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My dear prayer angels. Today I have doctor appointment for my left eye, which eyelid has been bothering me. Please pray for me that I do not need surgery and for a favorable outcome. Am hoping it is nothing more than ingrown eyelash irritation.

My internet is still on the blitz. The snow plow just shoved everything back against the car. I have neck/back/chest pain, eye problem, weird scary knee problem, tooth ache at the missing
tooth/bridge point, bowel issues and extreme anxiety from it all. Do you think I am under a curse!!!!!?

(All this after filing the St. Joseph appeal)

Sue Ducharme fell on ice, sustained a fracture. She is requesting prayers that she will not need surgery. Please pray for her. (She prays for many. )

Prayers needed for a young man who died 2 weeks ago. He was 35yrs. old.

Tom needs work. Nothing since the beginning of December 2013.

For OFMI in Mt. Morris. Mi.

Thank you LL

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