step of the way. And — God Bless ’em — they promised that no one’s taking a break for Christmas. Today’s goal is to keep Julian’s heart rate steady and pain at bay. Despite the whirlwind and the worry, Julian continues to impress us with how much fight he has left in him. He’s mostly sleeping, but when he does come around, he’s showing no lack of spunk, attitude and determination to get out of here! One last side note. As we left Detroit, I saw a giant sign in a storefront window that said, “There’s no place like HOPE for the holidays. “It as an important reminder and a very good sign as we head into this week.

Strong start to the week. Jules underwent two fairly standard procedures in the OR this morning. The first was the placement of a second shunt in the right side of his head to relieve the spinal fluid on top of the brain. The second was a minor procedure to place a “line” in his chest so docs can plug in quickly and easily for labs, meds, etc., instead of putting the poor Bud through all those “pokes” and annoying IVs. Jules rebounded like a champ and is now sporting a super awesome Mad Max-style funky faux hawk. We got everything we needed from the surgeries today. He’s telling us that his headaches and eyes don’t hurt as bad. He’s held down a small meal — first time he’s eaten since Thursday — and he’s demanding pancakes, NOW! Bottom line: migraine symptoms down, heart rate up, and most importantly, he’s finally resting comfortably .If all stays stable tonight, we’ll be transported to St. Jude ICU first thing tomorrow morning to begin radiation immediately. Brad and I are keeping each other as strong as possible. Despite all this, he still finds ways to make me laugh a few times a day. God love him. And I won’t stop thanking you for your prayers and support. Each and every note, message, text, all the words of encouragement, and every gesture big and small are helping us put one foot in front of the other as we march through these tough days. Like Jen and Pete informed us today: “It’s the Winter Solstice – the longest, darkest night of the year. After this, the light starts to return. Keep the faith.” Love that.

Welcome to St. Jude We’re here. Everything worked out Monday night, and Julian and I got to ride
on an ambulance in our transfer to St. Jude. The day was a whirlwind with admitting, meeting new doctors, nurses, and an amazing line-up of support staff for parents and patients. Julian underwent his first day of Radiation Therapy (RT) and came out feistier than ever. We got the thumbs up to give him whatever he wanted. I had to laugh at the sight of him getting wheeled back to our room, his teeth covered with black Oreo’s, his hand, weilding another Oreo on deck, waving around yelling at everyone he could see. He enjoyed a feast of vanilla yogurt, a grilled cheese and cherry jello for dinner. He got a bath and rested peacefully through the night. Another treatment today, then a third tomorrow, then rest for the holiday weekend. Our hope is to move from ICU today to the regular patient floor. And if all continue to goes well, Jules could be upgraded to out-patient status, and we can move into our suite over at the St. Jude Grizzlies House to celebrate Christmas. Either way, I can’t say enough about how amazing this hospital and their staff have been to us. So welcoming, gracious, and so human. They provide every resource imaginable. They don’t sugar coat anything, but they strike just the right chord in assisting families who have to endure such an ordeal. If we have to deal with such a nightmare, we’re happy we’re able to do it here.


Please pray for the safety of my two young children, the healing of my Marriage, compassion & love in my husband and my older daughter who is incarcerated due to drugs. Please help to stay clean & get out & get on the right track. Also I would like us to move, so we can have the home we need & job security for my husband. Thank you so much mother Mary. Please ask these intercessions for me to your beloved son.. Jackie


Please pray for my two sons. One is dealing with depression. Both are in need of spiritual guidance to find the right path to a better future. Blessed Mother intercede for my sons to your son Jesus. Desperate mother L


Please keep a friend of mine from up north in Mackinaw in your prayers. Her name is Peg Morse. She had a massive stroke this past Tuesday and is in critical condition right now. I will keep you posted. .Prayers are Powerful! Thank you so much, hugs, Marcia


A prayer for my sister, Deborah Mercer. She is suffering from brain cancer and has been told she has less than a year. Please watch over her Mother and ask your son to protect her. W R W


Please continue your prayer for Molly and her unborn baby. Molly has shut down and is isolating herself from any help or information that would cause her to choose life. This is a bad situation for this baby. Please pray for a great outpouring of grace over this situation. May God reward you for your prayers. Dr. Carpentier is pro-life and Catholic. He was going to see her tomorrow at 11 but she has shut down now and won’t go anywhere tomorrow. I found a place in Worcester that could do the ultrasound for free but I won’t know when until they open tomorrow but she may not be willing at this point to do that either. The boyfriend told her that he has some pact with these guys who are in the military school with him to be special forces in the air force and that they can’t marry or have children. He was beaten up for getting her pregnant and breaking the code which only added to her guilt and shame. She thinks only an abortion will fix this situation (that is what he is telling her). My husband tried to talk with her tonight but she is very angry and feels everyone is trying to control her. Please pray that her heart will open. Thank you for your support. LL


Please pray for my friend, Linda Marchesse Schulle. She has stage 4 breast cancer and will under go a double mastectomy on November 29, followed by months of chemo and radiation. Please, Blessed Mother intercede for her to your son Jesus that He bring her through this for her sake and that of her husband and family. She is yours and Jesus’ faithful servant. Thank you M

A friend of mine asked if you could pray for a very close family friend’s son. Jacob Crain is a 22 year old Monroe native and a Marine fighting over in Afghanistan. Jacob was shot this morning in Afghanistan after his troop was ambushed. He was shot in the neck and it came out through his shoulder, they think it hit or nicked his carotid artery. He’s in critical condition and too unstable to give him the surgery he needs so they can fly him back to Germany. His wife is pregnant and their baby is due next month. My friend Michelle is devastated as Jacob is like her own son. Please pray for Jacob, his wife and his dad.

P.S. My friends daughter is still pregnant with her triplets and they’re doing OK. She’s on complete bed rest so please continue to pray for them too. Thank You! Love, Debby

I ask for prayers for my friend’s Mom who is 104+ and just broke her hip. Juanita is a very vibrant 104 living with her daughter in her long time San Francisco home. A successful healing will allow her to continue living with her daughter. Thank You. CMG

Pray for me to end my depression. I am in constant thought of my immediate death being the best for everyone. ZAR

I pray to you Dear Mother Mary for all our adult children and my husband. pray for our youngest son, and I ask you to give him the strength that he needs to continue his studies, and to grow spiritually, and may the BR report come back clear. On our eldest son, I ask for his sobriety, and our middle for his safety in his military program, and our youngest, may she always be safe. I ask for my husbands recovery to good health. I ask for strength, and to grow stronger spiritually. Thank you, A


Please pray for my Sister who is undergoing treatment for lymphoma and for Fr. Greg Kerch who has liver cancer. Thank you W. J. C.

Please pray for my friend who has fourth stage cancer. She has had 35 chemo and 35 radiation treatments. Thank you, Helen


I am asking for everyone to pray for a friend of mine who’s daughter is having triplets and went into pre-mature labor, they are in trouble. The mother is in her 25th week of her pregnancy and is being transferred to the University of Cincinnati for surgery to keep the babies alive. This surgery is a risk to the babies and their mother. Please ask everyone you know to pray for this mother and her babies! Thanks! Debby : )

Please pray for my son and his wife, that the fertility process they have just undergone for the past 2 weeks will work and that by November 11th the test will be positive. We are so praying for twins,-just praying for a healthy baby. Thank you, Joni

My Dear Blessed Mother, Please, I beg you to ask your Beloved Son, Jesus, to grant the end of my mother-in-law who is dying. She is suffering so very much & all her family
is suffering as well. They do not know the value of suffering as Catholics do & so it is extremely difficult for them to understand. She is not Catholic, but I know that non-Catholics make it to heaven, too. Please receive her under your mantle & take her to your Son. I love you my Mother, please bless me & all my family. Thank You, Caecilia


Please pray for my daughter Laura. She was found at work unresponsive for about 15 min. The hospital is still doing tests. Thank you for your prayers. LL


Please pray for my mother-she has been suffering for almost a year now- please help her find peace .we love her very much thank you. Dan M

Please add my sister-in-law, Elizabeth, who was killed in an automobile accident on October 15, to your prayer list. Also her granddaughter, Autumn, who was with her, is now paralyzed from the waist down, she is 8 years old. Three other grandchildren were hurt also but are doing ok now. Thank you. “Thy Will Be Done” Ann H.

Dear Blessed Mother, I am having a particular difficulty now. I just found out in August from my brother that he has short-term memory loss; got it age 69 and presumably was retired from his then employer. I had a rental car for a week and went to see him several times and it was just great. I recently moved back to an area where we both had lived. I stopped by his home on Thursday morning, knocked on the door and his wife hid from me when she saw who I was. This causes me a great deal of concern; that and the fact that Jim won’t answer the phone when I call anymore. I fear that his wife has threatened him in some way or other. I am asking you, Blessed Mother to resolve this conflict so that Jim and I may be able to see each other again. Neither of us is very young anymore and I need my brother. Thank you Today is a gift!


Blessed Mother, hold in your arms baby Izabella as she under goes heart surgery today. Ask Jesus the master surgeon to guide the hands of the human surgeon. She has a hole in her heart which she has had since birth. It did not repair itself, as was hoped. May she be cured. Also hold her soul in your hands and guide her in her life ahead. We pray in Christ’s name. Amen.

Aunt K.


Dear Blessed Mother, I thank you for the blessed weekend our ACTS team had in Spicewood, TX. The lady that reenacted your life with Jesus was just so very awesome and touched our ladies on retreat. Please tell Jesus, that I feel so honored that He used me to help the lady that came so heavily burdened. My prayer request is for my husband Mike Speed with his recurring cancer and my brother-in-law to heal from having brain surgery in Jesus’s name I ask. Amen! Irene

For my 56 yr. old son, who has just gone through surgery for his second melanoma cancer. Thank you Rita


Mother Mary, please enfold Michael S. in your Immaculate Heart while he is deployed in harms way. Send Michael Arch Angel to defend and protect him so he may return home safely. Ask your Son to let a drop of His Precious Blood to fall on him now and at the hour of his death. And send his earthly mother Sharon, peace and consolation. Irene


I am requesting prayers for my mom who is suffering from osteoporosis & scoliosis, may she feel less pain and have a good health. Also good health and long life for both of my mom and my dad. Am also requesting prayers for my mother in law who suffers from colitis may she regain her health condition and have a long life. Am also requesting prayers for my aunts and uncles that they may have good health as well and peace throughout the world. Thank you K

For my friend, Barbara that she may either be healed or taken into the loving arms of our Lord and Savior. Thank you Sandra

My prayer requests are for my twin sister who had a grand mal seizure this morning and is in the hospital undergoing tests. Please give her strength and whatever is causing the seizures, make it be something that can be medically taken care of. Please give her, her health back and make her strong. I am asking this of you, dear Blessed Mother. Our daddy prayed to you everyday, please bestow your love on my sister. Amen, Sherrel

For my friend, Mary, who is battling breast cancer. Thank you Margret

Please pray for Steve Carson to receive a liver transplant. Please pray for Dick Mailloux who has pancreatic cancer and undergoing surgery in a week. Please pray for a job for my Adult son who has been unemployed over 2 years. Please pray for my granddaughter for a job. She too has been unemployed for a very long time. Please pray for Bill Wolf who just had urinary surgery and is in a lot of pain. Thanksgiving for the employment most of our children have. Thanksgiving for a beautiful, healthy, smart grandson with an awesome personality. Truly a gift from God. Thanksgiving for God carrying us through 50 years of marriage and for our good health. Please pray for our political leaders, our upcoming elections and for God’s will to win for all Americans.

Thank you. Roberto

All I can say is that Im very lost, and depressed………I need protection and love…….I know that I need to love myself, but I’m so lost that don’t know how. Wendy

Please pray for healing for my son, Samuel Selb. He received a heart transplant 13 yrs ago at 10 wks of age. Three years ago, Sam survived acute rejection and congestive heart failure. A year later, he had acute renal failure that was caused by dehydration following an illness. Sam’s kidneys are small and can’t handle the stress. After a couple of years of decent health, Sam is now facing stage 2 chronic kidney disease that is putting a strain on his heart. Our hope is that treating high blood pressure & anemia will help slow the progression of kidney disease and protect the heart from further damage. Blessed Mother, remember my son, Stephanie

Pray to Our Blessed Mother for the soul of Alan Jacques suffering from a severe leg injury. I know she knows him. Thank you Anelu

I am a newlywed requesting prayers for my family, as the economy has affected all of us financially and we are having a very difficult time right now. I am thankful for having the opportunity to know about the Rosary– a great support system as well as a spiritual weapon, a way to convert sinners, a powerful way to help others and to change the world. I am grateful for knowing that in the toughest times, I could have reacted most unfavorably, but it is my faith that reminded me i wasn’t alone. Thank you for your prayers and for this beautiful site. Alej

I request prayers for my husband and myself… we are going through some rough
> times and are in need of prayers and guidance . I pray that we are able to workout our problems and be supportive of one another as we once were at the start of our marriage and that we provide a stable loving home for our son. Thank you, Juliet

I’m asking for prayers for my daughter to find a job soon she has been out of work for a year. She quit her job and moved home from Colo a year ago to help me take care of my husband who has had to have 2 surgeries on his ankle the most recent one 9/30/2010 and I have Rheumatoid Arthritis . She has been a great help but needs a job to support herself since we can no longer help her financially as we are both on disability. Thank You for any prayers you can say for her to get a job soon. I want to Thank God and Our Blessed Mother for getting my husband through this second surgery and help him recover fast. God Bless all who say prayers for others who are in great need. Kathy

Thank you please put my daughter Mary on your prayer list help her to believe in the infinite power of prayer. Please help her find suitable employment. thank you Ellen O


I am requesting prayer for my sister as she and her husband face his impending death from cancer. Peggy

I work for a woman who is 70 years old. To be perfectly honest, she is horrible to work for. She is very moody and on bad days she yells at both patients and staff. Including me. No one should be as miserable as she must be in order to behave the way she does. Please pray for her.

My Prayers are for my Husband. That he becomes very successful in his new position and that he finds many clients within the next 2 weeks or we are out of luck with no income and no UI. Give him guidance and strength and also for our family that we can show him support. Thank you Mother. L


Requesting prayers for myself as I face major surgery; need to overcome a bit of a cold that has shown up. Do not want to delay surgery as pain has been constant for many months now. It is my prayer to face surgery strong and that God guide the hands of those who will care and operate on me. Please help my family be strong during this time, and that I will heal quickly. Thank you, Lord Jesus, through Mary, thank you! Amen. Brightest blessings CMO

I request for your prayers for my daughter Teresa. Teresa is diagnosed with Dyslexia and therefore she has learning difficulties. Please pray for her as she sits for her Primary School Leaving Examinations on 6, 7 and 11th October 2010. This exam will determine her secondary education. Thank you, Ernest


I ask for your prayers for a very close friend ours who has been diagnosed with colon cancer. He just had cartoid surgery recently and is home recuperating. He is very weak and needs to gain his strength back. He has to have another surgery soon and a have a biopsy done on his liver to check for cancer. He may have cancer of the liver and if he does he will have to have chemo. He needs your prayers to give him strength to get through this load road ahead. Thank you, Lee and Barb

Five young men are missing after leaving LSU game last night in Baton Rouge. They are from the Raceland Houma. Last contact was at 1 a.m. when one texted his mom to say they were headed home. State police cannot find them anywhere. If anyone knows anything please contact the LA state police. Please pray for the safe return of these young men (or for their bodies to be found if that is the case). PLEASE pray for their families. Thank you L. L.


We ask for healing and intercession for our beautiful friend Christine in Montreal. She has been a loving and kind heart and now faces a very unusual cancer. We pray dear Lady that you will open your heart and take her need for healing and surround it with your eternal love. Give her faith and guidance in this time of need and hear the prayers of her friends and loved ones. Thank you. T

Please pray for Joseph Scrofani who is undergoing Chemotherapy for his Stage 4 Liver Cancer. Our concern is he opens his heart wide to the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ and return fully to the sacraments of reconciliation and the Eucharist. May his family follow suit in allowing our Lord to be fully welcomed into their home. Amen. G S

I join others in praying for the healing of Evin. May our loving God touch him and grant him to live so he can be a witness to the power of God so that others may turn to God for help and deliverance. .I also ask others to join me in praying for the conversion of hardened sinners and for the defeat of the enemies of the Church. Let us turn to our Blessed Mother for her intercession and to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament that we will be delivered from all evil Lnday


Amy Dowdy. She was 20 weeks pregnant, experienced complications, which resulted in her delivering and losing her baby girl this morning. An infection now has her in ICU fighting for her own life. L L


Hannah and (grandson) Evin in the hospital in Houma at Terrebonne General. Hannah is doing ok, but Evin is in serious condition He caught a bacteria coming out of Hannah at birth. Group B Beta Streptococcus. Hannah will be ok, but not sure about baby Evin. Evin was born 8/30/10. He is only 8 days old. He is in God’s hands. As of yesterday it is still just in his urinary tract, did not get into his blood stream yet. But no improvement since Saturday. Update September 7 at 9:02pm Evin, got worse. Evin Allister Hunter’s kidneys are swollen. Prayers, asking for our heavenly father to grant Evin a miracle of healing and prayers for his family also, thank You JESUS, I praise you and adore you, Amen). Please add him to other prayer lines! L. L.


Please pray for my nephews, Charlie and Bart, who are suffering life-threatening illnesses. Charlie has a very serious heart condition and Bart is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. They are loved very much and many prayers are offered up for their healing. Thank you very much for adding them to your prayer list. With much love, Susie P

Please pray for my mother – she is suffering – please help her find peace. Thank you, Joann

Please pray for Sheila McGee of Santa Clarita, CA. Mother Mary please help my friend during her battle against cancer. She is a beautiful servant of the lord and has been a wonderful and patient care giver to children and the elderly. Thru your intercession, may your son Jesus bring her comfort and strength so that she may believe she can survive this illness and continue to be a blessing to all those that her life touches. In Jesus’ name, Amen, L


Please pray for Michael Corbett, that his suffering may be alleviated, so that he will either recover reasonable function or, if that is what is required of him, that his passing is made smooth and peaceful. He is suffering so and so is his family. His daughter also needs many prayers so as to withstand the heartbreak of her 24 hour a day vigil with him. Thank you Patty


Dear Blessed Mother, please pray for my husband Ron. Bring him back home and please break up his ungodly friendship with JH. Mother, Please, pray for his conversion. Mother Mary, please heal our marriage… my heart it’s so broken I need you assistance … I urge u to please, if it’s the will of God, to answer my prayer today… It has been a long haul. I love you Mary. C. S.


I am asking all of you because I know how you believe in the power of prayer and how God does listen. My cousin, Sharon, will be having surgery this coming Thursday in the a.m. She is having a radical mastectomy as her breast cancer has returned after 11 years. I ask that you pray not only for her, but her husband and of course the doctor(s) doing the surgery. Thank you so very much as she is a very special person in my life. With grateful hugs, Marcia


Blessed Mary, please pray for our family. My husband has left because he was unhappy in our marriage and confided in a family friend. They developed a relationship that he wants to pursue rather than try to mend our marriage. Please pray for MC, that he will return to the church, turn away from his sin, be able to receive the Eucharist again, and honor his vows to God and to me. Please pray for CC, that I can be strong for our children and continue to face everyday with strength and patience. Please pray for PC and RC that their father will begin to repair the damage that they have already suffered, that he will return to being a good role model to them – teaching them the morals and beliefs that is core to our faith by his example of repentance and return to our family. Also, please pray for his new paramour – that she will realize the wrong she is encouraging, be strong to send him back to his family, and protect her children from harm that she may be bringing to them by breaking apart another family. Her children have suffered enough through her divorce. Thank you CC


I would appreciate it if you would add my daughter, Yvonne, to your Prayer to the Blessed Mother Prayer list. My husband died of lung cancer, I had a kidney removed because of cancer and two years ago my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 38. This was just 9 months after she gave birth to her son who has Down Syndrome. He will need heart surgery and maybe kidney surgery. He is dearly loved by all and is a cute and adorable 2 1/2 yr. old boy. I would like some prayers for myself, if my health was better, maybe I could be more help to my daughter. She is now undergoing some rough treatments and may have to reduce her work load as a teacher. She has two other children. Please pray for all of us! Thank you very much. Ann H


From prayer partner Stephanie in PA Kevin-Kathy Bradley Posting for a friend of a friend….for Kayla Scott – her 22 MONTH old son shot himself in the chest with a “brad nailer.” It went in his heart. He is now in critical condition and not doing good. Neither is his mom. Thank you

Blessed Mother, I ask for your blessing upon Rachel’s Vineyard of Iowa, all it’s team members and retreatants. Please open the hearts of women and men who have been touched by abortion. Bless them with the desire to be healed and unconditionally loved and served by those who serve on the retreat. Blessed Mother please change the hearts of those who judge and condemn. Guide us all to help others heal, to regain dignity, self respect and worth. We ask for your help in bringing those who have strayed from your Son back into His loving arms to heal, grow and experience the Light of Christ and live daily the Gospel of Life. I also ask that you be with me, guiding me and giving me wisdom on this journey. Blessings, K

Please pray for my son, Michael, to return to the Sacraments and belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. This is going to require a miracle. Holy Mary, Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen In Christ, T.S.


Blessed Mother, please pray for my niece, Charlotte Anne Perez. She is four years old and was diagnosed with stage four rhabdomyosarcoma three years ago. She is not doing well at all and is, at this very moment, in the hospital ER, waiting for an available room. She will spend yet another
night in the hospital. Watch over her and the family and never leave her side. Help my family through this terrible time and let Charlotte try to understand how much she is loved. Diane

Please pray for my niece Angelica who has to undergo three separate operations and is 22 years old. Loving Mother I ask for your help and that of your blessed son Jesus to please help and guide her through these series of operations and recoveries. Please ask him to give the doctors, nurses and all who care for her the utmost wisdom and compassion. Please give her hope that all will be done according to his will. Thank you! Norma


Please pray for Becca Wilson and her mother, Lynne, who were in a terrible car accident this past week. With love, Betty

Loving mother I am asking for your for your help in asking your blessed son Jesus to please help my daughter Sarah who has had to return to the hospital for majors complications from her Crohn’s disease. Please ask him to give the doctors, nurses and all who care for her to have wisdom and compassion. Please give her hope that all will be done according to his will. Please help our family to be strong and for her 10 month old daughter to feel the love of all who are caring for her without her mom. In your sons names amen Lynn


Please pray for my husband who has been ill for last two months. He is having a difficult time after having two surgeries in one month. He is still not feeling well, they are still trying to find out what his problems is. Thank you Barb


Melanie Pritchard–heart stopped while giving birth today to 2nd child, a healthy daughter. Please pray for her husband, son & daughter. also. Melanie has reportedly taken a turn for the worse. PLEASE add her to other prayer lines. Yours in Jesus and Mother Mary, Sharon H. R.


To our Blessed Lady, please remember your servant Ryan who is only 36 and has MS. He is a beautiful person and needs to receive a blessing of good health. I have known him for a long time and he is a fighter. BJB

I want thank all who prayed for my niece, Ronni. She has lost her battle with cancer and died on 7-3-10. She never lost her smile or her pleasant demeanor even in deep pain. She always thought of others and their feelings. Now I ask for prayer for her eternal soul, as her family says goodbye to this very special niece. Aunt K.

Loving Mother I come to you for help and guidance with your loving son Jesus My family is ripping apart and I don’t know what to do anymore. Please help to guide me and please give me the strength and wisdom to grow spiritually Lynn


Please keep my family and friends in your prayers we are struggling through tough time financially and spiritually, I got injured at work which limits my abilities and have been denied disability and due to a LAW I have lost my liability case. I have 3 boys who are struggling by my side and theirs we are also in the process of going through a divorce from an alcoholic and abusive man and as of now my children have to spend every minute they are out of school with him which is 500 miles away from me in a horrible environment and the courts say you have to have physical evidence and all I have is the words of my children.. my middle son has been diagnosed with Terretes and asthma, sugar problems, odd, and possibly adhd…my other 2 have ulcers and migraines and I am praying God will heal and help me to better the lives of my children. I would like to pray for my neighbor who is like a mom to me. She has massive medical issues and her husband is having a stint put in and we just pray for the best. My life is full of difficulties right now and I ask everyone to keep me in their prayers and I pray to The Virgin Mary for your help and guidance through these tough times…….AMEN Michelle

Please pray that I can overcome my prescription drug addiction thank you, G

Dr. Regina Healy – Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Erin Kochivar – Severe Ulcer, June Tamburini – Cancer, Tony Fiedler – For relief of severe headaches. Thank you Pat


I know that a lot of people are having a hard time getting by but I am running out of money and time. Please pray for me I am alone and worried . God Bless you. Paulette

I ask for prayer for my son Chevas his mate Brandy and their 5 children, they need jobs closer to home, healing in their relationship, financial problems, transportation healing, a place to call home, the children to mind them and healing in all the issue they endure in just a short time. Chevas’ role in discipline come to understanding Jordan and Chevas’ baby momma drama to be over. Jordan need to STOP using their child as a pawn to get her way. She needs to allow and accept Chevas and brandy as they are. Parent and stepparent STOP trying to put a wedge between them. In Jesus name I continue to pray. Disani


Please pray for Irwin V who is not doing well with his cancer. Pray for Ken S. who has made peace with God and is in his final days on earth. Sherry who needs prayers for mental health. Carl, Cheryl, Peter, Paul and John need jobs. May God grant them good jobs. Thank you LL

Please heal my brother Frank who has spent many hours helping those you sent him and please heal all those with cancer help Frank and all those in treatment to tolerate the treatments they are receiving. Thank you Carol S


Loving Mother Mary pray for your intercession on behalf of my daughter Sarah who is going through some very hard emotional turmoil in her life with her marriage to a man who is degrading and hurtful please ask your son Jesus to be with her and our granddaughter. Please wrap them in his arms for safety and I pray that he will help her with some very difficult decisions that she is having to do. She just had major surgery and needs to be able to be healed totally physically . I pray for strength and wisdom for her as well as good people to help her. Please keep her and our granddaughter protected from any harm or wrong doing by him. Thank you, Lynn C


Please pray for all of my brothers, their families, and my sons and their families who don’t know Jesus as their loving savior. my youngest brother Mark has lung cancer that has spread to his lymph nodes. My greatest concern for him is he doesn’t know how much Jesus loves him, and therefore in his hour of need he doesn’t receive the comfort and grace that is waiting for him. Please pray for complete healing of body, mind, soul, and spirit for all of them, but especially for Mark before his time on this earth is up. I want so desperately for him to know and love the Lord while there is still time. thanks, and may God continue to bless you in your service to Him, Rose

Dear Blessed Mother through your Son Jesus please pray for my son who has recently left home to go and live in the city. May you guard and guide him always in his daily life. Please watch over him and keep him from evil, temptation and harm. Keep him safe in his travels dear Mother Mary and I also pray for blessings upon my Husband, my daughter and myself. Cover us with your most precious cloak always dear Mother and your dearly Son’s mantle from danger, evil and harm. Bind us always as a family in unity, peace, love, joy and happiness and grant us wisdom to see good from evil . I pray also fro good health upon my husband, children and myself and I pray and ask for your intercession dear Mother Mary and also through your Son’s divine mercy and I pray in Jesus name. Amen. Thanking you, Mary

Please pray that my nephew Roel be safe in prison and be released after the facts are given, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Please protect him from all harm that might occur while in prison. Please pray that his parents be given strength and courage to stand by their son in these times that are so hard. Thank you for your prayers. Diana


Please pray for my husband who is in critical times with his matters with the government. Please pray for our family, our business, employees and customers. Thank you. Elizabeth


I am requesting prayer for a very good friend of mine. She is a Pastors wife, and her family finds themselves in really hard times, as her son has become a high priest in satanism. He is constant in verbally attacking her, and claiming to put spells upon them. His wife also runs with the devil. I am requesting prayer that S. N prayers be answered, and that the seed of our Lords good word, that was planted in her son Jake N’s heart, indeed not come back void. I would also request prayer for Jakes wife, Tabitha, that she be led to the Lord. Thank you so much, and may God bless you all! Bobbi

Please pray for my mother, the sweetest of flowers, our Rose. She has been ill for many years but now we need extra help. We need her to walk again so that she may come home. She recently had a stroke and heart failure, suffering also from some dementia, she has given up basically. Please help us to get her back to wanting to come home to us all again. She is a great mom who spent lots of time with us as children, playing, jumping rope, jacks, marbles, etc. and we love her so. Dear Blessed Mother, stay by her side and give her back to us…..Thank you all…Karen

please pray for a good friend of my grand daughter who was very seriously hut in a motorcycle accident recently. thank you djnj

My nephew, Tynan McD, is 16 years old and has a heart problem. He is scheduled to see a cardiologist. His heart is below that of a normal 16 year old and is not strong enough. Consequently, he may have to have a pacemaker placed in his heart. Will you please say a prayer for him that he may be safe and well, regardless of whether he has to have the pacemaker or not? Thank you so very much. God bless you and keep you. In Jesus’s name I pray, Susie McD.

I pray to the Blessed Mother for protection and healing for my sister Pat, who will be having an operation on the 30th of June. She has a large mass in her abdomen and the doctors think it may be cancer. I pray they are wrong. My prayers are for her and all that are in this situation that they may receive a healing. Blessed Mother please hear my prayers, Jesus please heal your children. Carol E.


Please pray for my daughter Sarah she is going to have her second major abdominal surgery Thursday the 24th. I pray for God to guide the doctors as they do her surgery and I pray that she will have no complications during her recovery . Her last surgery was in Feb and ended up with many life threatening complications and a month long hospital stay. Sarah has a 9 month old bay girl named Grace and I pray she will be comforted by our loving god while she is separated from her mom. Pray for strength for all of us who will be helping Sarah at this time and give compassion wisdom peace and rest to those who will be doing her care. I praise you father God for your love and mercy in all things. Thank you, Lynn C


Please prayer for my brother Salvatore who was diagnosed with prostate cancer which spread to his bladder and bones. He just recently started treatment. My brother is a very gentle soul who just turned 59 years olds. He has always had a very hard life. I pray to our Holy Mother every day to give my brother the strength and the courage to deal with this terrible sickness. I prayer that Jesus will put his cancer in remission and that he will live a pain free life. Thank you Paul H


Please pray for my niece, Ronni. She has been fighting cancer for several years. Her liver is shutting down and the prognosis isn’t good. She is considering a visit to a special cancer clinic, and will be making that decision today. Help her with her decision. She is a very special niece and hasn’t given up the fight even though she is very weak. I visited her for only moments this morning before her doctor arrived. My greeting from her was “a smile and bright eyes full of hope”, but her energy was very heavy with the weight of her condition. Blessed Mother be with her during this trial she is traveling through. Ask Jesus to heal her if that is in the God’s plan, and to be with her now and always. Aunt K.


Please pray for my Mother, Virginia Mary Wyckoff Schramm who is in the final stages of liver cancer. Virginia, also known as “GINNY” has always been a very loving, and devoted wife and mother to her husband, Gene and children, Steve & Karen, always putting her family first, ahead of her own needs. She is known by everyone who knew her for her wonderful and delicious cookies. If Ginny was invited out to dinner, whether it be informal cookouts with family and friends, she would never go empty handed. She always brought her famous cookies, cakes, pies, meatballs, salads with her, and they were enjoyed by everyone. When she finally succombs to the disease, we will miss her dearly, but she will be in a better place of peace and solidarity. Karen


November 2, 2009 I asked for prayer to be able to continue making rosaries and to find someone else with the love for making them to help me or take over for me. I believe I have received an answer to my prayer. In April a young Baptist woman was looking for a crucifix to put on a rosary she was trying to make. She was directed to me for a crucifix. She has been fascinated by rosaries ever since she first saw one. She took a rosary making class from me. She is a natural rosary maker. I sent a rosary home for her to make. She was to bring it back in May when I was back at the base. She called me about 3 hours after taking the rosary parts home. She was excited and had the rosary finished. I saw the rosary May 6th and it was perfect. She wants to continue making rosaries. She asked if she could apprentice under me when I am at the base selling rosaries. She helped me out in May. She demonstrates everything I believe is necessary to help people obtain the rosary that is just right for them. God works in mysterious ways. I never thought someone from the Baptist faith would be the one to love making rosaries. Time will tell but I think this young woman will be a good match for me. My condition is worsening. Some days I am able to hold parts sufficiently to make rosaries. Over the past 2 weeks I actually finished 16. In the prior 2 weeks I was unable to make any. Debra in Alaska


Blessed Mother, I place the following petitions at your feet. Pray for their healing: Tom, Alzheimers. :The following have cancer: Nina: Michael: Eddie: Kim: Lou: Charlie: Jim: Teresa: Lucille: Lisa: Margot: John: Jane: Charles: Sherrie: Michael: Jenny: Veronica: Carolyn: Becky: Ramon Father Sherrie; Kidney failure, Howard: Parkinson. Pray for the members of the Assumption Prayer Chain, that we may persevere with courage, patience, and faith in the fruit of our prayers. Olga


I would like to ask for prayers that my husband goes back to work very soon and I find a job before we loose our house and my sanity. He has been out of work for almost one year now and we have used up all our money and we are now three months behind on our mortgage payments. I don’t want to loose my house, so I would really appreciate all your prayers. I have always been told God does not give you more than you can handle, and I believe in God and his word, but right now I am having trouble with my faith and I am doing my best not to loose it. God Bless and Thank you V.H


My grandson has been diagnosed with a peanut/tree nut allergy. Although this is not the end of the world, it pains me to know that he may never know what a peanut butter and jelly sandwich taste like. Not to mention all the goodies he will have to abstain from. Please pray for his cure of this allergy. Thank You A.C.


Please add Raymond Zakrze to your prayers. He is having heart surgery tomorrow. Thank you PO


Dear Blessed and Holy Mother, A small child was diagnosed today with B cell leukemia. He needs your love and prayers to get him well again. His name is Michael and has a smile that is so beautiful. Please intercede on his behalf, and his family and friends, to give them all the strength to pull him through and get through themselves. Thank you, we are all so grateful for all your blessings you give us every day and please bless Michael and pray for his healing. He needs you so much right now, please stay by his side. Thank you so very much for listening, Karen

My Dear Sweet Mother Mary, Please pray for and guide my daughter and my granddaughter into a happy relationship. May my granddaughter treat her mother with respect and turn her life around and return to church and Jesus’ values MJ


Subject: Prayer for a little family
Dear Mother Mary, I am asking you to intercede on behalf of my daughter Angela and my grandsons, Austin, Michael and Nathon. They have all been separated from one another. Angela lost her children when she lost her home. Father didn’t pay child support, she lost her job and then her children. They have all been scattered. I ask you to pray for a home for them to reunite them as a family. They must find a home before July or she loses Nathon to the state forever. That they have each other and the support they each need. That Angela continues to be able to work and keep a job, and that they find a home, reunite and become a family once again. Nathon has is a special needs child, he needs his mother. The father doesn’t want him . Please continue to be there for them. I ask that you will help and pray for Angela to get her boys back. They all miss each other. I pray that the lies that Tony has told comes to light. That Michael becomes safe again with his mother. I ask this with everything that is holy. Amen JAA

Please pray for my daughter and family as they are having a very difficult time right now-please pray for my mother who has had a very rough several months and is now in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer’s please help her thru this very difficult time. thank you Joann


Dear Mother Mary, I pray for your intercession on behalf of our son Octaviano, and two other gentlemen who serve in the U.S. Navy with him. I ask that their situation be resolved in a positive way with their C.O’s. I also ask your intercession with our youngest son’s situation regarding his educational future, may all be for their highest good. Thank you, A.T.H


I am asking the Blessed Mother to intervene for my son and his wife who are having marriage difficulties. They have been married 13 years and have a beautiful 4 year old son and it is breaking my heart to think they might separate. Thank you for this website. Sincerely, Anne R., NY


Dear Mother Mary, I pray for your intercession on behalf of our adult children, Miguel, Octaviano, Javier, and Samantha, and my husband Doug. Give them all strength in their daily lives to follow the path of their highest good. Blessings for their spiritual, emotional, physical health. Amen R M


Please add James Deere, Jr. (3 year old) to prayer list. He is fighting severe infection and will have surgery today. Thanks, Pat


Loving Mother Mary, I pray for your intercession with your with your loving and merciful Son. Please help the doctors tomorrow to see what they need to help our daughter Rebekah who is having problems with her digestive tract again. Please give them wisdom and her comfort. I pray loving father for your healing touch for Rebekah emotionally physically and spiritually. I praise you and ask for us to have courage through this difficult time. Your will be done! Lynn

Please pray for my mother – please give her strength and faith to help her with this horrible disease. Thank you, Dan

Please pray for my daughter, Leslie, who has suffered since 1976 with brain injuries. She had a shunt put in her head to her peritoneal cavity 5 years ago and 2 years ago had a fall and a sub-dural hematoma. She is trying to learn to walk again for the 4th time. Again yesterday she fell and had to be taken to the emergency room for sutures in her head. Please pray for her safety. Joan

Please pray for the family of Colt Walker Catalina of Cedar Park, TX .Colt drowned in a relatives swimming pool on March 21, 2010 at the age of 2.He leaves his daddy, John Catalina, his mommy, Natalie Catalina and his two older sisters Mackenzie, age 10 and Presley age 7 very sad and lonely. Please pray for them to the Blessed Mother so they may find peace during this sad time. Peace be with you! Colt’s sad and lonely. Grandma Susie & Granddad John


Please pray for Jessi – a young mother of 4 children who is battling pancreatic cancer. Thank you! Susan

Please join me in pray for the intercession of the Blessed Mother and divine mercy of our Lord for the dear tortured soul of Brenda Farmer who left this earth by her own hands on her 44th birthday March 26th 2010. She leaves behind a grieving son, husband, family,& friends whom were quite blessed and touched by her presence here on earth. Val

Please pray for my two Grandchildren. My Granddaughter especially, she is always sick, and her folks won’t take her to a regular doctor. They take her to a nutritionist, who muscle tests to make a diagnosis, and she seems to get worse, she is sick so much. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do or say, get them to get her good medical help. Except to pray. Thank you and Jesus, for your help N R


Please pray for Delores Clark who is undergoing chemotherapy for Esophygeae & Stomach cancer. The doctors have given her about a year to live, but we know that with God all things are possible. Thank you, Randy


Please pray for Stacy who has a very aggressive form of breast cancer. She has only had 2 chemo treatments and all of her hair fell out after the second treatment. She is having a very hard time. Now she has developed cellulitis in her legs and the Drs. had to temporarily stop the chemo. Her husband Steven has recently been laid off from his job. Please pray that God will bless them both and for our Blessed Mother’s intercession for them. Thank you. A concerned friend. C & M L.


Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and Untier of Knots Please intercede on behalf of John Volanos Sr. Please ask our Lord to protect him always in every task, please protect his health, please protect him from all accidents, Please Blessed Mother ask the Lord Jesus to cure his ills and untie the knots of Satan that continually try to ensnare and bind him. Ask Jesus, our Savior to allow him to have a peaceful and happy life from now and always. We ask these favors in Jesus Name, the healer of all. +In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen. S

Heavenly Mother, I have no earthly mother to guide or comfort me. I ask you grant me and those I carry in my heart and in prayer inner peace and quiet courage to continue on the path we agreed to. Please grant those I love sanity and rational thought. To return and him bodily back to the faith he so loves in your Name. And that of my Heavenly Father and Son. L

Pray for my brother and family – he is trying to sell his truck, so that he can pay his mortgage, before they get evicted from there home. Thank you, his sister April

May the Good Lord hear our prayers – I pray with all my heart that our Dear God will remove all diseases from all human bodies. Please pray for my dearest friend Enedina Gonzalez who was diagnosed with Lung and Abdominal Cancer. May our Lady heal her from this cancer – her children and husband, family and friends need her back in their lives. Thank you April

Pray for me and family one day we would reunite again. I miss my daughters, nieces, nephews, sisters, and brothers. It is so lonely without my family. April


I love a girl called Cuckoo( MLA). She also loves me. Her Father (AKG) does not want her to marry me just because they belong to another Christian community which follows endogamy, though we are Catholics. He has seen a guy and wants her to get engaged to that guy this April. She does not want to hurt her dad and has agreed to do whatever he wants. Please pray that he understands the true meaning of Christianity, understands his daughter and marries his daughter to me without any hurt feelings and whole heartedly. Also Cuckoo should get the strength to tell her dad that she loves me and wants to marry me. J G


I have some friends that are ill and I would to add them to your prayer chain. Jeanne Johnson – co-worker with cancer Ryland Arthurs – a fellow church member with lung disease Bernie Frazier – a fellow church member with diabetes and she has lost her vision and ability to walk Please remember these wonderful people in your prayers. God bless you, Sherrel


For our marriage, our family, and our children may God continue to bless us abundantly especially the areas where we have been hurt by others. This is unfortunately because we have a son who is special needs. Thanking the Father in Heaven for his love for us always. Sue & Kevin


Please pray for my Grandma, Wanda, who is 99. She has always been a faithful follower of Jesus and prayed the rosary often. She is now frail and wanting to go home to our Lord. Please pray that God answers her prayer and brings her home to him. Dianna


Please add my friends, Debbie and Russ, to your prayer list. Debbie has had a long battle with cancer and was told by her doctor that the cancer was progressing very quickly. She is a loving wife, mother, grandmother and daughter and her family is very devastated by this news
and they are in need of prayers. My friend, Russ, is fighting the flu, possibly the H1N1, and has also been diagnosed with acute leukemia. All of the news from the doctors has been discouraging and he needs prayers. Thank you. Mary Ann


Please pray for our daughter, Paula, who is filing for a divorce and going to court tomorrow. She is very nervous about it, but because of some serious issues her husband, John, has and will not do anything about, she knows has to do this.. He has been fired many times, is out of work now and his unemployment benefit have finished. Please pray for him, too. Thank you. Concerned parents. C & M


Please pray for Cj so that he may be healed. Please pray for my husband who is very generous in every way , that he may become debt free. Thank you Anola


I asked you and many others for prayer last year. After being told by her doctor to not waste her time with chemo, my sister went ahead with it and has now been told that the nodes and spots have all disappeared throughout her body. Thank you for all your prayers. Praise God! Lee


Please pray for Jennifer, who passed away on February 24th at the young age of 33. Please pray for her mother, Judy, my friend, that she will find peace and find her way through her sorrow. Vikki

Please, dear Mother Mary, grant my request for a job for my daughter. She was released from her job because of a company downsizing 6 months ago and her husband had also lost his job 6 months before that. They are a very religious couple and have a great faith. Please show them that all good things come to those who believe in the goodness of your Son. Also, remember my son in Your prayers as he is facing the prospect of a law suit because of the greediness of a former partner. I’m asking in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Mary.

Please pray for my daughter Angie who has recently graduated from Sono Tech school and is finding there are no jobs in this area.. She wants to stay close to home so we are praying fervently for a job.. Thank you and God Bless you CD

Please pray for my mother- she is now in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer’s . – thank you Dan


Please say a prayer for Cindy Garney. She is fighting a battle against cancer. Thank you Pat


Please pray for my daughter to be granted employment. Please also pray for Julie & Lisa so they will understand how greatly God loves them and understand those who love them greatly in this life. Please that Our Lord will grant baptism to Ethan and Clare and all those in need of it. God Bless You! JB

Please pray that my daughter, Kristin, gets through all her hardships she is encountering. Pray that she returns to her Catholic faith. Thank you, a concerned mother. D Jane


Please pray for my mother who is now in a nursing home and is in the stages of Alzheimer’s. Thank you, JoAnn


Please pray for my friends, Mindy and Joyce, who are both fighting thyroid cancer. They are both in their 40’s and have large families (6 and 9 children respectively). Pray for strength through the surgeries and treatments and for complete healing so that they may continue to be Godly mothers for their children. Thank you! Christine B.

Please pray for my mother – who is now in the stages of Alzheimer’s. Thank you Dan


Please pray for Richard’s health, Thank you RM

My name is Cynthia and I would like to make a request. I was recently terminated from my job and 13 days after, my husband of almost 10 years left me. We have 4 children, 3 from a previous marriage and our youngest who is5. I am asking for prayers through this time of need for strength, compassion and understanding. We are living on food stamps and the bill seem to keep piling on top of one another. Although I still love my husband and wish we could reconcile, he does not have the patience or understanding as to how important it is to teach our children that hard times will come to people, but they can build stronger relationships once they learn from these hard times. We should never run away from our problems but to pray on it and ask God to help us through the hard times. Please pray for my family and my children to keep a roof over our head while I continue to look for a job, and that they will grow up to be loving Catholics to their children. Thank You Cynthia S


Please pray for my friend, Mary, who is battling breast cancer and feeling tired both physically and emotionally. Margaret


I’ve just sent a St. Gerard chaplet to someone who requested it for a friend. The friend has found out she is carrying triplets, and she’s had problems with pregnancy in the past. May the intercession of St. Gerard and our Blessed Mother support her, and God’s protection be on her and on the children she’s carrying. – TGS


Please pray for my son, Samuel to meet a Godly lady as his soul mate, to succeed in his career, for God Holy Will be done in his life. Prayer for my daughter and for her new born baby boy for God Blessing , grace and protection, Prayer for healing in body and in mind for myself and my entire family, Inner Peace Faith, Hope and Charity and Peace in the World. Immaculate Heart of Mary Pray for us. Amen Juliana


Please pray that my son will find his way. He is a kind young man with many conflicting feelings and mental illness. J.A.H.

Loving mother I am asking for your intercession with your son Jesus for healing for my daughter Sarah she is having very serious medical issues that are depleting her body of everything. Please Lord Jesus be her physician and help the doctors to know how to get her body healed and well. Sarah is a young mother of a 4 month old little girl who needs her mommy well and able to care for her. Lynn C

Please pray for my family’s health issues. Also that my son Robert gets back to his Catholic faith roots, and finds his soul mate and they get married in the catholic faith. Thanks for all prayers and protection from our Lady and her Son. SP81


Please pray for my husband who is in a very serious situation and that he receive help. Please also pray for my family and our business. Renee


Please pray for my son Robert. He has cancer. He had surgery, chemo and now needs another surgery. I pray for his spiritual and physical healing as well as that of my other two children, Sara and Andrea. None of my children go to Mass anymore. I pray they learn that it is only God’s providence and provision and love that will make them happy. Lena


Please pray for the marriage of my son and daughter-in-law. L. R.

Thank you Holy Trinity for the blessings in my life, the people You send to help me, the parish I belong to, and for always hearing and answering my prayers. Even when the answer was not what I wanted at the time, I know that it has always been what was best for me. Thank you Mother Mary for your comfort and gentleness, for listening when my guilt and sense of worthlessness kept me from turning to God and your Son. Please hear me know and intercede for these intentions and those of all who post to this site. Please pray for the McAfee’s as they try to deal with the drug addiction and mental illness that have struck various members of their family. Be with the young children who are suffering because of the illnesses of their parents and with the spouses who are left as single-fathers who also have ill wives to care for. Please pray for Alejandra Llobera and her unborn child as this, her third pregnancy, is very high risk. Keep her and her baby healthy and safe. Please also pray for me that I can come to terms with the sexual abuse and rape that I endured and stop blaming myself for it. Help me dear, sweet Jesus to make the changes to my behavior, my thinking, the patterns I keep repeating, to finally overcome this depression that has haunted me for more than 16 years. Lord, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, let Your will be done and help us to accept and submit to it. Amen. A. V.

Please pray that our very serious tax situation can be resolved, please pray for our business, our employees, our customers, my family and me. Please pray that I pray more and can go through the matters at hand. Thank you. J. H.


Dear Blessed Mother, Thank you for all that you have done for us in the past to intervene to God, Our Heavenly Father, on our behalf. We always appreciate your help! At this time we are asking again for you to intercede for us & our family in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, Our Lord & Redeemer. We’re struggling with money & are getting older & would like to have enough money to be able to retire. Even though I’m retired right now, my wife is still working & I would like for her to be able to retire, too. Plus she’s helping to take care of her 82 yr. old mother & we’re both helping a lot with 3 of our 5 grandchildren. We would like to be able to sell our small 2 bedroom bungalow & buy a larger home in a better, safer neighborhood. We have 3 of our grandchildren visit with us often & we would like to be able to have them stay overnight occasionally & have more room to play comfortably. It would also make it easier for the other 2 grand kids to come over with their parents & have all of us together for holidays, etc.. We would also like to be able to help our 4 adult children & their spouses & all 5 grandchildren, especially when they are struggling. And help other people in need as well. One of our sons has had his 3 children in foster care (almost 10 months so far) & he’s trying & is very close to getting them back home. God blessed us with a family who are friends of ours, who were just starting to take foster children again & they had room for all 3 children. We thank God every day that the kids are together, in a wonderful Catholic family (our same faith), able to stay in their same school with our help & live only 3 minutes away (they were on the verge of being split into 2 or more homes in a much farther away area with complete strangers.) Our son has been doing everything that he can to get his children back & is finally divorcing his wife since she is not making the necessary changes & he won’t be able to get them back with her. She’s still using drugs & alcohol, was neglecting the children & sending them to school unclean, undernourished & leaving them in dangerous situations. He had very little control over her. He was & still is working at a place that expects him to be there 5 nights a week for a minimum of 12 hours each day (5pm-5am). He is a trained manager, but he’s not making enough money & is struggling with just his income. He’ll need more income when the kids return home. He has recently received a grant to take online schooling at Phoenix University to take business courses. We’re asking for a much better job that pays more, gives him daytime hours, treats him with respect & works him less hours so that he can spend more time with his children & some time on his schooling. He also needs a lot of help in raising the children as a single parent, providing dependable caretakers & making decisions for his & the children’s future – including any possible choice of future mate. So we would like a big enough house to be able to accommodate moving all of them into our house, at least temporarily. This would help with the finances, care taking, & getting the kids to school, counseling & other activities, even if my wife still has to work. At least until our son gets back on his feet. Most of all, we all need wisdom & the ability to listen to God’s words & answers & the faith & strength to follow through on what God asks us to do. Thank you as always for listening to our prayers. Amen. Marion & Joan


My Mother died on December 28th 2008. She and my Father met on New Years Eve in 1946/47. They married in 1952 and have 6 children, 18 grandchildren and 9 great-grands. Daddy and I were the primary care givers for Mommy (as well as Daddy) for the last 4 years of her life. She was blessed with her life extension due to a heart transplant in 1991, but the medicines from that destroy other organs, and it was Mommy’s kidneys. I am still so broken and missing her. Tonight must be torture for Daddy. Her funeral mass was one year ago today, at 9 am. Please pray through the intercession of the Blessed Mother, that we have peace in our hearts. May my Dad continue to wish to live. This past year has been quite difficult, his health was declining and then I think he just wanted to give up. He is healthier than he was, but it is his will that I pray for. A lot of time he just sleeps, and I can understand it, that is how I feel many a day. I know that Mommy is in Heaven, she is home, healthy and happy. But I pray fo the relief of our sorrow. Please pray for my Brother who was diagnosed with advanced ALS this autumn. His name is Michael. Please pray for my Brother-in-Law, he has stage 4 cancer and a bleak prognosis as of the past 2 weeks ago. He was diagnosed in October or September So, it is for Frank, Michael, Anthony and myself, Cathi. Thank you. Cathi

Dear Friends: Please pray for us that we can get back on our feet after 3 major things happening this past month (sewer back up $315.00 now pipe needs replacing, oven and burner igniter on stove broke $210.00, and battery on car $110.00 ) which set us back financially so hard that we are now trying to catch up again and may not be able to this time. If anyone can offer some more prayers it would be greatly appreciated. If anyone would seriously like to help please email me. Thank you, God Bless You! Barbara DiStefano


Loving and most Graceful Mother i pray for my daughter Stephanie who has been through much turmoil in her life Loss of both her jobs bad relationships with men who didn’t appreciate her and the loss of her self worth. I Pray for the love of your son and the holy spirit to come upon her and grant her the gift of peace and joy. If it be your sons will I pray for her to find a full time job with benefits and also to meet the one that your son has picked for her. Please lift her from the depression that keeps her knocked down L C

Please pray for my daughter Sarah my granddaughter Grace and my son in law John that they will find joy in these difficult times. They are a young family struggling with spiritual belief and not a god centered house. I pray for your son to help Sarah with all the medical problems that continue to rob her of a day without some sort of pain. She is exhausted mentally emotionally and spiritually. I pray for this young family to trust your loving son. Please watch over Grace and keep her heathy and well as she grows. I thank you for your help loving mother. L C

I would like to remember Ted Rieck a member of my parish in Ironton, Mo. He has cancer. I pray that our Blessed Mother will receive our prayers and help heal him. Also a young 17 yrs. old boy named Matt who is suffering from some forms of depression that he be able to get back with his school friends. Thanks you. BJB


Please pray for my daughter and son-in-law that they won’t lose their home. Thank you Henrietta F.


We give thanks to the Blessed Mother for her protection upon our family and for allowing us to continue to have John in our lives. We ask for Her Grace to be upon on our family esp John’s health. We only ask for what we need-nothing more, our bills paid, our good health, oil for house heat, and food. Thank you. J B

Please pray for Johnny Kinkade. He is my husband’s cousin and lives in Washington State. He is terminally ill and has received pills from his doctor to end his life. I tried to tell him the truth and not to do it but I have to hope that he reflects on my words and does not commit suicide. Please pray hard for him that he reconsiders. Judy M


Please offer prayers for the Reverend Charles Foeler of Mt. Gilead, Ohio. He has been diagnosed with cancer and it has spread through his body. He is a wonderful, holy priest and has done much good for many. J. M, Powell, Ohio.


Please add these names to the prayer chain: Shirley Lewis Swanson, Robert A Lewis, Craig R Lewis, Naomi German, Vernon Dale German, Ashley German, Robert Gilles, Dolores Berg, Brian E Lewis, Bernice & Russell Mitchell, Protection and guidance for Officers Sharon R Lewis & Michael Bodenheim and all law enforcement people and firemen and women Thank you. God bless our family. Bob & Joan


Dear Mother, You know, but for the benefit of others, I am a new Catholic, and I am just learning to accept you, and talk to you and pray the rosary. I thank My Heavenly Father and you for this site. I didn’t know about it. Mother, please help me. As you know, I am with a very selfish, cheap, lying man. He claims not to be able to help any of it, even the not being “with” me, and the porn. Also as you know, I am with him because of the voices I heard three times and told me not to leave him, otherwise I would have 20 years ago. But I want to be obedient. Two priests told me that they believed the voices, so that helped me believe I wasn’t crazy. But everyone around me thinks I am. No one stays in bad situations anymore. They tell me that this is the 90s, or now, the year 2000. So, I look so stupid. If this really is from God, then I want to stay and do his will. But if it isn’t, please get me out. I often feel I’m going to die from the stress. He’s often so mean, also. Very nasty in mind and body, will not keep his appearance up. I and my family and all those I know are very neat. He makes fun of me for that. But you know it all. Please help me to breathe. Like now, I feel I’m choking. I feel I could die. If this is God’s will, how do I do it and not feel so bad? I feel so guilty for not doing it well. Thank yo so much. And please, all that read this, pray for me also. I am so alone and lonely. He swears he loves me, but he doesn’t. I’ve never stepped out of our marriage, but he has had a girlfriend on his job, but claims they did nothing. Thank you Mother, and the family of God. H.

Please pray for my dear friend Deb E. who is suffering from Bublbar Palsy a very rare form of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). She does many things for her church and others and is not able to eat regular food at this time but needs to eat fluids or pureed foods and has a feeding tube to make sure she gets enough nutrition. Thank you. TS.


I ask that I be prayed for as I need $5000 for part of an operation for the surgeon’s portion as I have a rare blood disease that manifests in any area it chooses. It chose my upper gum and sinuses. I need to have some bone replacement as well as a 6 hour surgery to remove my teeth, prepare for implants after my gums are completely disinfected and much. They will be building a leak proof dam in my mouth to prevent any cells from getting away from them. Afterwards, I get temporary dentures, we still need to pay for but the ortho was nice enough to take payments of any kind. My husband got laid off 7 weeks when his company merged with another and it became a hostile take over. My husband was one of the last to go of 800 as he was upper management and the new company wanted to get as my knowledge as they could from him. My blood disease is fatal if not treated in follow up treatments after surgery. It can attack any organs it wants, even several at once. Everywhere we turn for help, NO is the answer. We have 3 children 8,10, & 17. Things are looking rather grim for me unless I get this operation asap. Please pray for us to somehow get the money, healing for me and a job for my husband. Thank you. Lori

Please pray for my husband and I; We are having many financial difficulties; I suffer from MS and my health is getting worse. My husband is forced to take on more responsibility and the stress is overwhelming us both. Mel

Heavenly Father I come to you through your precious son Jesus.3 close family members are mean really mean people. SO much I avoid them (a lot of people avoid them.) It hurts very badly to avoid the very people I Love and always have and will. I don’t know how to fix myself or them or this situation anymore as these people have done much harm to others by their anger and meanness in several families One member is nearly putting another member in a hospital. Father how can this go on and on. My beloved Father is dead because of the evil that runs through our family by 3 wicked members. Anyone else who cares to pray for us. will be very much appreciated, another bummer Christmas for sure here. This is suppose to be a celebration of Jesus` birthday. I feel nearly like leaving this sinful family all together this summer, before they cause me so much stress I will not make it as well I pray for a deliverance for myself as well this time. I need strength and guidance to be able to go on. Thanks for your prayers. Amen in the precious name of Jesus Christ. M. J..P.S. don’t anyone of you yell the blame game .Do you yell the blame game about the evil people who wounded and killed our precious Lord Jesus, yes others can and do hurt others or worse, no blame game just simple facts.. His way works.

Please pray for Pat she hates god and his people. She is not well. Please pray for her soil that she may turn to and understand the way Christ has provided for us. That her many sins will be forgiven. Thanks in the name of Jesus His way works. Diana.

Please pray for my neighbor Rebecca. She is suffering from mental illness and is trying so hard to get her life together. I have been doing all that I can to help her, and she’s been seeing doctors, but she needs some spiritual relief. I have received healing from the prayers and power of Mary and the Green Scapular, and I hope that Rebecca can also be healed. Katy


Please pray for my daughter and my two grandchildren who were abandoned a few months ago by her husband and the children’s father to fend for themselves. My daughter was forced to become a single parent overnight to provide for her two children for clothing, schooling, food, to go to work everyday and come home and be a full time mother. Heal her heart and spirit, make her happy again dear Lord and may they stay healthy and faithful. I would also like to pray for my parents who have passed away to be with our Lord. They are truly missed and when the holidays approach it doesn’t make it any easier. Pray for them. I would like to pray for our home and our family this holiday season. Amen. Thank you. Betty


We are blessed in so many ways and thank the Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother for prayers answered. Please pray for our family that our “second time around” marriage will be blessed, especially where our combined 15 children are concerned. Some of my children, though not living with us, resent their stepfather in some ways and things don’t go smoothly. Also for my David’s 4 adult sons that they will be reconciled with their father and not believe the lies of their mother. We are both fairly recent converts to the Church and thank God that the two youngest children have come to full faith in the Church but pray for all the others. Please also pray for the way to be paved that I can financially be able to return to college to get my RN (I am currently an LPN) and must work at least 32 hrs a week to support our family. Also that my husband, who is semi-retired due to health issues, can contribute more financially to our home. We belong to a weekly Fatima rosary group and pray for so many needs and intentions each week. Please KNOW that God is real and He hears us and loves us and desires to bless us. Jesus and His wonderful Mother are so faithful to us and have blessed us in so many ways we cannot imagine or see. For all those who are hurting and in need, continue to pray. May the Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit along with Mary and all the angels of heaven guide you, strengthen you, and give you peace. Casey

Please pray for my niece Kathy. Safe arrival of my children from college. For Ryan – Health, School & Basketball. Pray for Past healing of relationships. Happy Thanksgiving. Annette


For a friend Pam Cresswell who has breast cancer the worst kind. For another friend Mary Kay Halfmann who has cancer. For another friend Linda Huffman who also has cancer. For Terry Pavlica, recent surgery. In Thanksgiving and praise. Joyce


Good Health for Kathy Annette and Liz. Steve, who’s having surgery. For Gary and Annette’s marriage and for the welfare of their children. Pat O


Please pray for my son and his three sons, his wife of twenty-one years suddenly left them, to be with another man. This is so sad, she lost her Mother two years ago and never really mourned. Now she is acting up, she is all mixed (messed) up. The saddest thing is, she does not believe in

GOD. I pray for them all too. Christine K., Canada

Please pray for our daughter-in-law, Anita Anderson. She has Ewing Sarcoma-a very aggressive cancer. She is only 25 and is having another biopsy this week on a new tumor that has appeared while she is on a trial chemotherapy. She and our son have only been married a couple years and she’s been sick for about 1 1/2 of those years. Thank you. Nanny


Dear Blessed Mother, I ask you to heal E. Alarid and his family during this health crisis. I pray for him and that he recover completely. I continue to ask for blessing and prayers for all of my adult children, Miguel, Octaviano, Javier, and Samantha and my husband Doug. Thank you, Aileen

Please pray for my daughter, she has had several surgeries in the last month. A complication from the second surgery has yet to be corrected. She will be seeing another doctor today at a specialized hospital. Please pray that this procedure will solve her problem. Blessed Mother I pray you to intercede to your Son for her. Thank you for all the other intercessions you have made for myself, my family and my friends this year. It has been a very trying year. Carol


Please Pray for my son, Matt. He is on his first deployment and will be definitely in dangerous areas. Thanks, Lori

I have been selling rosaries, giving some away, and even donated one for a Catholic School fund raiser (it brought the school nearly 300.00). I have been teaching pin and bead rosary making to youth and adults for several years and have not yet found anyone with the passion and love for making them to pick up where I may have to leave off. I began making rosaries 43 years ago. I have struggled with health problems for more than 30 years. For the past year I have struggled to make rosaries because of vision problems and loss of strength in my hands. Recently I was given a confirmed diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. The guess is that I have had MS for the past 36 years. I don’t know how much longer I can continue making rosaries. I ask for prayer that I can continue making rosaries and that someone with a love for them will surface to take over making them for me or to help me. I have become known as the Rosary lady and I frequently hear from vendors that they are being asked where the rosary lady is and if they know when I will be back. Most all Christian denominations are asking for my rosaries. I make and teach others to make the Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran Rosaries. My primary rosary is the Catholic. I make the 5 decade rosary, lazzo rosary, rosary bracelet, one minute traffic rosary, and auto rosary which also has been called the Greek rosary. Thank you Debra in Alaska

Dear Blessed Mother, Please hear my prayer and intercede for me with your son, our LORD, that my son who suffers with a speech and language disorder will continue to improve, so that he can finish his education and lead a normal life. He is my only child…he is my heart and soul and such a good boy. Dear Blessed Virgin Mary, from your mouth to His hear. Giuseppe

Blessed Mother I pray that you will look kindly upon Barbara Jean L.Barbara Jean is a 32 year old woman who was just recently diagnosed with very aggressive cancer. Barbara Jean is 12 weeks pregnant and the doctors want her to abort her baby because they say as the baby grows the cancer will also grow and spread more quickly. Being a catholic Barbara Jean does not believe is abortion. Please ask Jesus to help Barbara Jean to make the right decision. Thank you, Anna H.


Please Mother Mary pray for me to get a teaching job soon. I pray for a wonderful class, parents, coworkers and supervisors. Please intercede for me that the Holy Spirit will enable me to do a wonderful job and that I will be blessed with a success. Please also pray for healing in my family and healing of my own body, soul, and mind. Thank you. Mary


Please pray for my friend, Rick, who has bladder cancer which continues to recur. He is also in a lot of pain because of the treatments and is unable to use pain medication. He is becoming depressed.

Also, please remember my son, Nick, in your prayers. He has been looking for work for the past 10 months. He needs a decent job to support us. My husband died unexpectedly at the age of 54 on March 14. He left us with nothing but bills. We lost our home and now the house we’re renting is also in foreclosure. Nick needs a decent job so we can get a modest home of our own. We’ve made offers on 3 houses, but have not had our offers accepted. Our finances are extremely limited.

Please also keep us in your prayers that our latest offer will finally be accepted and we can at last have some peace and healing in a small home of our own. Terry


Prayers for a friend who has been diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer and cancer in the neck…treatment will start within the next two weeks.. Thank You, Ruth


Blessed Mother, I’m praying you today to request you to assist me on everything in my life. I need a child, I have fertility problem. Every time I go for help everything start well and then it end bad. You know all my wish and my thought. Right now I really need a child without there’s no life. I start the process again and now I’m asking you to make everything success from the beginning to the end. Blessed mother I’m asking you forgiveness for everything that I had done wrong through your eyes and give me another chance to start my life over again. Thank you Pharah

Please pray the my roommate Teresa can get a job soon. We are trying to live on my disability check and it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the bills and put food on the table. Teresa is getting more and more discouraged as time passes with no job. She is also working her way back to communion with the Church and I ask the Blessed Mother to continue to speak to her heart and guide her back to full communion with the Church. Laura SA

I pay to my brother Jesus, and His Father, through the intercession of Holy Mother Mary. That a friend’s daughter, Larissa will be strengthened by God and comforted by our Mother Mary as she faces rehab for drug addiction. Give strength and wisdom to my friend, all her family, and the staff at the center that they may help her daughter in the best way possible. That the demon (real or imagined) will leave my God child’s home and mind, and that her family will be safe. That friends who do not believe that they need God in their lives, be gently lead to dependence on Him. That I may learn to recognize and fully trust in God’s will for me. Thank You for your prayers, Mary

Please heal Susan B. of breast cancer. She has five children to raise and one who has Downs Syndrome. Her husband is very worried as well. Also pray for myself; Julie. I have too many responsibilities and so little time and little income. Please pray that I will be able to get everything moved out of this house before someone takes it away from us. Julie M.

Holy God please send healing and spiritual help to my two neighbors suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Lord please convert my brothers and sister back to the Catholic faith and grant healing to my sister KJ and myself, Julie.

Most Blessed Mother, You know that my mother passed from this life on Aug.5th. Since that time, I have sunk into a deep depression that I cannot seem to drag myself out of. Please intercede for me to your Blessed Son, that He gives me the strength to come out of this depression and that my Social Security Disability comes through soon. Also, ask Him to give me the strength to return to the Church with a renewed heart. Glory be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. Amen. Thank you, Most Blessed Mother, Queen of the Rosary. Joyce

Mother Mary, I ask for your prayers for all our adult children and my husband. Continue to hold our family in the light. I ask for miracles for all our children. Thank you and In Peace, Aileen


Loving mother I pray for my daughter Stephanie who has been unemployed since march and is suffering from depression and feels no worth for herself. She is also in a nowhere relationship that is making matters worse. I pray for our heavenly father to deliver her from this terrible situation . I pray strength and peace to keep forging ahead for a job and to know she is worthy of your grace and love.

I pray fro my daughter Rebekah who is having complications from kidney stones. she has Chron’s and many other medical issues please guide the doctors in their ways to treat this please pray that she is able to go into remission and lead a healthy life. I pray for her and her husband to be able to continue growing there marriage to a deep love and that they continue to keep you heavenly father in the center of all there decisions.

I pray for my daughter Sarah and my new granddaughter Grace that they are going to have a great life health wise and that the decisions that Sarah is making about her relationship with Graces father are the ones that you are for father God and pray that she will have wisdom and strength to do what is best for them. I pray for Sarah to have strength and drive to continue her classes for her nursing and for her to feel peace with your guidance father God for her and her daughter.

Loving Mother Mary I ask for your intercessory prayer for our neighbor Jim who is suffering terribly from the lupus he has. Please guide the doctors in Jim’s care and help him to be pain free. I pray for his wife Peg to be strong and well with her medical issues. Pleases give them the gift of peace and may they feel the love of you Father God.

Lynn C

I ask for peace to my whole family specially for Jenny. Thank for leasing to my prayers dear Jesus and dear Mother. LMA


Please pray for me that I may find a new job soon, and not sink into depression. I lost my job as a security guard in Alabama, because I helped homeless, starving cats on the job site, by feeding them and giving them water. I am now unemployed because of this. Pray for me and the stray cats too, who are God’s creation also, and give us much love, contrary to what these demons say at this plant I worked at and feel about them. Jesus said, what you do for the least of them, you do for me. thanks Jeff

Please pray for me that I may regain my health back. Lately, I have been losing weight and was diagnosed as prediabetic. Something has gone wrong also with my digestive system and I have started to have stomach pain and bloating. Thank you for your prayers. Please prayers also for my husband who has chronic kidney disease and prostate cancer. He has bouts of gout also. Thank you for your ministry. Marina B

Please pray for the restoration of not only our marriage of almost 36 years, but of all marriages going through separation and divorce. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. I ask our Father to soften hearts, that we can forgive each other and especially forgive ourselves of all wrongdoing. Nothing is too hard for God, If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours! Live simply. Love seriously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God. Teri

I ask Our Lady to “take over and undo the knots” in the marriages of Laura and of Kim.God Bless and thank you. Jeanie E

Please pray for our neighbors daughter .Her name is Amber, her baby’s name is Aubrey. Aubrey was born by emergency c-section 3 weeks ago. Amber was shot by her father in law 9 times suffered terrible injuries, is paralyzed Drs are not sure if it is permanent Because of her injuries, they delivered Aubrey to rush Amber into surgery. Aubrey has had two surgeries on her heart, she is very tiny , she was not due to be born til Dec. Please pray for Amber and Aubrey their physical health and also Emotional health because they are the two survivors of this mans crazed rampage, he killed his ex wife (Ambers Mother-in-law) and Ambers 2yr old son Mason and her husband Dennis (the killers own son). Yes he killed his own son and grandson as well as his ex wife .It is a miracle Amber and Aubrey are still with us. Your prayers are much appreciated thank you. Peggy

Thank you Jesus and blessed Mother for hear our prayers and thank to all the people to pray for the petitions in you list. Thank you also to your Company and to the owner. .My brother Carlos M. is better today of his pains and he feel better. Thank you again to all. Loty M. A


My name is Edna and I live in Hampton, Virginia. My father was in the Air Force for some 30+ years, therefore, we traveled a lot and saw the world, just as he promised. I feel blessed to have visited most the world and learn about different cultures and religions. We were stationed in Naselle, Washington (State) for 2 years after returning from Germany. There, in Naselle, I made a lifetime friend in my senior year of high school. My friend’s name is Bernadine she now lives in Olympia, Washington. Bernadine has recently had colon surgery for cancer that has already spread to her liver and lungs. This is a Stage 4 cancer. I ask that prayers be made for her recovery and remission of this terrible disease. God helped me through this in 2005 when my husband was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer, and has been in remission since. It is God who saw us through the treatments. Everyday, I thank Him! Now, I am asking God once again for another healing, for my dear friend, Bernadine. Thank you in advance for #1 being there, and then for your prayers. Edna W Hampton, Virginia

I pray for my father Nick who is ill, and in a great deal of pain. I also pray for all out adult children Miguel, Octaviano, Javier and Samantha; I ask for total healing, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I pray for family unity always. In Peace, Aileen

Please pray for the Grimes family. Husband Matt has had incurable brain cancer and has just been told to expect to live no longer than six months more. He is accepting well, being very prayerful. His young wife and three young children are having to prepare for their loss. His mother is also suffering very much at this time. Thank you Dan F


Please include prayers for Eriberto Pascual whose having an open heart surgery 9-12-09 @ 7:30 a.m. may the lord keep him safe and to have a successful heart surgery. Ronquillo/Pascual Family

For Walt Sharpsteen who is having microvascular decompression surgery 30 September. Carole

Please remember my husband Ray Couvillon in your prayers. He died May3 2009. We enjoyed making many Rosaries. BPC


I feel so bad asking for prayers when people are asking for prayers for loved ones that have had serious accidents, going to war, or are very ill. I just don’t know where to turn. My heart is broken and I’ve been trying to move on for 2 years. Every time I start making progress on healing, this man comes back into my life (and I have let him). He says the right things, then does it again. This is the 3rd and final time. I need prayers that my heart heals, and I stay strong so that I don’t trust him again. Prayers to help me see why I feel it is ok to be treated this way be him, so I can learn from this and have a healthy relationship again. Please pray for me. L

Please pray for my sons; one needs guidance and courage to face a few challenges right now, the most important “to find a job”. To my other son, to have confidence and focus in being successful with his new business ventures. For myself, to find peace in my life and comfort from God. Everyday feel like a struggle. Thank you. Lorena T

Please pray for my brother, Stanley, who is having complications from his esophageal cancer operation. The cancer is gone but he now has chronic diarrhea and has lost a tremendous amount of weight. Also, I ask prayers for a healing for myself as my doctor has just found a lump in my breast and possible skin cancer. There is a big history of cancer in our family. Please pray to the Blessed Mother for our healing. Thank you. Carol

I would like to praise our loving father for the deliverance of my daughter from a very destructive relationship and for the part time job that my daughter Stephanie has been able to get she has been unemployed since march. I now pray if it be Gods will that she will be able to turn this into full time in the future. She is a chef and needs to gain her confidence back . I pray that we are able to get her car fixed and that she will get things turned around with Gods loving support. I pray loving father for Stephanie to be able to take better care of herself and that she can win the struggle with her weight problem that is hurting her joints and back. Lynn

Pleases pray fro my daughter Sarah that she will have a low pain and no complications delivery of her first child that is due anytime now. Sarah has many medical issues and I pray for her and the baby to be well and healthy. I pray as Sarah prepares to marry that she will listen to Gods will for her and the baby’s life. Please give her wisdom for good decisions Lynn

Please pray for my daughter Rebekah who has many medical problems which are causing her to be depressed and withdrawn. She is usually such a bubbly butterfly its very difficult to see her with no life and having to deal with unbearable pain. We pray for her to be in remission from her Crohns and that she can stop having the crippling headache that she has been having. Please loving father help guide the doctors and reveal what they need to know to help give her comfort. I pray for her eyesight to be healed and for the return of her energy for life. I praise God for her husband Peter who is so loving and supportive. Please continue to give him the strength to handle all he needs to be able to continue caring for her. Lynn

Please pray for Matt who is over in Afghanistan that he will be surrounded by Gods angels for protection. i pray he will always keep God close in his mind and heart. please loving father help our leaders to find wisdom and guidance for peace within all nations and bring home all soldiers to be with their families. Lynn

I pray that the H1N1 flu will not become a devastating problem i pray loving father for it to not spread and just be stopped. I pray for all health workers and the people in charge of decisions for helping to keep people well that you God will give guidance and protection throughout this time. Lynn


Please help me pray for Misti Delion, 26 year old mother of three small children who is in ICU in critical condition after a serious car accident. Misti has many broken bones, a punctured lung and serious head injuries. She has suffered a stroke because of the injuries and is now paralyzed on the left side of her body. The doctors are planning to open her skull to relieve pressure and swelling but are afraid that she may have another stroke. Misti and her family are Catholic, Christian people from Jennings, LA. Thank you so much for your help. Marcie G

My only son, Demetri, shot and killed himself on March 15th. I am asking for prayers on his behalf, that the Blessed Mother will guide and protect him. Also, I have applied for an apartment and have been on the waiting list for two years. I hope I am selected for this apartment and can move very soon. Also, healing of my grief. I have lost a job that I have had for years, due to my grief over the past six months. I am now working for another company, and would deeply appreciate prayers for my success and financial health. Thank you, Jane

Please ask the blessed Mother to protect my son Jerry while he is away for his 5th tour at war. Please bring him home safely in heart, mind, body, and soul to his wife and baby Mother Mary. I also ask for the blessed Mother to help my children find their way to the blessed Eucharist as well as my husband. I also ask that Mother Mary you help my brother as he goes through this bout with cancer and the possible surgery he will need for the tumor he has to have removed from his pituitary gland as well. Mother Mary I also ask that you bless my husband with this new job position and the move that we are going to go through soon please bless it completely as a great move without any difficulties and it is completely blessed by all of Heavens angels and saints. Through your Son Jesus Christ, our precious Lord I ask all these things. Amen. Melodie


Please add my sister, Darlene, and her husband Robert to your Prayer Line. Robert had bladder cancer last year and had his bladder removed. The cancer has spread to his kidneys and bone, and he is currently in a rehabilitation facility. My sister, Darlene is not capable of caring for herself, and certainly not for a sick husband. They both are in their sixties and have always been somewhat challenged. Their sole income is social security disability, which does not give them enough to live on and pay medical bills. They are both in need of prayers. Thank you. Colleen L

Please pray for my Aunt Helen who cannot see, has trouble hearing and who can no longer speak and is recovering from heart attack. Please pray for Eleanor’s sister who has cancer throughout her body and has little time to live. Please pray for Josh who crashed his car while under the influence and is in critical condition in hospital. Please pray for Ralph who needs guidance. Please pray for our Youth Group, that they continue coming to meetings and benefit from the teachings of the Church and grow in faith. (and bring some of their friends.) Please pray for Laura who has a back injury and is the mother of two little ones. Thank you. Diane

Please pray that my doughier is successful in her new business , that God will lead the way . Thanks you have been a great part of this business. I am one of your new customers. Juanita.


I would like to have my daughter Tara Yates added to your prayer line. She developed a disease called phudo tumor cerebri when she was 15 and she will be 21 in September. This disease has caused her to be in terrible pain ,pain with no relief .sometimes it will last for 2 months with no relief. We just found out she is 9 1/2 weeks pregnant. Please pray for her and the unborn child.

Thank you and God bless. Lisa Y

Please pray that the tests on Wednesday will be OK. Pray that surgery on Friday will help my wrist. Thank you. Anne L


Please pray for my husband Charles who is trying to recover from complications from cancer treatment. He is currently in the ICU on a ventilator and his body is having trouble absorbing any nutrition to enable him to fight the damage that has been done. Every system in his body has been damaged in some way, he has had 2 surgeries, 8 unites of blood and now has pneumonia. Please pray for his recovery.

Thank You Mary T


Please pray for my daughter who finally has gotten pregnant that she will have a child who is healthy without any birth defects. Henrietta

Dear Blessed Mother Mary, Please pray for my friend, Sue. She is in the hospital for Depression and on a suicide watch. She has so many mental conditions arising from abuse and family situations while growing up. Please help her. Oh, Holly Mother, do assist her by your powerful intercession with your divine Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, to take away her pain and suffering from her mental illness. She is a Christian and believes in God and Jesus Christ, as our Savior. I ask this in Jesus name, Valerie


Dear Blessed Mother Mary, I ask for your prayer intercession that it may be your Son, Jesus Christ’s will that my fiancée, Leonard, be granted his parole and released from prison. He loves our Lord so much and is remorseful for the crime he committed over 23 years ago. You know him better than anyone else can. You know his heart. I pray too that he comes home so that we can start our lives together and that we may have a family. I pray for all the families of the incarcerated and their victim/survivors that Grace may be given unto them so they me heal through Christ’s love. I pray in Jesus Christ’s name, Aouie

Blessed Mother, my daughter will be having surgery soon. She has a large fibroid tumor that is attached to the inside of her uterus. The tumor is not cancerous, but if it has a deep attachment she may have to have a complete hysterectomy. I ask that you intercede for her. The best case scenario is that it can be removed with no harm to her reproductive system. Please ask God for a complete recovery for her and a beautiful, rich and full life. In Jesus name. C


Requesting prayers for my daughter, Laurie who has been suffering with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy throughout the past year. May her body be healed physically, emotionally and spiritually and give her the drive to never give up. Thank you and God Bless. Jan

Dear Virgin Mary:

Please pray for my niece Roseann who is trying to have a child. She just recently had surgery and will soon start to take pill and needles to help her try to conceive. Please help her to conceive before she starts putting all this medicine in her body. I ask this in the name of Mary. AH


I pray that because of my Chaldean Half descent and Half descent Irish-German/English American, and being on Federal Disability that the US Police Department doesn’t harrass me and my family over our oppression in the USA and to let us go our direction and Society by the US Constitution and during all times that I am with my Chaldean father that he escort me in our Chaldean people from his side.. Maria


Thank you Blessed Mother for always being there for us. thank you for answering the request of God. Please pray for me to your son our Lord for the healing of my granddaughter Abbey. Help me to teach her the ways of the Lord, your son, and the Father and the Holy Spirit. Her heart is frightened, and her soul seems sad. Please help her learn her value the God and please be close to her Blessed Mother. I love you with all of my heart. You are the mother I did not have. Your son is our Lord and our blessing forever. Glory Be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen thank you Sandy for Abbey


Dear blessed Mother please we need your intercession for my brothers and sisters that suffer from cancer and they need help and salvation for their souls. Their name are: Julio Cesar (lung cancer) Carlos M. (lung cancer) Danny (prostate cancer) Mabel (breast cancer) Thank you Jesus and dear Mother for hear our prayers and for all your help. I want to thank you for the four years that I am free of cancer for you big mercy. I love you both. L M. Abad.


I pray for my Paternal Unce Zuhair George Sha’aouni that he is suffering inside and for my father Sami that he is suffering and for my brother Chuck that he suffers and for my Paternal Aunt Nidal that she is good in peace and finds her fallings, and for my Paternal nephews Aden and Tye that there is some star that connects us whether we see each other ever in life or we remain distant this way through the life. I wish for my personality to be known and that it is in heart to all the people who helped us in any time of my family material crisis, but to know that my family brought me here and all people have their indifferences. Mariah

Please pray for my sister Diana. She left the Church many years ago. She needs the grace of forgiveness; her heart has been hardened. She’s in a lot of pain and it comes out as anger. She needs forgiveness from Jesus for the mortal sins she has committed; they are affecting her life right now with pain & anger. Thank you so much. Peace & Love in Christ. Sandy


Please pray for my godfathers mother Sherry. Since he passed she has had a very hard time coming back to church. Matt S


Please pray that our son ,who has pulled away from us ,will come back. We love him and have always supported him in all his decisions. Thank you and God bless, Joy

Please pray for Emma who has been diagnosed with Aplastic and has to undergo chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. Also please pray for Margaret and John and their children whose son was returned to Jesus one hour after he was born. I’d also like to include Peter in my prayers who was recently diagnosed with a tumor and is undergoing treatment at the present. Please help my son to straighten himself out and get a job and my other children to be happy and ease of the dreaded alcohol. KV


Please pray for Baby Brayden. Brayden will be 1 year old on August 5th. When he was 2 months old he and his mother were in a very serious car accident. Due to this accident, Baby Brayden was left with severe brain damage. Doctor says he will never recover. He is feed every day through a feeding tube. We prayer every day for God to give our family a miracle. Thank you, ANNA H


Dear Mary, Queen of Heaven: Please ask Jesus for permission to grant my special request for my son. I am saying a novena to St. Theresa also for this special intention. Trusting you, c


Please pray for my friend, Richard, who was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He has also been homebound with lymph edema for several years. My son, Dominic also needs prayers to find a good job. My husband died unexpectedly at age 54 on March 14 and we lost our home. He left us with huge bills and no insurance or home. Please pray that Dominic will find a suitable job to support us and that we can get a home of our own again soon. Thank you and may our Lord and His Blessed Mother richly bless you. Therese


Most Blessed Mother, this is a selfish prayer as I read those prayer requests sent to you. Mine is selfish but I love my son and it breaks my heart that he is so unhappy. So he drinks and loses control of his senses, he has hurt so many people, now all he has left are his parents and his sister. His children are not allowed to see him and that means I don’t get to see my grandchildren. I am giving him to you to do your will. Thank you and God Bless all those that are asking for prayer.

Lord Jesus and Blessed Mary please care for my Daughter Diana who is going through marriage difficulties and separation – whatever is your will – will be good – keep watch over her and her children. Also answer my job concern prayers and whatever is your will – will be good. – guide me in whatever you desire me to do to receive the proper responses to these employment concerns. In Jesus I trust. Clemente


Please pray for my daughter Stephanie who has not been able to find a job since march of this year. I also would ask for your intercession dear mother for her return to your loving son and her faith community. I pray she will have renewed hope and peace in knowing she is loved. She has a real controlling boyfriend and is in bondage to his unbelief I pray for her to be set free from this debilitating life.

Please pray for my daughter Stephanie who has not been able to find a job since march of this year. I also would ask for your intercession dear mother for her return to your loving son and her faith community. I pray she will have renewed hope and peace in knowing she is loved. She has a real controlling boyfriend and is in bondage to his unbelief I pray for her to be set free from this debilitating life.

Pleases pray for my daughter Sarah who is expecting our first grandchild a little girl who will be named Grace. I pray for her situation to improve and that her boyfriend will become a compassionate and faith filled young man. Sarah has several medical concerns and I pray for Jesus to guide the doctors with wisdom for her health as well as for Grace’s. Loving Mother I pray that Sarah’s body will be well and strong during and after her delivery.

Pleases pray for my daughter Rebekah and her new husband Peter that they will always keep your son Jesus in the center of their marriage. I also pray for their decisions to be well thought out for any mission work that they are to do and i also ask for your great intercession for Rebekah to be in remission from all her medical problems so she can serve with a healthy well body. Thank you loving mother for your help and I praise you for all that you have said yes to for your loving son Jesus!!! Lynn


Dear Mother Mary, I have had my surgery it was successful and I am healing good. Thank you so
much for you intercession. Esther


Mother Mary, please help my wife Eileen get a job. Please forgive her and have mercy on her. Please help her to have faith and come closer to you and trust in you implicitly. Mother Mary, please give her courage, confidence, patience and understanding that you will help her. Thank you Mother Mary. David


Thank you Jesus and Blessed Mother for hearing our prayers. My brother Carlos M. is much better today. I want to thank your Company and yourself for allowing us this place to post our prayers. God bless you all. Loty M. A


I would like you to pray for my son Joshua who is need of a job and also for my two oldest sons to come back to the church. Thank you. clcs


Our friend Miguel has irreversible gastric cancer and its spreading all over his abdomen now infiltrating his liver. .Doctors giving him four months to live. He is in the process of accepting his fate and trusting on Gods will for him in Christ Jesus. We would like for a special prayer for strength for him and his family while they walk through this difficult and painful time. Thank you, Hector-n-Gloria G.

Please pray for a little girl who is one today. She has a black speck on her retina which may be cancerous. They will take tests again this fall. Pray that she will not loose her eyesight or that there will not be any complications resulting from the doctors findings. May she grow to be an adult and grow in the Christian faith. I ask these things in Jesus name. May the Blessed Mother be with her and her family. Amen. C

Please dear Mother ask your son for my brother Carlos release his pains and to let him to walk again and to move his arms and hands. He love you very much and he do the rosary every day. Please dear Jesus has mercy on him. We love you and your mother very much. Thank you for heard our prayers. Loty A


I am in need of a prayer for my mom who was diagnosed with breast cancer.. how would i go about to get a prayer said for her and that everything will be ok with her.. please help me and my sisters and brothers and my dad and my nephews and niece. Thank you, and may God bless you Angela Please pray for John V. who was recently diagnosed with cancer in the brain. That he may return to good health as we pray for a miracle. Also for Steve S. who is also ailing with cancer that his surgery will be successful and that he return to good health. For my nieces who are living life styles that are not healthy for them. That in their search for happiness they will find true peace and ultimate happiness in seeking out Our Lord. For my marriage that we may once again find meaning in the vows we made to each other. J


I am in need of a prayer for my mom who was diagnosed with breast cancer.. how would i go about to get a prayer said for her and that everything will be ok with her.. please help me and my sisters and brothers and my dad and my nephews and niece. Thank you, and may God bless you Angela


I feel like the modern version of the book of Job! I am 75 y/o in good health…Thank God. My husband is 74 y/o in good health. The a/c in our house has been out for several years, and we are making do with small window units. The a/c in the car is OUT. Yesterday one of the small window units went out. The pilot light in the hot water heater went out. Money is not something we have plenty of as you can see. We would like to move back home to be near children, that isn’t happening with all that needs to be done. This sounds so little when I see it on paper, compared to people who have lost everything in our recent hurricanes, fires, flooding, etc. Please, ask God in our name to help us accept His will in all of this. Ask him to bring our Son and Son-in-law from their deployments. Ask Him to heal two sons who are alcoholic Ask Him to please bring back to the sacraments our children and grandchildren who have turned away. Ask Him to please, help me accept His will and not to question Thank You, R in Louisiana


Pray for my sister Ruth Ann who is to have surgery on a brain aneurysm tomorrow morning. J

Dear Mother please pray for my sister Graciela, she is in a Convalescent Home and she has Alzheimer’s, she is also blind because of Glaucoma, she need peace and salvation for her soul. Thank you Jesus and dear Mother for your help. R A.

Please pray of my sister in laws nephew, Mateo. He is only a few months old and has been in and out of the hospital and now has a compromised immune system. The doctors told the mother that they are to have no one around him. If he gets sick he may not survive. Also please keep my daughter Sarah in your prayers. She recently moved to Houston and started a new job with a Right to Life organization. She is also having some difficulties with a relationship, and is need of comforting. . Thank you for your prayers. God’s peace, Lorraine

Please pray for my brothers Carlos (lung and brain cancer) Julio (lung cancer) and Daniel a young boy with prostate cancer for cure and free pain but specially for the salvation of their souls. Thanks and God bless you all. L M. A.

Please pray for Lauren who lost her 3 month old daughter to SIDS recently and for her parents and grand-parents who are all deeply grieving the loss of a beautiful spirit. Thank you. LAW

Let us pray for the children in the world who are in desperate need of help in food. clothing. warmth and love. As we pray for these children let us also ask god to help the sad sick and lonely who need as much care as others who live in his world of peace. We cannot ask for help in prayer for these people who need gods help unless we pray to god for him to answer their prayer to live a happy and healthier life. .I think if we can pray for it for ourselves we can pray for those people as well. amen. Fr Donald T.

Prayers are requested for Winifred Henderson who has suffered poor health in her 88th year. She has lost her lower legs to complications from diabetes and heart disease, and has had numerous bouts of pneumonia in the past several months. She is still trying very hard to get back home to her little apartment and be on her own once more.


Prayers are requested for Sgt. David Hornhill who is at the Army Hospital Burn Unit. David lost both his legs recently in the war and was burned over 54% of his body. He is in great pain and NEEDS cheering up. Cards can be sent to:

Sgt. David Hornhill

Fort Sam Houston Fisher House

623 George C. Beach Road

Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234

T H A N K Y O U on behalf of his family.


Please pray for my friends Gina, and Kathy who are both battling cancer. For Kathy’s conversion to the Catholic faith and for a elderly woman from my parish Delores who is also ill. Scott L

Please pray for my dear friend Rose and her husband and children that their family may become united once again. JLH

Please pray for my brother, Stanley. He is now in the hospital being treated for malnutrition. This is a complication of his esophageal cancer operation of three years ago. He is currently in remission. He is scheduled to have surgery to stretch his esophagus on Thursday the 2nd of July. Thank you, Carol


My sister Jean has been out of work for about 5 months. Please help her find work so that she can feel good about herself! Thank you JoAnn


Please pray for the repose soul of my dearest brother, Anacleto Inumerable, Jr. who passed away on June 6, 2009 at New Jersey. He was diagnosed of lung cancer last May 2008, and the doctor told him that he may have 1 year to live. He was blessed to die in peace. I am blessed to be with my brother during the last week of his life. I was able to let him hold and pray the rosary that I made from the materials that I ordered from you. Thank you for this opportunity.

Sincerely, V I-C Porterville, CA


Please pray for my daughter Isabel and for my sister Gilda for healing and peace. Thank you Jesus and dear Mother to pay attention to our prayers. Rafael

Please pray for the restoration of my 28 yr marriage. May the Blessed Mother intercede in my behalf that my husband Ken will rediscover that true love lies in our marital home and not in the arms of another, and please… pray that if my plea is not in God’s infinite wisdom and plan, that I might have the strength and fortitude to accept His will and become the person God would like me to become. CW


Please pray for Rita Martin in her fight against cancer. Thank you Pat O


Please pray for my three young daughters who are caught up in a custody battle. Please pray that the judge sees that these three young souls want to live with their mother full time and not have to go back and forth every week. The father is an alcoholic and very mean and abusive. Pray for clarity, that the judge will see what is best for these children and that he will listen to the children, let their voice be heard. Pray that the father of these wonderful girls will realize that the girls need there mother during these tender years, pray Joe will see and respect that I am their mother, that alienation of me only hurts the children. I pray that the love of Mary will wash over Joe, open his eyes to the miracles we created together and let that joy and love we each have for the girls guide our decisions, release the hold that child support money has over Joe, think of the girls. In Our Virgin Mother’s Name. Amen- M


Please pray for my Daughter who is having a follow up xray on her lung to see if the nodule has grown. Please pray that when they test, the nodule will be gone. Thank You Ann.

My prayer request is for my Mentor, Best Friend and whom I call Mom. She has a mass inside on the left. It is very painful. She can’t sleep, eat, walk, or really anything. She has to children who are of special needs who are 13 and 15, but they are not of much help. She lives in another state so it would be real hard for me to be there so please, please, pray for and that this is something that can be fixed simply. Thank you in advance for your prayers.Glenda

“If there is trouble let it be in my day, that My Children may have PEACE” Thomas Paine

My great grandson Aiden. My granddaughter is 18.5 weeks, and found out Aiden has a completely disformed heart, problems with liver & spleen, his stomach is in the wrong place. He may not live long enough to be born, and if he does, can he handle the 3+ surgeries he will have to endure. The docs want to abort, I pray she doesn’t… Dede

For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible.

My Dearest Lady of the Rosary, Please cover James Allen Williams, Jr. with your heavenly mantle and keep him in your shadow as he goes from day to day in the county jail for another 3 months. Give him strength to persevere and heal during this time. .Lead him to your Son Dearest mother … I ask your aid and protection for him during this dark time…I thank you Dear Lady for all your help…keep me close to your Immaculate Heart And the Most Sacred Heart of your Son all the days of my life…Hugs, Tobias…Saginaw, MI – June 12th, 2009 let the Rosary always be in your hands as a sign to Satan that you belong to me… February 25, 1988 – Our Lady of Medjugorjia – Med – ja – gore – ee – ah Happy moments, Praise God. Difficult moments, Seek God. Quiet moments, Worship God. Painful moments, Trust God. Every moment, Thank God. Have a great day and make it The Best One Yet, No Matter What. Hugs, Tobias…

I am asking for your deepest heartfelt prayers for all of our adult children. May they all find peace in their lives. I ask for total healing spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically for Miguel, Octaviano, Javier, and Samantha, and my husband Doug. May our adult children find our Lord. Thanks, a mom who cares. R. Moon

Please put on Mary’s hand a prayer for Julio, Carlos and Daniel for cancer’s cure or peace and pain free for this brothers. L Abad God and our Blessed Mother bless you and your company.


This is a request for prayer for my niece with breast cancer. It is also to give thanks for your prayers. I asked for prayer for her in March. She was told her cancer had returned and only experimental drugs were a choice and even that was only a hope for remission. Well the new drugs have given her new hope. Please continue to pray for her complete recovery. Thank you, for a special niece. TCG

Please pray for Zoila, she is fighting breast cancer. She is really a fighter. Pray her husband and daughter give her the support she needs. Also pray for my son Raul, he really needs that everything comes true at this point in his life. Finally, for myself, that I recover from my hand surgery. Thank you, Lorena


Please pray for my younger sister Teresa who has cancer in her lungs. She is fighting for her life and her faith while working hard to support her family. Please pray her husband gives her the support she needs. Lee H

Please pray for my cousin Patty Dale as she has been going thru some rough times. She is one of the kindest persons I know. She has done for so many and asks for nothing in return. I love her very much and wish we had been closer many years ago but its never to late. Love you Pat and praying for you Your cousin Karen


Please pray that my brothers and sisters return to the Catholic Church and especially my son, Vincent. Thank you Anita

Please pray for my sister-in-law, Michelle, who has many physical ailments. Chris


Please remember in your prayers: Mrs. Olivia Bauer, who is dying. She is my husband’s aunt and is around 96 years old. She has always been very pious and I am sure would appreciate your prayers for her at this time. Also, please remember my mother-Gladys Wheatley. She is 86 and has been having dizzy spells. Please pray that these spells will leave soon. Thank You. JM


I do in home health care for the elderly and disabled… the job is fantastic and I love it!! the problem is that the I need at least 6 clients at all times to have a good check and have the money needed to pay my bills. I would like to ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to please pray to Her most Loved Son for me… I need more clients. I know in this little town that it isn’t easy to always keep 6, but I need them. Or if there is something else that I should be doing for Jesus and Mary, let me know what that is… lead me to the path that makes me what You want me to be… I love you, and I will do whatever you ask of me. Thank You so very much!!! Shirley


My husband fell off a ladder on March 7th, smashed the knee cap in 7 places and broke the tibia, had surgery and into a rehab center where the care was not wonderful ended. The wound was infected and he has gone under two more surgeries and is now in another rehab center. His mind was as good as you or I the day he fell, and now, everything has changed. We need prayers to help him get back his health and his mind. Please pray for him John Kuttler is my husband’s name. Thank you Donna


Please pray for my sister and niece who have embraced the lesbian lifestyle. May our Lady heal their pain and bring them back to her son. For Jaysa and Rob who have also fallen away from our faith to embrace other religions. May our Holy Mother put in Jaysa’s heart the desire to want children and make her marriage to Bryan valid in the Catholic Church. Thank you for all your prayers, Teri

Please pray for Mary Catherine in TN. She is a pregnant unwed teenager. She is 12 weeks pregnant. She had an abortion with one pregnancy. People are working with her to convince her to carry the baby to term and place the baby up for adoption. Thank you! Terry

For my grandson Izaiah for our special intentions R

We Thank Our Blessed Mother for the role She plays in each one of us, in guiding and possessing all our actions. Amen Bernadatte


Mother Mother, I left up to you the healing of the fractured relationships between my son and daughter, and my daughter and myself, in the name of your Son and my savior Jesus Christ. I thank you Mother Mary for the miracles worked in my life and those in my family through our Father and your son, Jesus Christ. Marie
“Earth Has No Sorrow
That Heaven Can’t Heal.”
“Faith Never Knows Where It’s
Being lead, but Knows and Loves
The ONE Who Leads.”

Please pray for our Dad, James L. Rosner who is suffering from bone cancer. Please pray that God provide comfort for him during these times. God has granted and answered our families prayers many times throughout his years of cancer. If it is His will, may He stop this horrible disease and bring back quality of life to him. If this time, God’s will is something different, may He provide my Dad, Catholic Christian Care Takers guided by Your wisdom, to care for him and provide him painless days throughout these times. Please watch over our Most Beautiful Mother, who has provided my Dad with the most loving and gentle care any human being could ever give. Please keep her strong and let her accept and understand that her children’s desire to help them both with all of their needs, is a gift in thanks for everything they sacrificed while raising us, in order to provide for our needs. As Jesus washed his disciples feet, let them be mindful of His message that we want to wash all their needs. Thanks for the prayers,

From their nine children: Mary Ann, Jim, Mike, Bob, Jeanne, Judy, Jennie, John & Sandy

For my son-in-law’s job. He has been told he is no longer needed since a new company took over CDG

Please pray for my son in law, Steve who is looking for a job in a new city and that his home in VA will sell asap. Thanking you In advance. “What You Are is God’s Gift to You, What You Become is Your Gift to God” Janet D


Please pray for my friend Bev Garelick. She was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the doctors have recommended surgery to have the tumor removed instead of doing chemotherapy.
Please pray for her recovery. Mel

Please pray for my sister. She has applied for a new position for which she is well qualified. She has struggled emotionally with her children and schooling. After a good number of years she finally received her Bachelor’s degree and has recently applied for a position for she is well qualified and deserving. I wish her the world. Please pray that she is selected for this position. Thank you, in Jesus name I pray. Her little sister. CR. Thank you.

Dear Blessed Mother, Please pray that I get the right directions soon. K


Please pray for my family my husbands job is not doing well and we need to get financial help or for someone to hire me soon. I am looking for a job to help with the family income and nobody will hire me. Please help me find a job or for more income to come into our household please. MH


Please pray for my nephew Danny as he recovers from a traumatic brain injury. Grant him continued healing. Be with my sister, Mary, as she deals with this. Thank you for the progress he has made so far. We ask you this in Jesus name. Amen J & B


Please pray for my 12 year old son’s heart and mind to be healed. A heart rhythm irregularity was detected, plus seizures. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen. Thank you very much, Dhasa

Please pray for the remaining part of a growth on the bottom of my left heel to wither and fall off. I have been on crutches Since mid-January, unable to walk due to this growth. Your prayers would be most appreciated. In Jesus name I pray, Dhasa


Please pray for my two friends that are dealing with cancer. Dean and Wayne are very special people that have been in my life for almost 8 years. Dean is in a Boston hospital and the doctors don’t think he will make it home. He is a very kind and loving man with a great sense of humor. Wayne is going through chemotherapy and is dealing with this like a champ. His father has beaten the same cancer twice. Please pray for my friends and their families. LeeAnn Maine

Dearest Blessed Mother, please pray for my sister who is seeking a job that has recently opened and she is well qualified for. May her application will be accepted. She is also drawing closer to God in baby steps. She has a lot of pain, anger, resentment, and bitterness from abuse as a child and adult. I am trying to help her and she is responding. May God’s grace give her courage and strength to persevere. Your intercession is much appreciated. Terry

Dearest Mother, thank you for being near me and supporting me through this difficult time. I would not have the strength to go on without you. I am committing my husband to your care and that of your dear spouse St Joseph. You know our pain & suffering. You know how this has affected our family. Please pray for peace, healing & forgiveness. Through Christ your Son, our Lord. Amen. Fae

Please pray for my niece Terri Anna, she has a horrible drug problem. She has two beautiful children who have just been taken away from her. Terri Anna is living on the streets of Florida. Her children need her to get well and come home. We fear for her death daily. Thank you so much, Gwen T. Montana


My dear Blessed Mother, please pray for the soul of Jerome F. Leano who died of lung cancer last April 19 that GOD will forgive all his sins and that he will rest in peace. I also pray for his wife Fe, and son Sergie and family, his brother Ernie and family and sister Malouh and family to strengthen them in these moments of pain and trials, all these I pray in the mighty name of Your Son JESUS. Amen. M. M.


Please pray for the Lord to deliver me from panic attacks that I have whenever I get more than a few min from home. I am a hair dresser by trade and have to give up my job because I think the chemicals play a part in the panic and anxiety. I’m starting a sewing business and considering a rosary business as well. Please pray the Lord will sustain me. Especially since I am unable to even get to any kind of a job outside the home as of yet. I keep trying and am fasting as well as praying the rosary. God Bless! MT


I am about to start tutoring a young Eritraian girl, Saron, who has been here for three years and speaks English well, but is behind her grade. Please pray that our actions together honor God and help her to attain her grade level. I am not certain why she is behind level. Thank you very much, Patricia-Clare


Dear Sweet Mother, I pray that you are leading us to two new and wonderful jobs that fill us with joy and are preparing a lovely home for us to live in. Lovingly, AMG

Please pray for my Niece Judy. She was just diagnosed with breast cancer and she’s not handling it very well. Thank you, M


Please pray for my adopted granddaughter Myra. She needs to find peace in Jesus. She is a very angry little girl and only the Lord can help her find happiness. She never knew about Jesus until she came into our family one year ago. At 7, she has threatened her siblings when she doesn’t get her way. We love her dearly and want her to have peace in her heart. Momz

I am writing to thank God for my new job as a pharmacy associate after 18 months without work, and for my husband who is back after a short layoff earlier this year. I pray also for a career change for my husband as he wishes to pursue his God given talent as an artist. I pray he can make a good living with this change as well. I pray for all of those on this site, who have heavy crosses to bear for themselves and their loved ones. And lastly, I pray that God will bless my husband and I on our first wedding anniversary this Easter Sunday, April 12th and for a great new ‘2nd’ year of marriage! Living 800 miles away from my family has been difficult at times and a tough year but we made it through, Thanks be to God! God bless you all! Cheryl

Thank you, please pray for my granddaughter Melinda .. Help her find a nice young man, one who is close to God . She wants to be a police officer.. If this is what is right for her, please help her get it. Thank you. Please pray for my family they are all in bad heath. Please help me get closer to God. Thank you.. I know that my prayers are answered. FD


Please pray for my son-in-law Patrick. We are praying that the illness he has is curable. Thank you. Mary

PLEASE pray to our Lady of the Rosary that she requests of Her Son Our Lord Jesus Christ: that my son will find a job so that I do not have to continue to support him. Thank you. My prayers join with yours! PVB


Please pray for Miah, my friend’s 10 year old grandson recently diagnosed with acute aggressive leukemia. Thank you. TH


My 84 year old father is having complications from open heart surgery. Please pray for his recovery. Thank you Mary Ann


Please pray for Tom that he receives the help, care & medicine he needs to live pain free and stay in his home. Blessed Mother, dearest Jesus, please send the Holy Spirit his way for comfort & peace, and healing that only comes through your hands. I thank you for the gift of forgiveness and
salvation by no other name, but the name of Jesus. Help Tom to bear the cross he has been given. Send heavenly sleep and restfulness, appearing to him in a very special way, so that he knows you love him dear Lord & Blessed Mother. Thank you, D

My stepfather passed away two weeks ago and his death has devastated our family. We are in need of much prayer. Also, I am medically disabled and am to have a hearing in a month or so. I could used continued prayers that the outcome will be positive. Respectfully, Kim


My prayer request is for my wife who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and fatigue. She misses work from time to time because she’s so tired or hurts from the RA. As a husband I try to help but, sometimes all I can do is just be there for her. Thank you Darren


Blessed Mother, Please intercede for my dear friend, Kathy, and her 2 beautiful daughters. She continues to fear for the safety of her children when they visit their angry father. The legal system seems always to side with him. He defiles her to the children trying to sway their image of her promising things to them to keep them quiet. He also regularly mentally, verbally, and sometimes physically abuses them. She remains faithful to our Lord but feels beaten up at times due to this constant challenge. Please pray they find peace and safety in God’s time and soon. C.


Please pray for my husband. He tries so hard yet we still have a hard time making ends meet. Pray that he gets a favorable answer soon from the Army board ( he is trying to enlist) . He so wants to serve his country and protect our freedoms . Also pray that we are able to get a safe reliable car as our trucked died the other week and our car is on its last legs. Peace, Angela

I have three requests: My father is having continuing problems after having open heart surgery a month ago. A good friend is fighting brain cancer. Another friend has just found out that her cancer is back, this time in her lungs, liver and possibly her brain. Please remember these three in your prayers. They all believe strongly in the power of prayer. Thank You and God Bless, Mary Ann


Pray for my family. That God shows us what path to take. A good job for my husband and I a healthy grandchild and a house to rent that is affordable. Pray for my other children and my mind. Thank you, Alessio


Please pray for my brother Carlos. My brother is heavily addicted to Heroin and is struggling to get out of this evil darkness of addiction. He needs Gods strength, His mercy, His love…mostly he needs to feel and know that God has not let him go but that he (my brother) simply needs to hold on to Him. Please also pray for my husband that he continue to grow in and follow the will of God. Our journey towards God and His will is ongoing and my husband has hit a block. Please pray that he put God first and trust in Him. Thank you Elizabeth


Please pray for my eldest sister and her husband; that they will be able to keep the house. They have gotten into serious financial dept and are about to loose the house. Please pray that my sisters husband will come to his senses and get a tax attorney to settle out his financial problems. Gretchen

Please pray for the following Lacey Lowry and for Lupe Ramirez they are having medical test run please that come back in their favor. Thank you may God Bless You. Lucille


Please pray for: Gretchen. That she may always hear Gods voice and that she may always hear what God wishes her to teach her 2nd grade class. She thanks the Lord for all his blessing and for her successful 1st year but asks that each year she also learns more each new school year about his wonderful love and better ways to teach the children. Thank you


Please pray for my niece. She has been diagnosed once again with breast cancer. Each time it has been a different kind, but this time they are telling her it is not curable. She is seeking a second opinion and also trying a new experimental drug to possibly put the cancer into remission. Thank you for your prayers for her. Carol


Please pray for my parents. My father is in declining health, and my mother is his caretaker. Thank you, Nancy


Please pray for my 23 yr. old granddaughter whose doctor found a suspicious lump in her breast and also for my mother’s well-being. Thank you all, Eileen


Please pray for my friend, Mary, whose breast cancer has spread to her bones. Thank you McC

Blessed Mother you have taken care of me and my needs for so long and I love you so much. Now my oldest son, 55, needs help. He has left sided heart failure and he told me today (via e-mail) that he doesn’t know what it is called but ‘he doesn’t like it’. He raised three children by himself and now has two grand kids, 7 and 5, whom he loves so much. He still can’t breathe even though he is on oxygen. He just spent 2 weeks in the hospital. I fear for him because he is getting so depressed and I don’t know how to help him. I am an invalid and live 400 miles away from him and can’t even go see him, I just pray for him every hour of the day and night. Please help him, and help me learn to handle this better, I feel so helpless. Thank you with all my broken heart. Sandra

Please pray for my husband, Howard, who has brain injury due to a cardiac arrest and for myself, a breast cancer “survivor” – that we may regain our health and recover from our illness. We thank and pray for all our family and friends who have continued to support us in this difficult time. Ann

Please pray for a very dear friend of mine who was diagnosed with Leukemia this past Tuesday. She is receiving Chemotherapy at this time, for the disease is advanced. Theresa needs our prayers very much. Thank you for all your help. Karen


Please pray for peace in our family and financial aid. Please pray that our son will make the right choice. Thank you, Shirley


Please hug and kiss my Mel for me and let her know how much we all love and miss her so. Life is empty without her, but I know we will be together again. Please keep her in your motherly care. Please keep Beck and Ben safe from harm and illness. Please help my dad be comfortable and happy in his own little world. Please help me move forward. Bless my husband with health and happiness. I love you Jerome

Please pray for my granddaughter, Melinda that she gets her life together and that she will meet a nice young man. .Please pray that she gets back to church. Please pray for my family. Thank you FD


Please pray that I find a job soon. Exactly one I am called to do. Please pray for my family, that they stop all this arguing, fighting, boasting, drinking and smoking pot, hatefulness and all the nastiness that is coming out. Please pray for Jason, bless his new marriage, and please let him also find a job you are calling him to do. Please pray for this family to return to church, faithfully, cheerfully, humbly. Please continue to bless my mom and dad, esp with good health, we are no where near ready to lose them now. Please pray for Mimi, show her Lord there is a reason things do not work, show her your ways. I pray for Kevin Jr and Caroline, please show them who you are, please. Katherine

Please pray for my husband who is undergoing radiation and chemo therapy for throat cancer. He also is a diabetic and has chf and a lung problem that can not be solved at this time because of the cancer. Thank you all and may God’s grace shine upon you. Mary


Please, pray for my son Felix in California. He has diabetes and taking dialysis. They just amputated part of his leg. He is out of the hospital after a month of hospitalization. Our Lady of Guadalupe keep him from losing his faith in God. Amen. Elizabeth in Florida


For my attorney Mo, who is recovering from surgery. For all his friends and family who are worried sick over him. Thank you Ann

Please pray for a good young man, Hozie, that was seriously injured in a car accident about a week ago. He is still in ICU with a damaged liver, spleen, and bowel. His pelvis is broken in 4 places and other massive injuries. A nurse was behind him and was the first one there. She said he was trying to get up to get his rosary out of the vehicle. Please pray for my son Wade who has not been able to find a job in the last 10 months. his record is not that good and employers are not willing to take a chance on him with so many others to pick from. I know there is some one will to take this the chance now that he has straightened out his life. Gordon

I would like prayers for my dad, Julius Broussard, who has just been diagnosed with cancer and given 1-2 months to live. I pray that his faith, as well as the faith of our family stay strong through the difficult months ahead. I pray that Jesus takes him in his arms and welcomes him home without a lot of pain. Julie


My niece Erin has chrones disease. She is only 25 and has been so sick for the last 3 years. She is currently seeing the surgeon for severe hemorrhoids and 3 new pockets of chrones in the rectum. It just never seems to go away. Please remember her in your prayers. Also, my niece Cassy, has found 3 lumps in her breast. Her mother and grandmother died from breast cancer. She has 4 young children that really need her. The oldest has many mental issues to deal with. The daughter is deaf and has mental issues also, but medication has helped a lot. She is in a special school. The youngest boy has epilepsy of the worst form. He will never be able to drive and he will die from it. He has continual seizures even though he is on medication. Please remember the grandparents, as these are my sister’s children and grandchildren. Only love of God and Faith in God have kept them going. I will keep all your requests in my prayers. Thank you Julie


I want to thank all of you for your prayers. My husband passed this difficult test and my friend Grace is doing better. It will never be perfect, but she is feeling better thanks to a Dr. who really new what to do. This has been a 2 year journey of seeing Drs. and not getting the right help. It seems that this is a problem that she was born with and it took all these years to figure it out. I will keep all of you in my daily prayers and sacrifices. Always keep the faith when it seems the darkest. God and the Virgin Mary are always with us, we just have to listen. God love you all. Julie


Please pray for our son James. He is almost 33 years old. He has a beautiful girlfriend and two young daughters. He is a very hard worker but he is an alcoholic. He is a non practicing Catholic. Please pray for him to heal him of his addiction and return to the Church. Thank you. Robin

Please pray for my sister and brother-in-law who were taken advantage of by unscrupulous persons and are now suffering the financial and emotional consequences. They are faith-filled people who raised their children to be God loving Christian parents of their children. Please pray that their goodness will be rewarded with deliverance from the troubles they are experiencing. Ann

I would like to post a prayer request. I am in need of prayers for my self and my daughters, we haven’t talked in a long time and this makes me sick. It doesn’t seem to bother them. When the holidays come I spent them alone. It is so hard to cope with it. I have prayed but nothing happens can you pray for me. thank you. Carol


I am asking for prayers for my family, especially my husband. His mother died 2 weeks ago and we could not go to her funeral due to lack of finances. And this week he was laid off from his job. He is 53 yrs. old and supports a household of six, but he suffers terribly from migraine headaches, as many as 2-4 a week. I’m a stay at home mom and I home-school our four children. Please pray for my husband that he finds another job and can overcome these terrible headaches. Please pray that we can persevere in these troubling times and do the will of Our Father in Heaven. Susan M.


We need prayer for our son Kyle and our daughter in law Aaryn, for their unborn child. This is their first child, Aaryn is almost 4 months pregnant and it was just discovered the baby has gastroschisis, the bowel is outside the stomach wall. We need miracle prayer that God will heal this child within its mothers womb. This is a very serious condition as the child will have to have surgery at birth and numerous medical procedures that can take weeks and still have complications. They will need to stay in the city where the hospital is located when she gives birth the hospital is two hours from us. They have been married almost a year and a half. They are faithful Christians and both work full time minimum wage jobs with no insurance and they both lose their days wages when they have to go for doctors appointments and to the hospital for monitoring the baby. They need to have gas to get to the appointments. They have been living with us while they worked on remodeling a condemned house they got and just got done getting the electrical inspected and were getting ready to finish up so they could get moved into their own home. They have done all of this while working the jobs they have and now we don’t know how they are going to finish because the money they were using to fix the house is gone due to the lost wages from going to the doctors. They were getting ready to get the insulation and wall board to finish up the house so they could move in and now everything is at a stand still. They really truly need your prayers and any financial help they can get. Thank you and God bless you all. Tami


please pray for Tom and Larry who are suffering with cancer, Kevin for calmness and strength and a job for Pam for peace in her life and job. Thank you mj


Dear Blessed Mother, I pray for my dear husband Howard, who is elderly 79, is slowing down every day. also my darling daughter, Jennifer. She has a job in a local bar. Its getting worse every night there. keep them both safe and in your tender Care. Paula thank you


May our Lord by the intercession of our most beloved Mother answer our prayers for the health of my sister Marina who suffers from Lupus and was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She had an aneurysm a few years ago and ever since she knows she her being alive is a miracle and God has a purpose for her life. Her husband Angel is having surgery in one eye for cataracts, he is having the lens replaced. May our Lord have mercy and them and give them the graces necessary at this time of despair. In Jesus name we pray. AMEN! Gilda

I pray that the mother of my grand-twins find it in her heart to let my son and us see the children, she has no idea how much they are missed. If it be the Lord’s divine will. I am so proud of this experience; I’ve always heard people say that God spoke to them, every time I’d hear it I had doubts. My son has gone through so many awful things, the worst has been not seeing his children. I was in Mass one Sunday, really praying to Our Lord about my son, He said, “give him to me.” So much peace and relief came into my soul; my spirit was lifted, since then things are slowly getting better for him. Now if we can only get his children back into his life, he has shed many tears for them. Thank you so much. Amelia


Please say a prayer for my dearest friend Grace. She has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. She has had many crosses to bear in her life. I know that she would appreciate all the prayers. She prays many rosaries for friends and family and now needs some prayers for herself. Also, please say a prayer for my husband. He has a very serious test to take and needs prayers to pass it. My daughter also needs prayers for a job. She has been out of work since May of 2008. They are barely holding on and we do what we can to help. She is diabetic and has other issues along with it. A job would help so much her peace of mind and feel so much better. God love all of you. Julie

Mary thank you for helping my mom and my Grandma make-up and talk to each other. Alyssa


Please pray for all those intentions received this past week .. also thank you for prayers answered. amen. kc


Please pray for my granddaughter Sophia, who had a brain tumor at 3 years old. Please pray that her health will improve and that she may lead a normal life, also pray for Mom & Dad to be able to continue to care for her in the way they, so lovingly have, for the last 2 years.

Thank you very much and God Bless You All

Sophia’s Nana

Please pray for Joyce Kaderlik who has Alzheimer’s and dementia. She is in her final stage and it is so pitiful as a family to watch this horrific disease. It breaks my heart. I pray God is kind and merciful and does not let her go on too long. Her daughter Joanna


Oh Dearest Mother Mary, Please cover James Allen Williams, Jr. with your Mantle of Love and keep him in the shadows of your Son and you. Help him to know you and your Son…Drive the demon Crack from his system and grant that the judge be merciful in granting him probation and drug rehabilitation instead of prison. I ask this of you my queen and mother in the name of Jesus. I love You. Hugs, Tobias…

Please pray for me that I have been trying to conceive a child but can’t
and I am praying so I can have one soon. Thank You, Ana
Thank you and God bless you. M

Please pray for my husband Ronnie, he had a kidney transplant dec2006 ,in dec2007 he had a problem with rejection , and other problems but after much prayer miracles have happened. please pray for his continued good health and that our Lord will help him find a job he can do. He wants to go back to work very much. we are new converts having been received into the Church this past Easter. please pray for us that we can get involved in the areas that we can do the most work for our Lord and the Blessed Mother as well thank you all and God Bless,

Peggy and Ronnie

Please pray for the seminarians in the Spirituality Year at St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver, Colorado. They will be entering a 30-day silent Ignatian retreat within the next few days. (I believe it is either May 14 or 25.) May God bless and His angels protect you always!



My company announced that they would be firing 50% of the sales force. I will find out on Monday if I still have a job or will be let go. I am the sole support of my family. Blessed Virgin Mary please pray for me to keep my job. Love to all others in this position. Debra


First, thank you Blessed Mother for all of you help and intercession of my many prayers. You never let me down and I have received so many blessings and prayers answered. Please pray for my grandson to improve his attitude and behavior…a fourteen yr old , having problems controlling and disciplining himself and making bad decisions that could affect the rest of his life…Dearest Mother, please assist in helping Zac make more mature and responsible decisions concerning his actions and the way he speaks to people. Help him to know the love and power of the Lord and may his heart be touched and he be healed of his anger and disappointment and confrontational attitude. Thanks to all who will pray for Zac and may God bless you all with an abundance of his love and grace. VC

Please pray for my family. We are in danger of losing our home because of financial debt. Please pray that Our Lady will intercede for us and enable us to stay in our home. Please also pray for my grandfather to return to the Church. Thank you, Patricia

Please join me in praying for my Religious sister friends. They are followers of the “Little Way” of St Therese the Little Flower. The prioress (Sr R) has ovarian cancer which has grown an inch withing the past month. Sr M is my best friend, and I’m very concerned about her, too. She also had a major bout with illness recently, and the stress/anxiety about what is happening with Sr R is tapping much of her strength. The rest of the community is also struggling, trying to deal with all the stressors. Blessed Mother, please grant the peace and love of your presence to my friends. You know their needs better than I do. I am attempting to approach you with that audacious trust that St Therese had, confident in your care and guidance of these 5 who are especially consecrated to you. I pray for the salvation of their souls, and wise discernment in the coming days and weeks. Sr R is scheduled for surgery on Monday, May 5, and I pray that it may be successful in reducing/eliminating the cancer. You have already pulled her through many similar crises – I pray that this grace may continue. I ask for these things in your Son’s name, surrendered to His divine Will. OBP

Blessed Mother, Please pray for my husband in this time of extreme stress. Thank you C

Please pray for my mother and father. For 31 years my mother has been severely handicapped, wheel chair bound and basically a total invalid, from two brain stem operations. My father has been taking care of my mother, his love and devotion have been inspirational. For the past year my mother has been very depressed. I would like relief of some sort sent to both of them. Ch

Please pray for my friend Barbara Mahoney who was injured in an automobile accident on Holy Thursday and is having a very difficult recovery. She needs the strength to persevere. Claudia M

Please help me pray for my friend Lorrie. She has received news that she has a cancer. She will be having surgery on this Wednesday, and is so very scared and most of all worried. She has been through many illnesses recently and this is one she is truly afraid of. Bless you. Karen


Please pray for my friend Jimmy Morris who underwent colon surgery. They removed part of his colon. He is having a hard time recovering from this operation. Diane D.

I would like very much to request a big, special “thank you” to Our Blessed Mother for always being there for me. For always guiding me and for listening to my complaints, my prayers, my cries. She is special. And, I love her dearly for that. Thank you. MD

Dear Blessed Mother,

My heart is filled with gratitude for all of the prayers you have answered. My family is recovering from the loss of my precious daughter, who died in a car accident almost 2 years ago. As we walk through the ups and downs of the grief journey, your loving presence has never left us. When I didn’t know how to comfort my sons, I prayed to you and was soothed. When I thought I would die from grief, you helped me breathe. When her friends needed help understanding, you gave me the strength to help them. When I didn’t know how to handle the anger in my heart, I prayed to you and was able to let it go rather than unleash it on my loved ones. Please keep my sons safe and sound. Thank you, AA

Please pray for a young father of four who has cancer; that, Almighty God, through his son Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother, will completely heal Jeff Dodd from his cancer for the sake of his four small children and his spouse. M


Dear Blessed Mother,

Please pray that my grandson keeps focused and passes his last course and finals so he will graduate. Thank you, Nana


Please pray for my dear friend, Camala. She took many years trying to adopt a child, was blessed with an adoptive child about 8 months ago. Her child is only16 months old. She has developed serious liver problems and fears leaving her child parentless, being a single parent. She loves Christina with all her heart. Thank you. K


Please pray for Cody Jake & Lainey, twins born 12 weeks early. They have undergone several procedures and Cody Jake has gotten a bad virus. They need all the extra prayers they can get to get thru this and all that is to come. Thank you, CB


Please pray for out son-in-law Jack. He is terribly overweight, has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He is a wonderful cook, but is oblivious to his eating habits. C & M

Dear Blessed Mother please intercede for a young Marine J.H. who served in Iraq for 3 terms and is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress problems and alcoholism. Many Military men and women return alcoholic. Please heal their minds and memories of the horrors they have seen and gone through. Ask your Son to take away their pain and suffering and let them live normal healthy lives. Thank you dear Mother Mary! MM

Please pray for my friend Rom who is traveling from Fort Worth, Texas to New York to help his wife Gloria. Gloria’s mother is in the end stage of life and has been with her for quite some time. Rom is 83 years old with heart and back problems. I am very worried for him and pray that he has a safe and uneventful trip. May our Lord guide his way. Thank you for your intercession. Sister in Christ. TR


Please pray for my mother Sally who suffers from dementia and pray for our family to handle this burden. Lovingly, Her daughters, Jami & Joni

I have 2 close friends whose husbands are both very ill. Jim needs a double lung transplant and will be going on the donar list in the next week or so, the other is Dave who is dying of bladder cancer, the doctors have said there is nothing more that can be done, but he begged and was accepted into another treatment session. He has very young sons and it is a very sad situation.

Thank you for bringing my prayers to our Lady. Marguerite

Thank the Lord for your prayer line, my daughter and grand daughter just became homeless I live in Texas and have no money, they are in California and they were leasing a home for 2 years 1000.00 month faithfully the man that took their money kept it and the house was foreclosed and she was served with a eviction notice. oh yes I forgot to tell you she lost her job too.. please pray that God will take over and work out the whole thing…Desperate in Texas

I would like prayer for my husband. He is ill with several things. Please pray for my daughter, Vickie. I haven’t seen her in 3 years. Marilyn


Please pray for Helen – Mesa, AZ – Replacement of pacemaker.

Richard & Florence, Mesa, AZ – Florence is undergoing major surgery. Thank you Lisa


Please pray for my granddaughter that she gets her life together and help her find a job. Thank you FD

Please pray for my husband at this difficult time of his life. He was introduced to someone who was in business for himself. My husband needed a job and this man hired him. As we know now he was hired solely to be used in this mans plans of criminal acts. My husband was wrongfully accused. I pray that the blessed mother help the judge see the truth thru the evidence provided to him thru this trial. I pray and pray and pray to the blessed mother to help the judge see the truth.

Thank you! His supportive and proud wife. Maria


My sister Philomena who is extremely special to me needs some prayers. I ask that you take a moment of your time and pray to St. Philomena for “My Mena”.

Michelle in NY


Prayer request for my eldest sister, Judy. She lost her husband less than a month ago, ended up in the hospital with double-pneumonia, and has since been diagnosed with stage-4 ovarian cancer. Thank you Li’l sis


Blessed Mother please cure my father both physically and spirit ally. He had surgery three weeks ago and no one can give any definite diagnosis. Thank you — Cathy

Thank you for the birth of our new granddaughter and the safe delivery of my daughter Carissa. Please continue to protect her and her daughters from all harm and evil. Mary Jo

Please pray for my friend, Debbie, who has had a recurrence of cancer. She has not been given a good prognosis. Your prayers for her will be very appreciated. Mary Ann


Dearest Mother, I ask for your protection for my daughter Claudine as she undergoes a tonsillectomy on Friday, May 30, 2008. Please keep her close to you as she prepares for the surgery, as she is in surgery, and during her recovery. Dearest Mother, I also ask that Claudine be cured of her throat infections and tonsil abscesses by having this surgery. Dearest Mother, if it be your Son’s Holy Will, I thank you for honoring my request. I have also entrusted Claudine to your dear Son’s Sacred Heart, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, since the day of her surgery is also the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thank you, Dearest Jesus and Mary! Faith

Blessed Queen of Heaven, I humbly ask you to lift my prayer up to your beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, in whose holy name I pray. Please pray for the complete cure of Father Tom Kraft, O.P., in his fight with deadly cancer. Amen. Shanon and Tim Sara


My daughter, Kelsey, was recently diagnosed with anorexia and currently is in a residential treatment center. They have been able to stabilize her and she is starting to pick up weight, but she still insists that when she comes home that she will start restricting her food again. Kelsey is 13 years old, is a straight A student, loves to tap dance and wants to be an investigator. She’s bright, funny and lovable, all of which she doesn’t believe. She has lost faith in her friends, her family and her religion. Our insurance is currently taking care of the bills, but now after a month the insurance feels that because she has reached 90 % of her body weight, that she can step down from the residential treatment. She’s not ready for this and if she is allowed to do so, she will eventually be back at the treatment center. We’re asking for your prayers for our daughter that she can be helped and gain a full recovery.

Rosalie, Brett and Jonathan


Oh Blessed Mother, I ask your intercession for my father who has been diagnosed with un-treatable liver cancer and doesn’t have much time. He took such loving care of my mother during her six year battle with Parkinson’s disease that this seems exceptionally unfair. We have been praying day and night to you for three months for a miracle: for the cancer to be cured, for all tumors to disappear and for him to be brought to perfect health. I know in your divine wisdom you will give us the aid which will beneficial to all of our souls, though it may not be the answer we are looking for. I thank you in advance for your protection and I will never stop loving and adoring you. If anyone else could take the time to pray for my father I will in turn pray to God for each soul who has done so. Thank you and May God bless you.


Our prayers of Thanksgiving- Once the Lord took my husband’s twin brother (3/17) after 3.5 yrs of suffering with renal cell carcinoma the family has found peace and is working through the grief. Our 14 yr old car ran like a top through clear weather to drive 1100 miles! We celebrated Tom’s life for 8 days because of the delays in getting the church during the Easter weekend. Tom’s suffering and faith was so remarkable the Pastor’s sermon recounted several visits he had with Tom in his times of physical decline. We had a peaceful, safe drive home and have joined a church study group about “Knowing God’s Will”. Mary’s hands have brought us through!


Please pray for Don and Joyce Shoemake and all those that are trying to help.

God Bless–and Mary hug-US All!! RJ


Just received news that my daughter has been laid off from her job of 2 3/4 years. The Australian company hired her to start the Canadian branch of their company. She has been a faithful and loyal employee. But as the company tries to broaden in the international/global market, it is restructuring and letting my daughter go, to try and save money by outsourcing or contracting out her job duties. We ask for prayers on her behalf that God may bring her a new job that will bless her life and lead her to greater graces for her spiritual and temporal well-being, so that she may not only receive income to pay for her rent, food, bills, etc but she may be touched by individuals who will help her to grow in the Christian life and her true calling/vocation. Thank you for your shared prayers and intercession. God bless you all! With faith in united prayer,

R. Thibert


Please pray for my brother, Stanley, who is in the hospital with internal bleeding. He has just come a long way from a fight with esophageal cancer. I pray they can find the source of bleeding and stop it. He is in a very weak state from the loss of a large amount of blood. His devotion to our Blessed Mother has pulled him through many a rough time. I want to pray for all the people who took the time to donate their blood to help people like my brother. Finally, please pray for my Grand-daughter, Angela, who is suffering from chronic pain in her legs from a back injury. She has a crushed nerve that did not heal properly.

Thank you, Carol in CT

Please pray for my daughter who is disabled. She has just learned that the nerve damage from multiple back surgeries is spreading down her leg and soon she may be unable to walk. She has a young son who needs special attention and she may soon be unable to care for him. She is in Your hands, sweet Jesus. We accept your will, whatever it may be. Jean

Please pray for my friend, Peggy, she is suffering from Breast Cancer for the second time. She is very strong and has a very special connection to the Blessed Mother. I know that with the Blessed Mother’s intercession she will be alright. She is having surgery on 4/9/08. Also for a sweet young girl, Sara, in our parish that is also suffering from rectal cancer, she is only 21 years old. Thanks, Linda

Please pray for my son Mark, he is on his 3rd tour in Iraq. He is in the US ARMY Stationed out of Ft Riley, Kansas. He will be home for a 18 day visit soon. Please keep him in prayer. Mark is a good man and a great son and a loving person to all of those who know him. Please pray for my granddaughter Thaya as she was just diagnosed with having internal seizures and started on new meds this week. Please pray for her parents as they just miscarried a baby. Please pray for my family. I never ask of nothing for me but please pray for me, I need the guidance and strength to follow my heart and be happy and realize I am a good person and deserve more in life. ~Carrie, a mom and a grandmother~

I am a mom of 3 and wife of 24 years. I am having cardiac issues and finances are a major struggle, I as k for prayers to just have enough money for bills food and necessities I know the Lord provides but it is so tough….. PT

Please pray for me to find a good job soon. I lost my job right before Thanksgiving and haven’t been successful in finding a new one. I was there for nine years and that is making it hard to find a new one. The industry I was in isn’t the industry with the jobs now and they want someone at my level with industry specific accounting. My husband lost his retail job 3 years ago after 19 years with the same company. It took him 6 months to find a job and he had to take a huge cut in pay. We are having financial issues adjusting to the decrease pay and increase travel. My lost in jobs is just hurting the family financially and emotionally right now. (I also lost my sister, only 43, to breast cancer and my best friend, 45, to breast cancer.) I pray for both of us to find the right job that matches our talents and to heal from the set backs. Baker


Please pray for the Faveere Family, who had baby boy approximately 6 weeks ago. His little brain, it may grow or it may not, which means he will severely retarded–no brain at all. Please pray that a miracle will occur for this baby to have a full size brain, and be okay. Also, for my son-who needs full-time employment with benefits. He is 35 years old. Thank you Kathleen


Please remember in your prayers my parents, especially my precious Mother, who is suffering from dementia and various intestinal infections. She is in a nursing home trying to regain her strength and learn to walk again so we can bring her home to be with Dad and take care of her there. Please also pray for all the members of my family, as we need some extra spiritual support and comfort now. Thank you, and God Bless You for your prayers. Tina Fangmann

Dear Blessed Mother, I see your intercession to your most Holy Son for the healing of Sylvia from fungal pneumonia and the other infirmities in her body. I pray the medication will take care of her situation as it is life or death. May she receive aid to purchase the costly meds and keep her home while taking these expensive meds. Please kill the cancer that has been within this family line for sometime! I ask this in your most Holy Name Blessed Mother who bore Jesus Christ that we may be made worthy of His promise. I praise you and thank you! Amen. Leah (Odder Kindred)

Please pray for my sister, who is suffering from MS. Also that my son, finds, a nice apartment.

Thank you, Catherine C.

Lord, please help me to make my Rosary business a success so I can support my children as a single Mom. Amen Cheryl Carrington

I just received news that my daughter has been laid off from her job of 2 3/4 years. The Australian company hired her to start the Canadian branch of their company. She has been a faithful and loyal employee. But as the company tries to broaden in the international/global market, it is restructuring and letting my daughter go, to try and save money by outsourcing or contracting out her job duties. We ask for prayers on her behalf that God may bring her a new job that will bless her life and lead her to greater graces for her spiritual and temporal well-being, so that she may not only receive income to pay for her rent, food, bills, etc but she may be touched by individuals who will help her to grow in the Christian life and her true calling/vocation. Thank you for your shared prayers and intercession. God bless you all! L.A.T.

Please pray for my friend, Mary, who had a stroke and is not improving much. She is unable to talk and is partially paralyzed on her left side. She had the stroke about a month ago and is still not able to communicate. She can write a little, but it is not very legible. Also please pray for me. I had a colostomy three years ago. My diverticulitis ruptured and sent poison thru my system. I had 2 major surgerys in a week. I was hospitalized for 3 months. I had not recovered from that when my colon became inflamed and I developed ulcerative colitis. They were unable to reverse the colostomy. I have been hospitilized 6 times since then with other problems. Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart failure and I am allergic to the medication. They gave me a diuretic which is taking the potassium out of my system and I am allergic to prescription potassium. So I am told to take over the counter potassium. But it is hard to judge how much I need. If I don’t take enough, I can’t sleep. Hence the e-mail at 2:57 a.m. I am in a lot of pain at times, and it is very hard to breath. Thank you for me and my friend…..Helen F


This was a request from my son who is a firefighter/paramedic in California asking for prayers his partner at work who has a friend that is very sick. In this letter they were asking for donations, but all my son asked for were prayers. We all know the power of prayer.


So that there is no room for fear. Together we will find a cure.? October 6, 2007 is the Breast & Ovarian Cancer 10k walk that our Angel, Cassandra Gatzow, has been promoting and Volunteered for. Sadly, my best friend has been confined to a hospital bed the last month, 10 days of that in the Intensive Care Unit. As many of you have witnessed, this beautiful 23 year old girl has touched numerous lives through her generous, unselfish spirit of giving back to those in need. This last year, Cassandra was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She had a hysterectomy at the age of 22 to remove her cancer. A few months later, an aggressive recurrence in her pelvis required internal and external radiation, as well as chemotherapy. Several tests and exams later, Cassandra was again, cancer free. On Sept. 14, Cassandra had a surgery to remover her ovaries after spending 2 weeks in the hospital undergoing constant tests and in extreme pain. Her physician had to remove part of her large and small intestine, and found widespread recurrent cancer in her abdomen. Post surgery, she developed several pulmonary embolus and endured yet another surgery to combat this. Our Angel is fighting for her life and needs your prayers and support. I have set up a fund to help provide financial assistance for Cassandra in her time of need. She would never approve of others helping her, because that has always been her role. Please share her story and beautiful character to all that she has inspired and set an example for. . Live for Today


David Baumann


Please pray for Manuel Torres who is suffering from many illnesses and will soon be leaving this world. We pray his passing will be peaceful. Cynthia Anderson


Please pray for my first dog, Daisy, a Jack Russell Terrier who is 16 years old and very sick with an infection. We know she has had a good, long life and has probably lived longer than most dogs, but she is part of the family and we are praying that the medication from the vet works to heal Daisy. Barbara & Dale Gardner

Please pray for my neighbor whose sister is dying from a brain tumor. She has only been given 3 months to live. In addition I ask your prayers for my friend Carolyn. She has had month after month of bad luck. Nothing she could have prevented, but life-changing events nonetheless. I want to thank God for His generosity in keeping my husband in good health and his blessings on my daughter and her family. Paula

My son Daniel has mental health problems. He is noncompliant with any thing that might help. Prayer at this time, and always, is the only thing that will work to save him from himself. Dan’s parents


Please pray for our marriage, my husband of 42 yrs. says he no longer loves me. No reason, just that he doesn’t feel anything for me. Gloria


Please pray for Janet for financial help and wisdom for me to understand my situation and live with it, and to give up hope of any quick-fix money solution that only gets me in deeper straits

financially. I ask all to pray to the Blessed Mother in hopes she will help me gain control and after losing my house, that I’ll be able to stay afloat with rent, bills, etc. and be happy with what

little I do have. She is my last and best hope – I do not know what else to do. I don’t want to give up. Also, for my cousin that just suffered a heart attack, but is slowly improving. Her name is Kate. Thank you, Janet


I want to thank everyone who prayed for little Reece Wood. She died (3-17-08). Her little heart was just worn out and no efforts by medical interventions could keep her going. She was a sweet little girl, and I am so sad that her family has to go thru this. And I’m sad for myself to know that I wont see her running into the “Y” child care room anymore. I like to think that when she was leaving us… that JESUS was standing there waiting for her and saying, “come here child”.



Dearest Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, I humbly and gratefully thank you for the pain relief that I am receiving from the new medication, Lyrica, that I started taking last week for my painful fibromyalgia. Although the side effects of feeling sleepy and uncoordinated are somewhat frightening as my body adjusts to the medication and its higher doses, the pain relief that I receive is truly “Blessed Relief”!! I have entrusted my fibromyalgia and my entire life to you, to Jesus in the Divine Mercy, and to St. Maria Faustina, and I firmly believe that the pain relief that I am receiving is due to Divine Intervention and not just from the medication alone. Sweetest Mother, please be with me as I weather through the side effects of this medication and adjust to the higher doses each week—-the higher doses worsen the side effects. And if it is Our Lord’s Will, please intercede for me so that this medication continues to give me the wonderful relief from my pain so that I may continue my Rosary-making for others as my gift to you. Thank you, Most Holy Blessed Mother! Thank you! Faith

Please pray for my husband, Jim, as he completes his conversion to Catholicism on Holy Saturday. Thank you, Pat

Please pray for 7mo. Elizabeth D. who has Spinal Muscle Atrophy and is not expected to live past 2 years old. Her mother and father have worked very hard trusting God along with her 2 year old sister. This is very hard on all of the family and mostly the grandparents on both sides. Please ask God if it be His will to heal Elizabeth. Thank you, Mary M.

Please pray for Jonathan H. a Purple Heart Marine who through his contacts of the Navy Chaplains is coming into the church this Easter. Please pray for the Chaplains and all their good works who inspire men and woman on the front lines to trust in God.

Thank you, Mary M.

I lost my job 2/11. Brother in law is 1000 miles away in last 30 days of life (multiple cancers)

My husband has been coping with his brother’s illness for 4 years, as well as overcoming the same initial cancer-We praise God for his initial successful surgery and health. We will have to make a trip to Florida while we have few resources. If we drive our 14 year old car it could fail, renting a car is cash we truly do not have and Airlines are out of the budget 100%.

Please pray we come out on the other side of this with peace. P


Please pray for my friend Linda H. She is dying of cancer, her family needs prayer too, they are having a difficult time dealing with her illness & suffering. It will be difficult for them to let go when her time comes. Thank You, God’s blessings, Kelly O

My best friends Granddaughter is stricken with CF she is 3 years old in Michigan, in and out of the hospital, feeding tube and pumps for med’s she needs your prayers and her family all need a touch from God her name is Faith F. Star


please pray for a little girl, not yet 3 years old, whom I’ve taken care of at the child care center in our local “Y”. her story can be seen at and the link is ……. woodtwins (one word). Her name is REECE WOOD and she is a twin. She was born with multiple problems and has survived and became an active, although limited in her activity little girl. She has just had her second heart surgery on the 4th of March. things are not looking good. Please put Reece, her parents Lisa and Evan Wood in our prayers. She is at St. Vincent’s Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, IN

God Bless her little heart. Thank you, Kathy


Pray for my son, Andrew, emotional and physical healing and ability to pursue career and find a job in his field. for my daughter, Renee – healing for her alcohol addiction as well as emotional healing. For my son, Gordy, healing from hurts he has experienced, and finding a job somewhat in his area of degree for my son, Aaron – healing past hurts and if it be God’s will, he and his wife’s desire to have a child. for myself- ability to cope and deal with all the financial strains and emotional, physical pains. I put my trust in the Blessed Virgin, our Mother, and ask for her intercession and help. J

Please pray that my son Kevin will get the good job he is waiting for. He needs a new good paying job in order to support his family. Also pray for his good health as the worry and stress is affecting his health.

Please pray for my daughter Karen and her husband Ben. They just got married a few months ago and their marriage is near an end. Ben has been verbally abusive call my daughter all kinds of names. He says that she causes him to call her names. He has become very controlling. He wasn’t this way before they got married. Karen is in school and should graduate this year but is considering withdrawing from school because of the pressure and stress. He won’t go to counseling and becomes upset and annoyed when Karen shares her sorrows with me and her Dad. We are concerned that this may escalate to a physical level. Please pray that the Lord help Karen and Ben also to find their way back and begin a-new. Or give Karen the strength to leave him if she must. I pray to our Lord for them both. Thank you Lord for leading to this site and the courage to ask other for their prayers.



My sister Pat has one daughter. Pat and her husband have separated because the daughter is a very controlling child and has manipulated these two parents to the point that Pat’s husband was falsely accused of child abuse and was sent to jail. My niece wanted her father out of the home and she has succeeded in driving my brother in law out of the home until my niece grows up and moves away. My niece is in the 7th grade.

There is documented evil spirit influence in and around this home. My sister is the type of person that does not like any type of confrontation so she lets my niece have her way to avoid any confrontation. Last week, my niece told my sister to take the crucifix down from the living room wall because my niece didn’t want Him looking at her?. Satan has a VERY STRONG foot hold in this home. My sister is now experiencing problems at work that never took place before. I believe Satan is attacking her on two fronts because Pat is weak and he wants to drive her to her knees.

My niece has been escorted to school MANY times by the local police and even they don’t want to waste their time doing it any more. Money is so very tight and health insurance doesn’t cover psychiatric coverage for my niece. She has been diagnosed with bipolar disease among other problems. She uses foul language, refuses to help my ailing sister in any way and my sister is afraid if she pushes too hard, my niece will harm her during the night with a kitchen knife.

My sister has done an exorcism with a kit from a Catholic web site and that seemed to help a bit. I beg you to please pray with me. My sister is praying the rosary, as am I, begging the Blessed Mother for protection and for a change in this young girl’s life. My niece is very intelligent. She is controlling and under the influence of evil spirits. Please pray with me for strength in mind and body for my sister Pat and deliverance for my niece Laura.

God bless all of you and may He shower you with graces and envelope you with His Divine Mercy!!!!!



Please pray for my brother in law Steve that God performs a miracle and heals the cancer in his lung, bones and brain. If it His will let there be a miracle. Please give all of his family and friends the ability to deal with his illness and fill everyone’s heart with the love of Our Lord and Our Lady. Please give his 17 year old son the grace to deal with his dads cancer. We love you Jesus and Blessed Mother and thank you for all you have given us. Love Teresa


Please pray, in the name of Jesus, and through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, that the results of my biopsy will be normal. Thank you. Mary

Blessed Mother

Please watch over my husband tomorrow because he got indicted of a crime he did not commit knowingly. He was a pawn by a very greedy boss who used my husband to make him money in the scandal of harvesting body parts and selling them to companies who can use the parts, blood and skin to patience and for research. It is a legitimate business but the boss was falsifying records and not getting consent from the families to be allowed to get parts from their loved one. Now my husband has to either take a plea for a crime he didn’t commit or go through trial with jurors. I’m afraid he might become a victim of innocent people who go to jail. Please blessed Mother show the court, jurors and prosecutors the truth that my husband is innocent. Loving Wife and Daughter. M


Immaculate Mary My Dearest Mother

Please pray for a little 3yr old girl, Francesca Scarano, who is stricken with Rett Syndrome, a neurological disorder that affects her basic life functions and requires around-the -clock care. Also she has been diagnosed with a secondary lung problem, possibly a mutated form of cystic fibrosis, that affects her breathing. She has required nursing care since she was 2 years old. She uses a feeding tube because she is unable to swallow. Francesca is a beautiful little girl always happy and smiling despite all that is put on her. Please pray for Francesca that there will be a cure or help for her to live a normal life. Pray for her family as there daily life is unlike anything parents of healthy children could imagine. Week days are spent running to the doctor and therapy appointments. Francesca cannot communicate because she no longer can speak or use her hands to signal trouble, but a tear rolling down a cheek can indicate problems such as a stomachache. I ask my Dearest, Dearest Mother to give this little girl a life that every little normal girl has.

Thank you PAS


Please pray for the continued success for financing of Catholic School education in our small community.



My older Brother is going through a very stressful divorce right now, he needs prayer for strength. His soon-to-be ex-wife needs MORE prayer because she has a bipolar disorder & will not get help. She is blaming my brother for the things she has done; ie putting the family in terrible debt 4 times. He has tried to work things out & get her help. He has forgiven her for what she has done, but she still blames him & has chosen to leave him with 2 children still at home.

My Family just recently lost my father to esophageal cancer, my mother is a devout Catholic, but still needs strength. My Father was also a very devout Catholic, well respected in the community, & very active in the church. My family will appreciate the extra prayers for my father, Louis.

God’s brightest blessings,


10/15 2007

My mother Ana, is in the terminal stages of diabetes. Please pray for a happy death for her. Pray too that my father can gracefully accept this.


This prayer request is for my friend Barbara, she is struggling with her faith. Mary please help her to come back to mass on Sunday’s. She is a victim of Hurricane Katrina. It has been a tremendous struggle for her. If it be your will please help her to see that God is always there and will help her.


I had just finished making my first rosary after having purchased the pieces from your catalog, and I received word that my step dad was just diagnosed with kidney cancer. He would need immediate surgery since he has too many other health issues. I took my rosary and began to pray that
evening and the following morning. The surgery went well, but we are still waiting to see if the cancer has spread. Please pray for him and my mom. My dad died 18 years ago of lung cancer, and I’m not sure she has the courage to go through something like this again. My rosary beads have an extra special meaning to me now. They are absolutely beautiful. I am so pleased with the way they turned out. Thank you for your prayers.


please keep my husband and i in your prayers our health isn’t very good and we have no health insurance

please pray for all the military over sea my niece is over there fighting for our freedom so bless all those who are there,

bless all the military branch


this goes out to Valarie Hernandez, bless you

Mary Alice Gonzales

Please pray for my friend, Mary Isabelle, who had a mastectomy today. Thanks. Margaret McCabe

For my mother Ana who is dying. She could be dead right now, die in 2min, wks ,2mos. She suffers very gracefully. And for my father who sees himself as being left alone after 52 years of marriage. I wish for the grace of a happy death for her and for the grace for my father to accept The Father’s will.

Please pray for my daughter Kimberly (age 38) to grow in her commitment to Christ and to be strong in her faith. Also for her future to include a good practicing Catholic husband stable in employment. Also for my son Christopher (age 26) to return to the church. That our Blessed Mother will teach him to love and forgive. That he will overcome the hurts of his childhood and become less of a recluse. That through the intercession of the Blessed Mother both of them will have Catholic friends. And that I will understand God’s will for my life. I have just retired and need to understand where God wants me to volunteer my time. Thank you and God Bless


I ask for prayers for my good friend Carol Benczkowski who has had a reoccurrence of cancer that we had hoped she had beaten. Please pray that her current round of chemo will knock it out for good, if this is God’s will. Pray for God to give her strength to get through this difficult time and to help her family. She has a husband and three young children. She is only 42.

Please pray for someone very special to me, my dear friend named Hertha. I was adopted in Germany and she happened to be best-friends with my birth mother. This special lady also knew my family that God gave to me, since my dad and her husband were in the Army together. I never got to see my birth mother, but I have pictures of her. She passed away in 2000 of Cancer. My dear friend Hertha located where we lived and we have been writing to each other ever since, that was 6 years ago. Once again, please pray for my friend. She is very sick right now. She is my angel on earth! God Bless Everyone,


Please pray for my son, Tim’s conversion. He has lost his faith and has become deaf, dumb and blind due to his sins. Also, please pray for his girlfriend, Michele, as they together will be having a child in the upcoming months.

Deb S Hemphill

Please remember my daughter, Marlene, who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and will undergo surgery on the 17th.

Thank You.


Found a spot on my breast today when I went for a mammogram.

Pray that all will be fine. Thank you.

Dee Mangus

I have several requests. The first one is for my daughter Lynn Marie Davenport. She is going to have breast lumpectomy surgery on Friday 10/12/2007 on both sides. Please pray that they are not cancer as she is very young and has three teenage children with one being in the US ARMY that is due to go to IRAQ the first week in December this year. Also she has just separated from her husband this week. Please pray for her.

My second request is for my youngest daughter Shannon Maureen Shea in that she will accept this man that she is with for her husband. He is good to her and her teenage daughter Taryn Danielle Shea.

My next request is for my grandson PFC Anthony T. Davenport. Please show him the way to JESUS and keep him safe while he is in the US ARMY. Also show him the way to his family and show him how to LOVE.

My final request is for my husband Timothy Jon Shea and my self Georgina Frances Shea, our health is not good so I ask for help in prayers for our health. I also ask for additional prayers for us to bring us more loving in our golden years.

Thank you, and Bless you all.

Georgina F. Shea

That the Lord might heal Norman Schuch from his cancer if it is his will. If not I pray for Norm’s salvation and I pray that the Lord will be with his family during this difficult time.

God Bless,

My husband Ronnie and I are attending RCIA classes at our local Catholic church and I would very much like to put him on your prayer list. He finally received a kidney transplant last December 19th and so far so good , but he got into an accident in late February and he has a hernia in his intestine most likely from the wreck. they do not want to operate because it could make the kidney go into rejection. We need this hernia to go down on its own . thank you and god bless you all,

Peggy Hutchinson

Prayer of Thanks – free posting


(Never known to fail)

Oh, most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity.

Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and show me, herein you are my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth! I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to answer me in this necessity. There are none that can withstand your power, Oh, show me herein you are my mother. Oh, Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3X). Holy Mother, I place this cause in your hands (3X). Sweet Mother, I place this cause in your hands (3X). Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, light all roads so that I can attain my goal, you who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me and that in all instances in my life you are with me. I want in this short prayer to thank you for all things as you confirm once again that I never want to be separated from you in eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine.

The person must say this prayer for three consecutive days, after three days the request will be granted. This prayer must be published after the favor is granted.

I’m sure many people have experienced miracles through the Rosary. But many people do not understand that miracles can happen in many different ways. Some miracles can move the earth and millions of lives while others touch a single soul. In either case, the power of prayer can be awesome when directed to a particular effort. My story is not unique, because when I mention my experience to other people they also remember this special Rosary practice and petition. It was the common practice in our elementary school to pray the Rosary every day. I attended both St. Luke’s in Whitestone, NY (grades 1 – 5 ) and St. Agnes in Manhattan ( grades 6 – 8). We Prayed the Rosary everyday. The petition was directed to the following cause: The Fall of Communism in Russia and the restoration of Christianity among the people. Although the policies of Ronald Regan are often credited with that tremendous world event, I know deeply in my heart that political policies are only part of the story. The real cause of the Fall of Communism was the petition of the Rosary. Just imagine the power of millions of prayers coming from the pure of heart. The millions of Hail Mary’s and Our Fathers emanating from Catholic School Children. They brought a miraculous change to the world.

Tj – New York City

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